Last Chance To Save $5 At Any Restaurant With Chase Offers, Plus Order Gift Cards Online!

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Update: Right now is your last chance to save $5 off $10 at any restaurant with Chase offers. You can even purchase a gift card to your local restaurant via the ordering site toasttab, so be sure to check if your local restaurant uses toasttab such as Backyard BBQ in SurfsideClevelandMilky Way in Cleveland, Prime Avenue in Crown Heights, Holy Schnitzel in Brooklyn, restaurants in Lakewood, and more.

Check for Chase Offers online or in the Chase app on each of your cards to see which ones you’re targeted for.

All of our Chase consumer cards and some of our business cards are targeted for $5 off $10 at any restaurant through 2/28.

Here is what the offer looks like:


You can go to a restaurant and swipe all of your cards to buy gift cards with an effective 50% discount!

You can also check for $8 off a $12 AARP membership. Anyone can signup and members save up to 20% off gift cards for many stores, and discounts on activities, Ticketmaster, Walgreens, hotels, Avis/Budget/Payless car rentals, Exxon/Mobil, British Airways flights, pharmacies, restaurants like Jamba Juice, AT&T wireless bills, UPS, insurance, and more.

Sample targeted offers:

Which offers are you targeted for?

Chase consumer cards include:

Chase business cards include:

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Would the restaurant offer work at an ice cream store?


Plz explain
“You can go to a restaurant and swipe all of your cards to buy gift cards with an effective 50% discount!”
Thank you


If you have 10 case cards and you buy $100 gift cards between all of them, you’ll get back $50


Example: If you have 2 credit cards with this offer, you can buy a $10 gift card with each card. Then, after the cashback promotion, you would have spent $10 total and have $20 worth of credit to the restaurant.
This is helpful if you want to eat at the restaurant on a later date.


When you spend $10 or more…


when you spend 10 exactly


My Chase Debit card is targeted as well for the Restaurant discount.


Likewise. It wasn’t clear from chase if i need to use the pin or not. Anyone have experience with this?


What’s the difference? If you need a pin use it?!

Chad Bidoro

No need for pin. I Used 20% off at Kohl’s for gift card recently as credit


same here mine and my wife’s as well on my checking acct


Seems like each debit card is separately targeted, though not tested. Yet.

Alter E. Goldstein

@LamDan, please advise if it works. Thank you!


Do you need to activate this or it goes automatically? Wasn’t sure what the plus sign is in the corner…


You need to click on the deal to activate it. Afterwards, it should change to a green check mark.


the big question is whether merchants in “Food and Drink” category qualify. Because the type of merchant for that category can be: Fast Food, Restaurants, etc.
Many/most fast food places (DD, SB, McD) are not marked as restaurants


Was wondering the same


Will this work for restaurants in Israel?


One use per card? Or multiple uses through the deadline?

Just wondering

10 or 10+

one time use

“Offer expires 2/28/2023. Offer valid one time only”


Does the $5 off $10 credit work also for Doordash?


The restaurant offer disappeared off all mine and my husband’s cards! Most have not been used yet. What’s up with that?


Same here, all disappeared


Same here @dan any idea why this happened or what can be done?


same thing happened was on phone with chase , first claimed never existed and dont know what i was talking about , then said offers can change and be removed w/o any advance warning even though t &c dont specify that .
I asked why specifically this offer was wiped clean showing no records not as expired or redeemed they couldnt answer that and eventually when I pressed them on that they hung up on me.
So any one who spent money expecting anything back is out of luck if the offer was removed




The offers are back on my cards! Though I don’t think it works unless the store is actually registered as a restaurant which so far I haven’t had any


I used these offers in a ice cream and it worked.


Which store?


Anyone know which stores in lkwd are registered as restaurants to qualify for this?

Chad Bidoro

I loaded up my Starbucks balance for the credits. Easy


I don’t know where to find the offer in the app I was trying to find for the past ten min… is it only on the website?


Can anyone confirm that toasttab gift card purchases got credited the $5?


My offer also disappeared last night. I went ahead and made a purchase anyway. Now this morning I checked and I found it and expired offers. It wasn’t there last night. I spoke to chase and they told me that since the transaction was made after 11:00 PM it doesnt qualify. Does this make sense. Is it true?


BEWARE! I used my offere at a fast food place in Flatbush. When I didn’t get the statement credit I called chase and they said it was listed with Visa as a “specialty” store-therefore no restaurant credit given. No way to check in advance what catagory unless you waste a lot of time to verify beforehand. Very misleading offer.