Australia And Portugal Drop Flight Mask Mandates

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Earlier this week, Portugal dropped their flight mask mandate.

And now Australia has announced that they will drop their in-flight mask mandate on September 9th.

Singapore dropped their flight mask mandate last week.

So which countries are still requiring masks on flights?

Germany is requiring N95 type masks on flights to or from Germany through April 7th, 2023.

Other countries requiring masks on flights include Canada, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and Spain.

Which countries do you think will be next to drop their in-flight mask mandates?

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13 Comments On "Australia And Portugal Drop Flight Mask Mandates"

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Yeah when I was there people acted as if it was also the law when travelling by car alone


I suspect New Zealand will be next.


Canada will be the very last country to drop masks. I’m thinking maybe 2032 or so. I agree NZ will likely go along with Australia.


What about Air France? They say that “ they may be required on board or at the airport depending on your departing and destination countries.” Does that mean flight to or from JFK require a mask?


hong kong still requires masks on flights to and from there


I was just on Lufthansa flights connecting via Frankfurt Germany to/from US/Israel. They were requiring EITHER N95 or surgical. They also weren’t so strict about it in flight.

Aussie convict

Australia changed the law but qantas policy as a private company still mandates masks on flight

Kobe Bryant

Germany to drop mask mandate