The Australian And UK Versions Of AMEX Shop Small In November Are Pretty Awesome


I’ve written several times about this year’s USA SBS promotion, rebranded as Shop Small In November this year. And I’ve already swiped all of my cards and gotten the credits. Not as lucrative as in the past, but nice to be able to do it all month long.

Other countries have some pretty lucrative offers as well:

-Australian’s can enroll in a great version of Shop Small In November here.

Registration is limited to 100,000 cards.

They are able to get a $10 statement credit on $20 purchases, but they can take advantage of the offer 10 times per card at 10 different business for a maximum $100 statement credit per card. And they have all of November to complete the spending. Talk about being able to stock up on credit at all of the different stores and restaurants that you patronize!

And no, you can’t register your US card and send it to your buddy down under. Tried that already 😀

-UK AMEX cardholders can register here for ShopSmall.

In the UK the spending has to be done between December 5-20. Their spending offer is a £5 statement credit for spending £10. The UK the offer is unlimited, you can earn as many statement credits as you like, though again, it’s only valid once per store.

What other countries have Shop Small offers? Hit the comments and let us know!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Proves my thoughts that this is the gather awareness & attention. Once they completed that there is no need to push this agenda in the USA


Australia will be the new Lakewood in 2016 mark my words.


Any stores in uk that would key in American cardholders? Is there a way to enroll for their sbs?


@Dan, you haven’t specified whether you can use you US cards in the UK for that promotion 🙂


Yeah, I’m still not targeted for Shop Small…


Bring it to Canada!!!!!

Eli UK

Registered my 3 UK cards. Though the UK blogs don’t seem to know about the multi tab method, I wonder how many guys here realize that…

BTW only 1 of my 4 USA consumer cards were targeted but the other 3 worked via your link, thanks as always!! Now I have to call a store in the USA and get them to key in those cards.

Still no reports of anyone having secondary consumer cards targeted?

chaim L

Any options for USA cardholders in Israel?


@chaim L: call a US small business and get a gift card


@Yankel: I don’t think so, they have it the same as lest year…


@Eli UK: don’t need to do multi tab in the UK its officially per card and not per account.


can i register my usa amex cards for the offer un uk or australia?


i entered my amex account through the link you provided for UK sbs and i saw something about november 28 abs

does that mean it coming to USA?


do additional card holders also get it?