You Can Now Get A Stimulus Check Even If You Haven’t Filed Taxes!

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One of the flaws in the Stimulus Bill was that it was designed to send out checks to people who filed tax returns. Many Americans don’t have any taxable income and don’t file taxes.

According to news reports, you can now claim a stimulus direct deposit or check even if you don’t file taxes through the TurboTax site here.

Selecting the direct deposit option will mean payments starting April 9, while checks will be sent out in late April and early May.

You can see how much you’ll qualify for in this post.

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Is there an option to switch to direct deposit if you were set up for check refunds in your tax returns?


Quote from

The IRS does not have my direct deposit information. What can I do?

In the coming weeks, Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail.

Vincent mignone

What if I get my social security check every 3rd of the month . The question is I get my check on a direct express card so will my stimulus check go on my detect express card because that’s how social security pays me ? I don’t have a account my card is my account .


This is a good question ? Direct express folks.

Kendall jones

Need thks same question answered

Pamela Liles

I’ve got the same question I’m in the middle of moving I get my ssi on my direct express I can’t move and wait for a paper check

jason klemm

What we don’t know:

Will those who receive social security benefits on a Direct Express prepaid card receive funds through an automatic deposit too?

Donna Schellstede

Make sure to immediately file a change of address with the post office. They should catch it automatically & send it to the new address. Just in case.

Dave Wilson

Can you be more specific.
If you have no bank account only a direct express card how will we get our check


Im Still waiting on a response also. I google this question daily…
Good luck to us DE card users!
Be safe n please wash ur hands@

Joyce Lewis

I akso get my direct deposit on my dorect express card. Will I still get a stimulus check? Anybody?

Michael Van Name

I also get my SSI SSA on my Direct Express Card, well I also get my stimulus payment on my card?

Shirley Twiss

Same question


According to this statement that states we will get paid the same way we normally do whether it’s a paper check or direct express the stimulus check will come the same way receive a monthly check


Has anyone actually received a direct answer on this site?? I get both ssi and ssa on 2 different direct Express cards. So will my stimulus come on one of these cards is what I’m trying to find out

Tammara Shy

I receive SSI benefits and assets we are not truly part of the SSA system. SSI is considered a federal welfare program and SSA merely distributes the funds. I use the Direct Express Card. however the latest news and information I can find says they have not quite worked out how it might work with Direct Express. So I went to the TurboTax site scroll to the bottom of the page click on the happy little button, register with the IRS directly. I used my Walmart debit card, they do provide you with a routing number and account number. I figured while they hammered out the direct express problem I would just go ahead and step around it

jason klemm

I am still waiting for confirmation from the IRS that they accepted it…..have you gotten that yet?


filed the same way several days ago have not gotten mine either


I used turbo tax for years before I became disabled. I too went to the site. If you clearly read the option you chose it says if your NOT on SSI.


While it hasn’t been specifically addressed in any press releases or discussed on reputable websites, I believe the stimulus payments will be directly deposited into Direct Express cards. The Direct Express cards were designed and issued by the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is issuing the economic stimulus checks. So basically they would be saying their own cards wouldn’t qualify. Just my own reasoning


The IRS is distributing the checks the treasury provides the money.


I was claimed as a dependent on someones tax return, i get disability benifits on a direct express card i dont have a bank account. Will i still get a stimulas payment,and will it go to my direct exspress card?


sorry if somebody else claimed you on their taxes you’re out of luck you will not be getting a stimulus check


Of you were claimed on someone else’s taxes you will not receive a stimulus check from what I’ve read.


As a dependent you don’t receive the check.


No if your claimed on someone Taxes your not eligible for the stimulus payment

Brinda jones

Yes I use my Direct deposit when I file but my refund was deposite in H&R bank account and than into my account


I filed 2019 tax return but paid and didn’t get a return, in 2018 I got a refund, will the IRS use my 2018 information?


The stimulus check is based on your AGI, not whether you received a refund or owed taxes. If you already filed your 2019 taxes that AGI number is likely what the Treasury will use to calculate the amount. A cutoff date for 2019 tax filing has not yet been communicated so if you filed 2019 after the CARES Act was signed in to law it’s not clear if the 2019 number will be used.

But since this is basically an advance on 2020 tax year if your 2020 taxes, when filed would have you receiving a higher amount than you did based on the 2018 or 2019 AGI that was used, you will get the difference. However, there does not appear to be a clawback if you received more than you should have.

Santos Reyes

People over 18 should get a stimulus check. They are americans too.


You do as long as your not a dependent. Otherwise you don’t need $1200 to go blow on dumb stuff since somebody else is covering all the expenses of your life. Which is why they get one and you don’t

Rob Foster

The drawback here is the person taking care of them doesn’t get anything either. And not all 18 yr olds blow money- many of the people working in fast food and grocery stores during this pandemic are teens and college students!


I know what you mean because I’m having the same problem. How are they going to give me the stimulus check if I got a refund in 2018 but nothing in 2019


Anyone know what happens if my 2018 taxes was direct deposit bank account has since been closed? How can I let them know I got a new account


you will rexeive your refund by check. the irs does not change bank accounts on a tax return


On March 30, the I.R.S. said on its website that it would build a portal where people can update their information “in the coming weeks.”

If you haven’t filed your 2019 taxes you can file and include your correct information, but it’s not certain that the information would be updated since we don’t know when the payments are being processed and what cutoff date is being used for 2019 tax filings.

If the account has been closed the bank should reject the deposit because the information does not match. According to the bill, you will get a paper notice in the mail no later than a few weeks after your payment has been disbursed. That notice will contain information about where the payment ended up and in what form it was made. If you couldn’t locate the payment at that point, it would be time to contact the I.R.S. using the information on the notice.


what if you didnt file 2018 return?


Use the process shown above in this thread.


If you did not file a 2018 tax return, but should have, and have not yet filed a 2019 tax return


It’s unclear if a payment will be sent if you should have filed a 2018 return. It may depend on the reason you didn’t file a 2018 return. If you were a dependent on someone’s 2018 return you will likely not get a payment, which could be adjusted when filing your 2020 taxes.

From the IRS website:

I have a tax filing obligation but have not filed my tax return for 2018 or 2019. Can I still receive an economic impact payment?

Yes. The IRS urges anyone with a tax filing obligation who has not yet filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019 to file as soon as they can to receive an economic impact payment. Taxpayers should include direct deposit banking information on the return.


The problem is, the IRS posed a very good question, but then didn’t fully answer it. Should we file a 2018 return or 2019 return? Can we choose? Does it matter that 2019 can be e-filed and so will process faster, while 2018 needs to be mailed? Still lots of questions, hopefully it gets cleared up.


What is I paid my 2018 and 2019 taxes with a credit card to earn points?



How you paid your taxes would not have any impact on receiving payment. The IRS won’t have direct deposit information so you’ll likely be mailed a check.

The Treasury has said it will be setting up a website in the coming weeks for taxpayers to update bank information, so keep watching for that information.


Thank you!


My pleasure to help.


Is there any way to provide IRS with direct deposit info if they don’t have it?


The Treasury has said it will be setting up a website in the coming weeks for taxpayers to update bank information, so keep watching for that information.


For people who didn’t file taxes this year or have never filed taxes?


Depends on the reason for not filing.

Per the IRS website:

I have a tax filing obligation but have not filed my tax return for 2018 or 2019. Can I still receive an economic impact payment?

Yes. The IRS urges anyone with a tax filing obligation who has not yet filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019 to file as soon as they can to receive an economic impact payment. Taxpayers should include direct deposit banking information on the return.


I believe you’re basically just filing your taxes there when going through with it.

Cabin Fever

What if I didn’t file and someone filed me as their dependent? Am I still eligible?


Dependents age 17 and older aren’t eligible for any stimulus money.

Cabin Fever

22, didn’t file, was filed as dependent.


For 2020 file on your own, not as a dependent of someone else, and you’ll get the $1200.


If you were a legal tax dependent for tax year 2018, but not in 2019 and you have not filed your 2019 return you should file your personal return ASAP. But if someone has claimed you as a dependent on 2019, do not file a return saying you’re not a dependent because that will trigger an audit for you and them.

If you were a dependent in 2018 and 2019, and over the age of 17 both years, BUT when you file your 2020 taxes you may be eligible to receive the credit then.

It’s taxes, so these nuances make things a bit more complicated.


Jane, what if the child went from age 17 to 18 during calendar year 2019?


Turning 18 is not an automatic change from dependent to independent. The IRS classifies someone as independent if they provide more than 50% of their own support. If the 18yo is still a student there will be a presumption against independence unless the income supports the claim.

Please help

So will we get the stimulus check on our direct express card or not? I don’t have a bank account direct express is how I receive my payments, if we have to wait on a paper check and with no bank account how do they expect us to cash the paper check? Please does anyone know anything about direct express? Ty


If I had a kid in 2019 and didnt file taxes yet due to the deadline being moved. How can I let them know I have a kid for the extra $500?
My 2018 tax return doeant reflect him…….


You can file your 2019 taxes now, which you should do if you’re expecting a refund. If you have a tax liability you can still file now and then just pay by the July 15th date.

Or, you can reconcile the credit on your 2020 taxes.


I’m a dependent on someone’s tax filing, can i still qualify being that i’m over 18?


Depends on if you are truly not a dependent. Just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean you’re not a dependent for tax purposes.

Per the IRS:

Am I a dependent or should I file as independent?

If you are under 24 years old, a full-time student, unmarried with no children of your own and your parents/guardians provide you with financial support equal to or greater than half of your annual income, then they can claim you as their dependent, according to the IRS (page 16 of 1040 booklet).

For those considered dependent on their parents or guardians return, the IRS stresses that it is important to indicate that someone else is claiming you as an dependent when filing your own tax return or there is a very high risk of you and your parent/guardian being audited.


Jane, the IRS you quoted says they CAN, not must, claim you as a dependent.


Correct, parents/guardians CAN claim but are not required to claim the dependent. And when the dependent files their own return they would need to report if they CAN be claimed as a dependent on a parent/guardian return.

It’s not as simple as saying you’re independent if the IRS believes you to be a dependent based on the information in the return. One of the main determination is if the child provides more than half their own support.

See for the 2019 rules about dependents.


I already filled 2019 and I wrote that I’m being claimed by someone as a dependent, but they haven’t yet filled 2019 claiming me as a dependent. Is there any way I can get it?


If you do not provide more than half your own support you would not be considers independent. Before amending you’re taxes make sure you would truly be able to claim yourself as your own dependent. Filing taxes on your own doesn’t make you independent, there are a number of criteria that must be met.


this is completely innacuate info turbotax forces you to file 2019 taxes with them before it will allow you to get the check. its total scam




TurboTax is not the IRS or Treasury so what TurboTax requires is not relevant.


Not true, I just went through and did it and there is a place along the way where it asks you if you want to file or just register for the stimulus check. Filing is not required.


I didn’t file 2019 yet , will i stil get refunded?


This is not a refund. If you are eligible for a refund based on overpayment of your 2019 tax liability that will be reflected when you do your 2019 taxes.

If you filed 2018 taxes and based on your AGI you would qualify for the the stimulus payment it will be sent.

If you would not qualify based on 2018 AGI but would based on 2019 AGI then file your 2019 taxes right away and hope they are before the cutoff date used by Treasury for payment processing.

If you would not qualify based on 2018 or 2019 AGI but do qualify when you file 2020 taxes you will then receive the credit and if your tax liability is less than what you paid in taxes then you’ll get a refund.


I am still unclear on defendants 18 years old or over. If you a child 18 or over and you claimed them as a defendant on your 2019 tax return, can they file a separate tax return for 2019 and receive the $1200 stimulus check?


It’s based on your future 2020 return, not 2019.


So if I do direct deposit I will get the money April 9 but check will be 2-6 weeks later? How can I switch if I filed already


Quote from

The IRS does not have my direct deposit information. What can I do?

In the coming weeks, Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail.


If I’m a dependent on someone and he files on my behalf, it won’t interfere?


Dependents are not eligible for stimulus payments.

If in 2020 you are not a dependent you can claim the tax credit and if your tax liability is less than you paid in taxes you would receive a refund.

Jus me

That’s not true they passed a bill last night


How can older kids get $1200 on their own rather than their parents getting $500 for them?


What age are they?


If they are truly independent then they can file their own taxes. Children over 16 do not qualify for the $500 child tax credit.

If the ‘older kid’ is over 18 and is independent based on IRS definitions they can file their own taxes as independent. But be very careful moving a dependent to filing independent for 2019/2020 to collect the stimulus and then returning to dependent in 2021. That could trigger an audit and possible tax fraud investigation.


The site expects you to have paid taxes at some point, if not 2019 then 2018. I never paid taxes, what should I do?


It’s not about paying taxes, many people don’t have a tax liability. If you are required to file a tax return but choose not to then you should file your tax returns.

Some people are not required to file a return based on certain factors. If you are not legally required to file a return, the IRS should know (for example, social security payments) and if you meet the legal criteria you would still receive a payment.


For the people who arent required to file returns- shouldn’t they be doing so anyways to claim the earned income tax credit?


Hi! My information from last year has changed. How do we get our direct deposit information to the IRS?


Quote from

The IRS does not have my direct deposit information. What can I do?

In the coming weeks, Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail.


The IRS is verifying bank information. If the account has been closed or is inactive it should be reported as such to the IRS and not direct deposit made to that account.

If you have not yet filed your 2019 return you can do that and if a refund is owed you can put the new information. If you’re not due a refund then the 2018 information would not change.

If your direct deposit information is not verified you would receive a paper check.

Treasury is supposed to be creating a website to update banking information ‘in the coming weeks’, according to the IRS website.

If direct deposit is made, a paper notice will be mailed to the taxpayer with the details so if there is a problem you’ll deal with that at that time.


What happens if I filed my taxes and it still says being processed


Treasury has not indicate what the cutoff date for using 2019 vs 2018 returns so just hold tight. If the 2019 is not used, but would have meant a greater payment, you’ll get the correction when filing 2020 tax return.


I haven’t seen this written anywhere, would you mind pointing me to where you see this? I think the fear people have is that this isn’t true, and if the 2019 (or 2018) return isn’t filed “on time”, ie before they send out payments (and nobody really knows when this date is), then you will have to claim the payment on your 2020 taxes, which could be a big deal for people whose AGI in 2020 disqualifies them while their 2019/2018 AGI is lower and doesn’t.


For those of us in Israel that have neglected to file for years – I’m assuming trying to get this money would be a huge “Audit Me!” billboard?


Not necessarily. Audits depend on many factors. If you were due a refund, while not filing would seem odd, late filing in and of itself is not an audit trigger. However, if you had a tax liability, the late fees and penalties could be quite significant. Late filing alone won’t trigger an audit, though.


I had meant just applying for the money without filing the unfiled taxes 🙂


Goodness gracious the questions on here…


If a child was 16 when filling him as a dependent in 2019, will the IRS qualify him for the $500 even though he’s 17 in 2020?


If your child would have qualified for the Child Tax Credit on the return used, a payment should be generated. That means some people who may not in 2020 be eligible may still get the $500.

There is a proposed amendment in Congress now to extend the $500 dependent credit to children 17 and over who are still claimed as dependents. So keep watching for updates.


So if the child got the Child Tax Credit in 2018 or 2019, we’ll get the $500 for him even though he became over age 17 after those tax years? (Assuming the law stands as currently passed into law.)


I am eligible with 2018 return and not by 2019 based on my calculations. but I have not files 2019 taxes yet. if I get a stimulus based on 2018, how would I pay it back?


There’s no clawback. So if you get too much stimulus money because the IRS used your 2018 information you do not have to pay it back even though your 2019 or 2020 tax information meant you really shouldn’t have gotten so much stimulus money.


At this time, there is no clawback feature of the CARES Act. It’s always possible that will change since this tax credit is an advance of the 2020 tax credit.


If I’m on SSI and have 3 kids will they get the 500 dollars too for them


If I’m on SSI with 3 kids would they get the 500 dollars for each kid


Does the IRS “have my direct deposit information” if I used it in 2017 but not 2018 or 19?



Deanna Maxwells

Hi I’m on welfare and I have an open disability case and also have a child will I get a check?


Yes you’re qualified to get it.


My son is 16 he turns 17 april 20th so dose that mean i don’t get 500 for him,and he cant get 1200 either


As the law was passed, a child 16 and under will get the $500 but a child 17 or older will not (if he’s a dependent).

My question is WHAT DATE is used to determine the child’s age, as to whether he’s 17 and does not qualify to get the $500?

Is the dependent child disqualified if he turned 17 sometime in 2018 or is it 2019 or is it 2020?


Is there a chance that they will run out of funds? Like is it worth applying for this as early as possible?


No. They’ll just print more money.


Is this website safe to share personal information like social security number and bank account number?

Gunn Patel

If u owe a student loan,can u still receive a check?

Gunn Patel

If u owe for a student loan in default can u receive a check?


So if I’m a bochur in yeshivah I could also get it?

Anna Balcorta

I did my taxes with turbo tax this year and last year’s..I got my tax money on TurboTax card.Do I need to still do anything to see if I going to get any stimulus money?


I can’t find my agi.. Income tax paper got lost i been in jail for the last 6 month’s but i owe child support so i won’t get any ways


If you were cut off disability for overpayment will they still apply it to your direct express card


If you were cut off disability for overpayment will they still apply it to your direct express card


This is the same question I have.


What if you lost your job in 2019. How do you show no income?

Yitz G

If I, a U.S. citizen, filled married filing jointly with my non-citizen spouse who has an itin, claiming my 2 u.s. citizens as dependants, will I receive the stimulus check? Or will they reject the whole file because of the itin?




dan, as a 22 year old bochur filed as dependan on fathers taxes am i eligible for this (i dont file taxes)




Do you have to be 18?


I’m A bucher 23 years old with no income, my parents did not file yet for 2019, can i apply thru the link in this post, and my mother should still be able to claim me as a dependent?,

If not is she only unable to claim me as dependent for 2019 or 2020 or both?,
and what about after that lets say 2021 will it be OK if my mother claims me then as dependent?


If I’m a dependant and 24 years old, is there a way for me to get a stimulus check?


Only if you stop being a dependent and aren’t claimed as a dependent by parents or anyone.


If stopping to be dependent, is it OK to be dependent in the future again? and if yes when?


What about those who get va benefits


The calculator that is linked to @the wash-post doesn’t take into account dependents over 17


Dependents 17 and up get nothing.

Brinda jones

So I file using my Direct deposit with H&R Block but I took a loan out and they deposit in there account first and than my account


I didn’t do 18 or 19 taxes can I still get the check?




does anyone know if ssi will receive the stimulus check their direct express card?

Endonnis LookingElk

What if my 2019 taxes were rejected due to someone else using my dependents social security numbers. Will the irs still be able to use the direct deposit info I set up? Will they even be able to see my dependents for 2019 or will they go off of 2018 taxes? I had a baby in 2019 so obviously that changes the amount.

Jeffrey S Allon

I’m a US citizen living abroad (Israel), filing jointly. When I try to register on the TurboTax page for the stimulus payment, it says they can only accept a US address. I haven’t yet filed 2018 and 2019 taxes . Any ideas?


i filed my taxes 2018 and 2019 but my father also claimed me as a dependent. will i get a stimulus check?


They will use your newest tax returns. You would be eligible for the $500 assuming you are under 18. Otherwise, you should have filed as an independent.


i filed my taxes in 2018 and 2019 but my father also claimed me as a dependent. will i get a stimulus check?


What if you are a US citizen living outside the country for many years, hence not a US Resident?




is there a charge to use the Turbo Tax Site?


I receive Ssi for my child he’s disabled he has cerebral palsy I receive his money on a direct express card that the social security provided us with am I eligible to receive a stimulus check



Jeffrey S Allon

I’m an “Ex-Pat” living overseas. I tried using the Turbo tax link provided in this message in order to register for the stimulus payment. The site requires a US address (which I don’t have). Is there another way to register? Also I have not yet filed my 2018 or 2019 returns.

Gayle J Thornberry

Will stimulus payments be deposited on Direct Express cards


Anyone know what happens if I made under 75K in 2018, and filed tax return etc. But in 2019, my employer withheld taxes and i made over 100K. If i didn’t file for return yet etc. Will the IRS use my 2018 finalized AGI, or just assume my AGI in 2019 is over 100K because of the witholding?

Leslie stevenson

Will the SSD recipients receive their stimulus check on their direct express card if this is how their funds are direct deposited? Will their payments be delayed longer than those filing taxes?


i’m 21 and a dependant of my father, we get medicare, do i still qualify through torbo tax ?

Kathy bates

Some one filled me on their taxes and I reported it . Now I can’t receive stimulation?

Jason Bowens

I get my benefits every 3rd of the month on my Direct Express Card, will my $1,200 coronavirus stimulus refund check go on that Direct Express Card? I do not have a bank account. Please answer this HUGE question, thank you.

Rob Foster

As of this morning, the treasury was still working on the prepaid card issue. No decision had been made yet concerning whether 3rd party banks could receive these payments.

Lena Diana

I receive SSI and Survivor Benefits as a representative payee for my 2 grandchildren. Do I get the stimulus and how will it be direct deposited since I receive those benefits on a Direct Express card. I am not required to file taxes as it is not earned income however I do get a 1099 from Social Security.


Will I get my stimulus money on my Direct Express card? Please answer my question I need to know this.

Kellie Gerkin

Will stimulus be deposited on my direct express card


My daughter does not file returns as her only income is child support. She is not claimed as a dependent. Are the Turbo Tax portals a legit avenue to register for the economic impact payment? Is the IRS coming out with a Portal to register for low income folks?


So for some reason they want me to prove my identity and my taxes are being held until I do so. But with all this Coronovirus stuff going on and majority of businesses being closed it makes it real hard to do so. Will I still get the stimulus check?


If My parents filed me as a dependent in 2018 and didn’t file 2019 Taxes yet. If I fill out the form will it mess up their deduction? And will I have to start filing taxes my self going forward or when they file 2019 taxes in the next month or two even though I filled out the stimulus form can they still claim me as their dependent?


What if I have my direct deposit information on file from my 2017 tax return? Will the IRS use this information? My 2018 return was self employment, therefore I didn’t give any bank information because I didn’t get a return.


I’m on SSI never have filed taxes will I get a stimulus check and how much would it be

Guadalupe Hernandez

I did not file taxes in 2018 and 2019 due to health issues
Not able to work have no insurance or disability.
Will I still be able to receive a check.


I’m on ssdi I also get my monthly benifit on my direct express card Is that how I will get my stimulous check. I get a ssa 1099 form every year. No bank account because I get my money on this card. It cost a good amount to go to a cash checking agency. They said I’m not required to file.


I’m having an issue Trying to use the web portal for my direct deposit information to the IRS. Is anybody else having a problem


Yes zIm having this same issue!


What if someone is on full welfare and didn’t file taxes for 2018 and 2019? That means cash assistance,food stamps and insurance. Do they get a stimulus check?


Is there any new update about the direct Express cards and if they will be utilized for stimulus payments


Yes they will


Will the IRS deposit your stimulus to an account they are using to debit install agreement payments? It’s a checking account.


I use the Direct Express card for my govt payments, will stimulus checks be sent thru these card accounts?

Melissa Lipscomb

I get my SSI on direct express card will my stimulus payment go on my card


I also get benefits on a Direct Express card tho I also have a bank acct SS doesn’t know my bank info. I just keep the deposit on Direct Extress and don’t file taxes. I want my cares economic impact to be deposited directly to Direct Express
Otherwise I will be stuck waiting for a paper check and my bank , a small bank company with only a couple locations at all, has closed due to covid 19 issues. Why are they not addressing this Direct Express issue immediately? Someone needs to figure this out and fast and let us all know the answer.


I am claimed as a dependent on my parents’ tax return but I also work and I filed a tax return independently . Will I receive a stimulus check?


I am claimed as a dependent on my parents’ tax return but I also work and file a tax return. Will I receive a stimulus check?

Robin Haydar

I need to know if my stimulus check will be put on my direct Express card. If it will when will it be put on the direct Express card. Please answer my question.


Yes it will


When I filed my taxes, I chose to have them delivered on the express card. Does that mean the stimulus check will be going to that bank or will they mail me a paper check because I no longer live at that address?

Robin Haydar

I have one more fast question. I get my SSI check on the 1st of each month it goes on my direct Express card. Now I just moved into my first apartment on the first between paying my rent. My down payment and pay for the electric to be turned on I don’t have any money left to get my medicine or. Is there any to expedite my stimulus check and put it on my direct Express card


I have four kids but did not have one of their social security numbers how do I let them know about my son?

Nicole salyers

What are you do if you are rejected for your stimulus check due to the fact that 2018 someone claims you as a dependent but is no longer claiming you

Steve Carini

Why doesn’t anybody know about the Direct Express card? Can we get the stimulus money on the Direct Express card?


Yes you do


If I was in jail for 2018 2019 and working now 2020 how do I get the check now. Cause I didn’t file 18 and 19 because of that reason.

Michael Rogers

Do I get my stimulus money put on my direct express card although I haven’t filed taxes in years. I am a disabled senior so I’m lost. Can anyone help?

sherveecka simpson

if the IRS reject my taxes will I still get a stimulus package


will I qualify for a stimulus check if I was a dependent in 2018, but an independent for 2019?

Gayle J Thornberry



I have custody of my granddaughter and receive DTA benefits for her will I be able to receive the $500 for the dependent she is 8 I also am on SSI

Cinnamon Lockett

What if my tax return was rejected?

Valerie Johnson

Where is the website to fill out stimulas check I can’t find on


If I receive SSI and I’m over 30 years old living independently and someone claims me as a dependent on their taxes am I still eligible for the stimulus check?


I’ve tried filing taxes but am not expecting a refund to update my info for the stimulus check and I’m being redirected to upgrade to the deluxe edit of turbo tax and have not been able to register with my bank info for the stimulus check. How or what do I do?

Melissa J Dorton

I am a single mom of 2 boys but even though I work my ex claimed me as a dependent. Will I receive the stimulus?


I’m on ssa and ssi but my dad claimed me on his taxes. Will I still get a check


It’s really messed up that someone on disability and ssi won’t get a check just cause they got claimed on someone taxes.ive been disabled since 95 and I struggle everymonth to make ends meet. Just cause he claimed me don’t mean he pays my bills or buy my food.

Jeanine M.Murphy

I had filed my 2019 taxes and got refund mailed to me I now have a bank acct and wanted to update but apparently you can not. My problem now is I do get SSD on Direct Express card so do not know wether to let go on that but I do not want it to come via mail.

Judith Johnston

I’m a retired senior living on $17,000. Social Security and under $6,000. alimony. Do I qualify for the stimulus rebate and how much. If I do, how do I go about filling?


Any real answer yet if you use only a Direct Express card for benefits…will our stimulus come through DE?

Thelma J Stanley

How can I get my stimulus money on my direct Express card? I not have no account cause of disability.