CDC Drops Universal Indoor Mask Guidelines, Do You Think The Transportation Mask Mandate Will Be Removed?

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The CDC announced today that most Americans can be safely unmasked indoors. The CDC published a tool to see if you’re in a county with high COVID transmission, where they still recommend masking. 28% of the US population lives in the counties currently considered to have high transmission.

Of course in most of the country, there haven’t been mask mandates for quite some time already. But this will make a difference for students as the CDC is dropping the universal mandate for masks in schools.

The CDC dropped indoor mask guidance last May for fully vaccinated individuals, before adding it back in July due to the Delta variant.

Of course the real question is whether the transportation mask mandate will be extended for a 3rd time. That mandate is currently slated to expire on March 18th.

When will the transportation mask requirements be removed?

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46 Comments On "CDC Drops Universal Indoor Mask Guidelines, Do You Think The Transportation Mask Mandate Will Be Removed?"

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When will they drop the lame international covid test requirement.


I really hope it goes!


Aren’t airports and airplanes indoors?


I don’t know what the professionals are suggesting but if they say you should continue, then we should continue even if it’s not mandatory. The same way there’s no government mandate tonight to use a separate fork for your fish and chicken.


While I fully agree with you boy are u writing this on the wrong website, most of the people here haven’t worn a mask in their lives nor do they even vaccinate anymore for long established vaccines or trust any medical science




Republicanism is their religion


There’s no mesora on masks. That’s the difference.

Mitch Teichman

I think you fundamentally misunderstand what a mandate is. A mandate forces everyone to do something and removes personal choice. Removing a mandate doesn’t mean you have to take your mask off. Keep wearing your mask for the rest of you life. I couldn’t care less. However let the rest of us that are capable of making risk decisions for our selves without our “professionals” telling us what to do do what we want.

It is laughable you still trust the “experts” when they have been wrong about literally everything since this pandemic started.

Furthermore out of all the asinine places masks have been mandated such as a gyms, planes are the dumbest.

The cleanest air you will ever breath is in a plane. They use advanced HEPA filtration and the entire air volume of the cabin is exchanged every few minutes.

Let’s go back to a world where we are all free to choose what to do with our life and families.


You know there are forms of public transportation other than planes, right?

Shmuley B.

Hear hear! Common sense should prevail.


Fauci definitely has your best interests at heart.


They really need to stop playing games and remove the mask requirement for toddlers on planes. That’s the one thing I find the stupidest of all mandates.


If Fauci has his way, masks will be forever on airplanes. He stated that.
Your poll needs a “Never” option.

Jack out of the Box



I hope they keep the mandate for public transportation. I definitely appreciate required masks when packed like a sardine on a NYC subway.


When was the last time you were packed like a sardine on a subway car? Yes, it gets somewhat full during rush hour but ridership is nowhere close to pre-covid.


Umm, all the time.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the gander

Wear a mask, who’s stopping you!


I will. But when you are literally pushed directly up against someone, when they speak, cough, sneeze it lands right on you and is so gross.

Shmuley B.

May I ask how this is different from any of the various ailments people have before the government told you that you had to worry?


There’s no option for never or i would have voted that

John Baron

Don’t think The Donald can win in 2024?


I wish he would but sadly I don’t think he will




Mask mandate will fall before the November midterm elections. Because it’s about the sCiEnCe!

Mitch Teichman

Yes, the political science.

Shmuli’s neighbor

I fly multiple times a week. I cant wait until they remove the mandate.


Who’s Shmuli?


shmuli’s neighbor’s neighbor



shmulies neighbor

If you no you no.


When will they drop the requirement in doctors offices and healthcare facitlities??

Reb Yossel

I have a 3:30 flight on Delta out of JFK this afternoon, going to Miami be”h. I’ll test the waters by not wearing a mask and see how long I can last, before some Karen approaches me. I have all my statements and rebuttals ready. I’m traveling alone without the wife and kids so I feel I can take chances. We’ll see. We have to start setting a precedent of refusal.


And how is it going so far?

Ug lee

Yea I’m all in for what you’re saying the only thing is that as a frum Yid it would cause a massive Chillul hashem.


This is the policy that you explicitly agreed to when you bought your ticket: “Masks must be worn at all times except while eating, drinking, or taking oral medications for brief periods. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking – masks must be worn between bites and sips.”

I’m very curious to see what “statements and rebuttals” you’ve prepared to counteract the fact that you explicitly agreed to wear a mask for the duration of your flight (aside from the eating/drinking/medicating exception).

If for some reason you’re unwilling to accept the airline’s masking requirement – and I can’t fathom what that would be, because masking is easy and painless – then perhaps you shouldn’t have agreed to it. At this point, I hope you’re prepared to graciously accept whatever penalties are imposed (e.g., a $500-1000 fine).

Ug lee

Both the ceo’s of American and southwest made it very clear that they no longer think masks are necessary on planes (due to the amazing filtration systems on the planes) the only reason they still require it is because of Biden’s federal mask mandate.


Then whenever the federal mandate expires or is rescinded, they are welcome to rescind their own airlines’ mandates. But, as of today, the federal mandate is still in place, and the text I quoted was straight off of Delta’s website as of an hour ago. (Also, Delta is neither American nor Southwest.)

Good filtration systems can help prevent one sick passenger from spreading viral material across the entire aircraft, but they don’t do anything to help avoid spread to the passenger’s immediate neighbors. That’s where easy and painless interventions such as masks come into play.


If your scared, stay home in your Mommy’s basement. There you’ll be nice and safe and you’ll live forever. What’s not to like?

Shmuley B.

A man of wisdom and justice

Uncle Runkle

Everyone should stop wearing masks on planes. It’s pathetic.