Get $10 Monthly Credit At GoPuff Through 2023 For Every Eligible Chase Card That You Have!

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Update, 1/13/22: Gift cards are still being reimbursed for me, though some commenters have had issues with gift cards. Reimbursement appears to be location dependent, I’ve been buying them with a Brooklyn address.

Update, 12/24/21: I purchased 20 gift cards for $10 each 2 days ago on our eligible cards below, as well as cards that aren’t listed as eligible such as Chase Ink Cash, Chase Ink Preferred, and Chase Ink Unlimited and they were all reimbursed today by Chase! I’d imagine that it will work for all Chase cards.

It also worked to double dip with Sapphire Reserve grocery credit for 2021!

Update, 11/30/21: I purchased 17 gift cards for $10 each on my wife’s and my 17 eligible Chase cards with an NYC address that has gift cards in stock and they were all promptly refunded!

Note that the terms say gift cards are not included in the promotion, but it worked for me!

Originally posted on 11/16/21:

GoPuff delivers essentials to your door with no membership required.

You can use the following code for $10 off your first 3 orders of $15.95+: GO1K8KV6LX

Additionally, every month that you make a $10+ purchase (after any discounts, delivery fees, tax, and tip) on an eligible Chase card, you will get a $10 statement credit. You can get 1 statement for every eligible Chase card that you have every month from now through December 2023, so you can get up to $260 in statement credits per Chase card! Statement credit will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles after your qualifying Gopuff purchase posts to your account.

Eligible purchases need to charge your card at least $10 to get the $10 credit, so be sure to add a tip to get there if you’re short!

GoPuff charges a flat $1.95 per order delivery fee that will help you get to $10. If you enroll in GoPuff Fam for $5.95/month you’ll get free delivery on every order.

Eligible Chase cards include:

Post what useful items you find on GoPuff with this offer!

HT: koshergourmetmart, via DDF

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GoPuff says it is not available in my area yet…. I live in Baltimore


It’s not available in your area? Dan should take down the post then

Who cares

Lol! Love a good wholesome troll!
But on a slightly serious note, the person from Baltimore can still buy gift cards while that works


Update: now servicing Baltimore


“Not in Your Area Yet”


Thanks Dan! But not available in 08701- lakewood

Moishee tuvee

Probably banned Lakewood 5 minutes into promo who we kidding… listed from any big offers


Hopefully this rolls out better than the $60 Door dash credits – Wow 1-2 billing cycles for credit to post that’s superslow.


mine posted in about 2 days


List of states/cities the deliver


I have my city in the List of Cities. However, it does not look like my zip code is covered


GOJXPR8DDX code worked on my first order, not working on my second


Same for me.


Are we sure that we’ll get the credit for each and every card? I have nine cards that were eligible.
AMEX sure isn’t that generous.


Which month does this promotion start?


There is a $10.95 minimum, after discounts, before delivery and tip.


+1; 10.95 order minimum!


now if only they actually had something worth buying

m p

so we dont need to enroll the cards first like amex offers??


Do you need to ship to your cards billing address?


Can you split payment between few cards?

Who cares

Anybody have experience on this?


“GoPuff charges a flat $1.95 per order delivery fee that will help you get to $10” – but the delivery fee doesn’t count for the $10, right?


Can I use my chase visa Disney debit card?


What does the month go by?


The month goes by the month…


On Gopuff blog:
Don’t see us? Don’t fret. We’re expanding and expanding fast. We’ve even been known to ask Twitter where we should launch our delivery service next! So go ahead and tweet us @gopuff with your Gopuff locations recommendations.


08701 here we come


Does it work for gift Cards? I can add 15 a month then get 10 off. add up a bunch of gift cards and then ship to a friend in brooklyn?


Can I use multiple cards for one order?


DO you need a different go puff account per chase cc?


Does this work on the Amazon Prime Chase card?


Doesn’t seem like it.


Did you try or basing your reply off the list?

Moshe Tvzi

Not in my area. Looking over the prices they seem high and product list not current. Aunt Jemima pancake mix is listed but the name has been discontinued. Either old stock or outdated listings.

Puff puff pass

Do they deliver in Los Angeles ?

sarah lagnado

They are so very expensive it’s not even worth it if they give you $20 off each month.
I priced a few items I usually buy locally and they were at least $4 more per item.


They are giving you $10 off if you spend $10.01, that means free $10 for each chase card each month!


So if between me and Dw we have 8 eligible chase cards, we can make 8 different $10 orders per month and get credited back on all cards $80 per month for the next 2 years…there’s no way this promo sticks. That’s $2,000!


GoPuff is ridiculous; Last time I checked them out, I was literally five houses away from the delivery area. And I don’t think they deliver to Beachwood at all. Not going to bother unless they’ve improved significantly.


I don’t see chase ink cash/unlimited and united business cards listed. Are those not eligible?


I just talked to customer support and they told me that the promo code is only for the first order! They asked me for a screenshot that says it’s good for three orders


I used a different code by mistake for my first order and got $10 off. Called and explained I used the wrong offer code and they credited my GoPuff account for the $20 I missed out on.


i already got the $10 statement credit from chase the same day the transaction posted!! on all my cards! Thanks Dan


United gateway?


worked for me


Now i see a minimum order $12.95 + 1.95 delivery
Yesterday i did not see that.
Does it have to do with the hour of the day?

Joseph K.

just ordered pop corn and snapple to my friends dorm at 2.20 am for 4 bucks! minimum order must be $12.95 in nyc though


Hi Dan, what about the Southwest Premier Business card? Does that work for this? Thank you!


The $10 works for gift card purchases.

When using GC, it counts towards the minimum spend. For example, if your minimum spend is 11.95, you can add 11.95 worth of things in your cart and your checkout subtotal will be 1.95 before tip and taxes.

If you have a second eligible Chase card, you can either add more items or increase your tip so that your subtotal after GC is $10 then you’d get the Chase credit for the second card. Essentially $20 free if you have at least 2 cards. Otherwise if you only have one card you can buy a $10 GC one month, then spend $10 the next month if you don’t want to spend your own money. TL;DR buy a GC to ‘lower’ the minimum so that you can end up spending ~$10 in one order.


What is the charge showing up for everyone as? Mine is showing as “Beverages & More, Inc” and I still haven’t received the statement credit since November 21st when I made a $14 charge…..Is the charge supposed to show as “Go Puff?”


Same, and I didn’t receive the $10 statement credit.


What about buying a $10 GoPuff GC with each Chase cc and then combining them together for an actual bigger order to avoid having to place a bunch of deliveries?


Are ALL chase card included in the promotion even business cards ?


Great! can all gift cards be used in 1 order?


Please explain how to do this with gift card


For United getaway will I also get $10 credit?


Can you get the statement credit for the primary cardholder AND AGAIN for an authorized user?


Where are you seeing gift cards? I can’t find it in the app. Thanks


Does this work for both primary and au cards, or just once per account?


What can you do with a gopuff gc?


Not in my area of Ann Arbor


I purchased a $10 gift card, does it show up in my account? Im not exactly sure how to redeem it. (Will there be a monthly post reminder?) (And is it montly or per statement?)


Gift cards are currently displayed as “Sold Out”


Is Dansdeals crashing the site??! I keep trying to sign up and keeps going right back to sign up page.


I wonder if you need to space your purchases of gift cards.
It’s not accepting any of my cards after making 3 orders successfully. It’s telling to “contact my payment provider directly” and choose a different paymeny method.
Anyone have a similar experience?


Was not able to submit even one order. Got message: “There was an error processing your payment method.
Please contact your payment provider directly.”


I got the same message after three purchases but made another account and bought three more. I only have 6 chase cards


I don’t see any GC on the desktop site either. Wonder if removed?


What does ‘by month’ mean? Billing cycle on credit card or calendar month or a month from the 1st purchase?

Thank you!


I want to know this also!


If I purchase it tomorrow will it still get refunded for this month?


Do I need to create an account to purchase gift cards? It doesn’t give me the option to add to cart

Need account first?



Can you add more than one gift card onto a order?




The terms and conditions say that “Qualifying Gopuff purchases include only those made by you, or an authorized user, with your eligible credit card through or the Gopuff mobile application (excluding gift card purchases).” Does this mean that YMMV with regards to these gift card purchases, or do you think we can count on getting refunded?


How long did it take to get the credit with Chase? Purchased a $10 eGift card with Freedom U about 2hrs ago. Do I just need to be patient?


can someone pls explain to me how dan was able to add 17 gift cards right away and get reimbursed for all 17 in one shot?


The credit seems to post immediately after the charge goes from pendng to final, I’ve gotten 7 so far including for gift cards, though I expect them to stop working for gift cards now that it’s been posted here (and I assume other places)


You are only buying gopuff gift cards?
For some reason I do not see the offers on my card to enroll in this. But, I did receive an email from chase a while ago for this.


Nice to hear it works on gift cards. I placed 5 different orders, one for each of my cards, this month. With gift cards I can save on tips and delivery fees by ordering the gift cards for use later. Wish I knew this from the beginning.


They won’t even “ship” e-gift cards to an address out of their area! I’ve tried addresses in 3 states so far. None are covered.


Where are you even finding the e-gift cards listed? It only shows gift wrap or labels for me when I search for gift cards, e-gift cards, digital cards.


There was a whole section that said “Gift Cards” on main page. I never got it to work. Tried 9 different zip codes.

Shaindy zinger

Is chase slate and ink eligible?


There’s been reports of ink working.


Is the credit once per calendar month or once per statement?


I’m not seeing credit post when buying gift cards, and see the below in the fine print:

$10 Monthly Gopuff Statement Credit: You will receive a $10 statement credit each month you make a qualifying Gopuff purchase of at least $10 through 12/31/23. Qualifying Gopuff purchases include only those made by you, or an authorized user, with your eligible credit card through or the Gopuff mobile application (excluding gift card purchases).

Am I just too late to use it for a gift card, maybe the changed the fine print since you purchased yours?


Does it work for add-on cards or only on primary card?


link to vendor does not work, please re send


Please report link to site and purchase of GCs. current links do not work. thank you

Yeshiva bachur

It won’t allow gift cards to cover the $1.95 delivery fee.


are accounts being shutdown for the gift card purchases?


Gopuff giftcard purchase posted as bevmo inc and no credit


could anyone confirm if the Chase credit still works with gift cards


It’s not accepting any of my cards after making 1 order successfully. It’s telling to “contact my payment provider directly” and choose a different payment method.
Can anyone help?


The offer is not on any of 7 Chase CCs. GoPuff does not service my area at all.


is it EST or some other? do I have a chance to still get the November credit?

Also, when I used code GOJXPR8DDX, I didnt get anything off my order, rather I got an email with another code I was supposed to use, but it was too late because I already placed my first order so I wasnt a new customer anymore. Makes sense?


I made the purchase on Nov 30 and it only posted on Dec 1 so it’s likely I really got the Dec credit and lost out on Nov


Reposting this quesiton if anyone knows: “Is the credit once per calendar month or once per statement?”

Also, got my statement credits on freedom and freedom unlimited as soon as the charge posted


Reposting my question:
It’s not accepting any of my cards.
“There was an error processing your payment method. Please contact your payment provider directly.”
Can anyone help?


I bought one $10GC just to try. Purchased on 11/30, the Chase credit posted 12/1


They are cracking down on Gift Cards see in the link:


Does this work with United gateway card?


2 reports say yes.


Hi, They removed the $10 gift card option..they must have caught on. Now what? Any ideas Dan?


That means there will be a lot of tipless deliveries:)


What do you mean?


Buy $20 gcs, be refunded $10, and get everything 50% off. Their price for whiskey is good and when you discount it by 50% you can really do well.

D Chang

How long does it take for Chase to give the credit? It has been almost 3 weeks and I still haven’t gotten mine.


My mid-November purchases didn’t code like Dan’s. Mine say “BEVERAGES & MORE, INC.” and I did not receive the $10 GoPuff credit. I guess I need to message Chase. Kind of a pain.


Go Puff charges posting as BEVERAGES & MORE, INC. in Sothern California are not getting the credit. Go Puff acquired Bevmo in California. Called Go Puff and Chase. Each is pointing the blame at each other.


Were you able to get the credit by chatting Chase? I have the same issue.


Deliver minimum has increased to $14.95 in the DC area. Effectively killing the deal


Nice promo today. Got 2 bottles of Tide for $2$12


What are you doing now, they took down the $10 gift card?


Bought a GC on their site on November 29th with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card for $10. Charge was processed as “BevMo” and still haven’t seen a credit. Normal?


What about chase Amazon card


Dan the update on DOC reports they may have recoded gift cards not to work as of 12/23


Has anyone heard that chase will shut down your cards for buying gift cards?


Does this work every month (for example, I used my CSR November 20, can I use it again now?).

Thank you!


Is there the ability to apply multiple gift cards to one order? Has anyone had any success?



James Finlay

Bought GCs last month on five different cards. None of them have been reimbursed yet. I am in CA, not sure if that matters. I think terms say that it may take 1-2 billing cycles, but Dan received it quickly in November and December, makes me wonder if I am ever going to see the credit. Anyone else with this issue?


Many had the issue. Look at the earlier comments. It is a CA problem. The simple solution is to change delivery address to a NY address. (makes no difference for email delivery.) Then the charge will post as Gopuff and it will presumably be credited.


I dont see gift cards available on the site. Are they still available?


I also don’t see GCs currently




Is it possible to split an order onto several credit cards @ $10 each?


Now i see the $10 gift card, but when i place my order it doesn’t go through, and it says:
“There was an error processing your payment method. Please contact your payment provider directly.”


What about AU cards for Chase Ink? They have different account numbers then the main card


do Chase Visa Debit cards also work?


is the website down? can’t place orders and cant add new payments

King David

how long does it take for credit to post? I made charge on 12/24 and still don’t see any credit…


No longer getting credit for$10 gift card. Bought Dec 24. Posted Dec 27 with no credit


Same here credit for gift card no longer posting on purchase from Dec 24


same here. I purchased on 25th, it posted on the 26th, and now it’s the 27th and no credit. last month it was automatic. I noticed that this one posted as “Food & Beverage” whereas last time it posted as “Groceries” (in Chase)


Anyone understand this? They seem to add to the cost every time. I put in 8.98 of stuff, total is 9.95+tip+tax+delivery’s. I put in $15, total is $17 +tip+tax+delivery. Is there a surcharge?


I noticed this too and chatted with them last week. They said they will look into it and offered me a $5 credit on my order. It still wasn’t fixed.


Did anyone try if it works with the slate?


No credits appeared for me after Dec 24 purchases. Live in CA. Perhaps post can be changed to “Dead” or at the very least amended- otherwise is a little misleading.


I purchased 5 gift cards on Friday in NYC. Charges have posted (under “gopuff” instead of “(gopuff) GB license”) but did not get a refund. Seems like gift cards no longer work for the credit.
Please update post!


My gift card order on 12/26 was reimbursed on my ink business unlimited but not on any of the consumer cards. The charge on all of them came through the same.


I got refunded on 5 gift cards purchased on 12/28 at night in NYC


I live on Los Angele and my charge comes up as “Beverages & More, Inc. I know gopuff acquired BevMo so I’m not sure if this applies.

Regardless, I made the purchase on 12/28, charge came up on 12/29 and I still haven’t received any credit.

Looked at TOC: “ Statement credit will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles after your qualifying Gopuff purchase posts to your account.”

If I read this correctly it comes up 1-2 months later? If that’s the case, hopefully the LA BevMo charges get cleared as well.

PS: I purchased some snacks no GC. It didn’t let me.


purchase $10 GC in CA on 12/28 with Chase sapphire preferred card, still did not get credit on 12/30. will update if I get a credit


Gift card purchased on Dec 24 did not post credit. Coded as “gopuff”.
Made a legit purchase Dec 30. It coded as “gopuff GB license” which was how my November gift card purchases were coded as and credited.
So someone can probably try having a cart with legit cheap items plus $10gift card and see if it codes correctly to get the credit?


Added an item and 10$ GC. Came up as 2 separate charges on my Card each coded differently. 1 was for $10 (for the GC) and the other for the remaining balance of the order for the item.


Just got the $10 credit. So I guess it worked when I did it when adding an item together with the GC!!


But what’s the point? After fees, tip, and the extra cost of items on gopuff, how “free” was your gift card?


I used 7 CCs worth of monthly Gcs to order 2 sets of 2x covid antigen tests, 4 pints of ice cream, and 2 drinks, minus tip (due to bad planning on my part). If I had thought it through a bit more, i would’ve ordered slightly less and let the tip trigger the last card’s promo credit

dan fan

I got refunded after chatting with chase


How do u chat with chase? they have a chase option?


*chat option


Made one $10 GC purchase on 12/24 (Freedom Unlimited), 3 more on 12/30 (Freedom, CSP, Hyatt). All showed up as “GOPUFF”, all were credited. Anxious to try for 2022.


bought 6 x $10 GCs the evening of 1/1/2022, all posted 1/2/2022, credit says it posted 1/2/2022


Would you mind sharing which state/area you are using as the delivery address?


From what location?


@Dan, I purchased $10 gift cards on two Chase cards on Jan 5 and the refunds posted on January 6th.


My gift cards started showing as “GOPUFF” but not in the groceries category, rather in the “food and drink” category, and were NOT credited. End of December, Manhattan NYC address or maybe Philadelphia.


Bought on all my Chase cards from Brooklyn and didn’t get reimbursed for any.


I tried and never got reimbursed


Brooklyn Address here and no reimbursement for the December purchases on 12/27. Freedom and Freedom Flex


There is a known issue in CA where charges are showing as Bevmo, not GoPuff. There is no eta for it being fixed. Until it’s resolved credits will.not post for purchases. Chase and gopuff support blame each other and are of no help


I’m in Brooklyn and wasn’t reimbursed


Bought gift card with Michigan address. Didn’t get refunded


Where can I find the GC’s in the app?


@dan ive gotten refunds for giftcards in dec but now im seeing the charge come up as GOpuffGC so i guess they changed their coding so they dont reimburse GC anymore or will it be the same
using 11230 zip in brooklyn…


I got the statement credit for gift cards on Freedom and Freedom Unlimited last year, but not for January. I sent customer support a message, waiting to hear back on getting it credited


If you plan on making purchases you might want to consider 2 available groupons:
$20 credit on one order or $10 credit on each of 3 orders for a cost of $5
I was able to buy one of each.


Only new customers, might as well use Dan’s free code


I was able to use the $10 one 3 times even though they were not my first orders. I have not yet tried the $20


Just bought one to try and now instead of “GOPUFF”, it is “GOPUFFGC” in chase statement. I will update if get reimburse or not.


Hello, did you ever get reimbursed? Same problem here.


Ohio- Not reimbursed


anyone else notice that the GC charge used to be posting as GP license is not posting (pending) as GOPUFFGC? anyone for reimbursed even tho it says that? just using family members cards and will have to send them all $10 now! 🙁


I have been looking for gift card (using mobile) and I can’t seem to find them on GoPuff
I tried from my order history and just to search but it doesn’t come up (also tried ones on laptop) using a brooklyn address


@dan do you have a link to the gift card page?


I have been reimbursed but gifts cards don’t get delivered


Gift cards not getting delivered to email and NOT getting reimbursed this month brooklyn address


Dan – are you buying on desktop/chrome on phone/app?


Brooklyn and my NOV & DEC have posted and refunded, waiting on the JAN charges…
What can I do with the gift cards? can they all be combined on one large purchase?


yes, you can buy overpriced junk food


Using Brooklyn address the gift card doesn’t even come up anymore. What zip code are you using Dan?


I bought go with Brooklyn address as well, didn’t get credit.


I bought 7 gift cards with Brooklyn 11204 address 12/28 came up as “GOPUFF” but none of them got reimbursed but in January I did legit orders and came up as “(GOPUFF) GB LICENSE“ and all of them got reimbursed even the ink except for the slate did NOT get reimbursed


I had used the 14 days free delivery last month. What’s a way I can avoid a “delivery” fee for buying $10 GCs? Thanks in advance.


Michigan address … None of my 10 cards got reimbursed.


Does anyone know if the Amazon prime Chase card is eligible? Dan?

Nate nate

Is the objective here to pair multiple GCs and then make a larger order to save on delivery fees? Is there a limit to how many GCs you can apply to one order?


The objective here is to use each of your 20 Chase cards to buy $10 gift cards every month, and then, after 26 months, spend your $5,200 on about $3,500-$4,000 (normal purchase price*) worth of food. You can do a little better if you use the 208,000 rewards points (400 per GC) efficiently.

Even if you can’t actually order anything from GoPuff, you get a minimum value of free UR points. I reckon between 260 and 980 per card, for a total of 5,200-19,600. (980 per card assumes Freedom Flex with 4% bonus in grocery for the first 12 months, and 1 annual quarterly 4% grocery bonus.) Probably not worth the time it takes to swipe the card just for the points, but if you’re here, you probably consider it worthwhile anyways. 🙂

As an aside, charged my measly 4 cards on 12/31 with 10025 ZIP and got the statement credit same day. Just tried again this morning (plus 1 Ink card based on update), waiting for them to post tomorrow and will report back if they still work. All GC purchases, (got Nov. as well), all posted as “Go Puff” – including current pending charges – all got credit within 1-2 days.

Lastly – I have no problem finding the $10 GC, but for some reason when I add them to my cart they don’t always add the first time, and I need to re-try several times before it finally takes.

*”Normal purchase price” is assumed to be between 2/3-3/4 of what they are charging based on a quick comparison of prices for several pantry essentials to what one can normally expect to pay in the local grocery.


Just posted, and still working for me. Including on Ink Cash.




Anyone know how to order gift cards without paying a delivery fee? TYID


I joined Fam and then called to tell them that I mistakenly clicked the button so they reversed the charge. The Gift Cards aren’t being credited, however. My purchase on 1/14 showed up as pending GOPUFFGC then converted to PAYRANGE MOBILE but was not automatically credited. Seattle address


I order e-gift cards. No shipping fee, and I get an email with a code I keep in a log (for when i actually buy something). 10025 ZIP.


Seems they just introduced the new code last week. Gift Card charge now says GoPuffGC. When it said GoPuff I was getting reimbursed. This is in CA.


When I add $10 gift card, it keeps adding $1.95 delivery charge. Am I doing something wrong?


@dan any update of this is dead?
I tried 2 weeks ago with brooklyn address and came up as GoPuffGC and I didn’t get reimbursed

Anything to do to get reimbursed?


just use Fam free trial last week of jan/first week of Feb and get 2 months free delivery fee for all cards on all orders for 2 months worth


But cards don’t get reimbursed anymore
Do you say of I use Fam, it will get reimbursed?


Got my Gopuff account deactivated, along with my family’s 2 accounts cuz we placed 4 legitimate food/snack orders in 1 day. Gopuff agent said our accounts are flagged for fraud because deliveries were all to the same address. Anyone have experience on getting accounts reactivated?

dan fan

im having issue with payment telling me its declining every time


In CA. Purchases made in Jan on multiple gift cards were not credited. Contacted Chase. They sent me a letter 10 days letter saying due to not buying on the Go Puff website/app/buying a gift card (seemed to be a generic letter covering all their bases), I would not receive credit. Given the terms did say at the time no gift cards, it seems i have no recourse. Annoying that a loophole clearly existed based on state. I took the risk but it didnt pay off. I may try to contact gopuff to see if can get a refund. doubtful i know


Is there a new minimum on Brooklyn 11230, tells me to add total of $20?


I’m getting $12.95. According to a phone rep, they “test things out” and the minimums can go up and down as they do it. Typical GoPuff. Or maybe they target people with 17 Chase cards in their account…


Minimum went up a few days ago in 08002 to $14.95


Does anyone have any more info on this? I get GoPuffGC and no reimbursement/






Anyone try multiple users for INK accounts, or is it only one per account


yes. did not work more then 1 time




Having issues with reimbursement this month.

Worked fine for all my Chase cards last month with a Brooklyn address, but this month I tried on my CSR and no reimbursement.

Interestingly enough, that charge came through as “GOPUFFGC”, as opposed to “GOPUFF” from earlier months (which were crediting).

Perhaps Chase/GoPuff is on to us, and fixed the “workaround”?




Same here


Same thing for me on two cards from address that worked last month. Seems like it’s dead unless someone can find a zipcode that works. Please post here 🙂


Anyone seeing their GoPuff credits on Chase cards actually not reflecting on their statement balance? I purchased a $10 GoPuff giftcard that received the credit back in February so it shows a $10 debit and credit but the statement balance shows a $10 balance. No other transactions for the month were charged to the card.


@ Dan:
Any new update about getting reimbursed for GC?
Does it still work for you?


My address is in Brooklyn, purchased a gift card last week, name on charge now comes up as GOPUFFGC instead of GOPUFF and there is no credit of $10 anymore.


The credit has worked perfectly for me the last few months until March. Now, of the 7 cards my wife and I have that are eligible, only 2 or 3 of them posted the credit. I am not purchasing gift cards, but snacks and beer so it should all be fine. Don’t know what changed. Spent 20 minutes on the phone with Chase and they are putting an inquiry in with the right department for me. Also, this doesn’t matter, but more than one agent asked me what promotion I’m talking about and about the terms and details and I’m like this is from you guys, you should have this information. SMH.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar and if so have you been able to get it resolved?


I didn’t get on an ink


Thanks for the data point.

I got a letter today about my inquiry but I don’t think it addresses my issue. It basically says that Chase just administers the offer based on the information GoPuff provides them so basically it’s GoPuff’s fault if they didn’t provide the right info to trigger the credit. Only, the charge type from February and March look identical, like none of the gift card issues people were reporting, and I got the credit in Feb but not March so it makes me believe it’s on Chase’s end that this is messed up. So frustrating!


Seems that now it posted for March 30 (as of 11 it hadn’t) check your cc


I am in California and my purchases starting from about 3/15 to today 4/21 have not been crediting the $10. The charge is coding as Bevmo, but in February everything was working fine. Does anyone know what the issue is recently?

dan fan

did go puff sell there chometz?


I doubt it


But upon research they apparently have, both this year and last! Everyone should do their own hw/ask lor, about sales of entities that continue to sell Chometz on Pesach as there are different opinions

Dan fan

Ben thanku where did you find that info?


Spoke to the Chabad Rav who did the mechira R Shuchat


Does chase business ink and United work recently?

dan fan

does anyone know how to find out they sold chametz?


Has anyone tried paying for fam membership on 2 accounts with the same credit card? Does it trigger the Chase $10 credit?


Does the discount still apply for gift cards?


i’m curious as well


Did not trigger for me in Oct


Is this credit available per calendar month or per statement cycle


Giftcard didnt trigger the credit


I’m getting a 4.95 small delivery fee for any order under 12.95 which effectively negates the free aspect completely. Tried edison and brooklyn . Anyone else have this?
Also tried a gc with edison adress and no credit


Bought on 3 Chase cards that were explicitly mentioned as eligible 3 days ago. Did not get the credit on any of them. Despite what Dan says, gift cards are apparently NOT eligible.


Anyone used a debit card and received a credit? Also, anyone received a credit buying a gift card recently?