Small Business Saturday Is Now Shop Small In November; Check To See Which Of Your Cards Are Targeted!

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In September AMEX announced that there would be no statement credit for Small Business Saturday this year.

Today AMEX has rolled out targeted AMEX offers for Shop Small In November as follows:

-Select consumer cards have been targeted with $10 off $10 in a single purchase at any small business from now through 11/28.

-Select business cards have been targeted with $20 off $100 in a single purchase at any small business from now through 11/28.

You can search for small businesses on the map, but almost any small business that doesn’t belong to a major chain should qualify.

I logged into my AMEX account using the far superior old interface and all of my primary consumer and business cards had the offer.

I logged into my wife’s account and she was also targeted on all of her primary consumer and business cards.

The secondary cards attached to my primary account weren’t targeted, though many secondary business accounts that had their own login were targeted.

There are some reports of cards only having the offer in the old interface or in the new interface, though I can’t personally confirm that. It’s possible that those people simply didn’t see the offer in the other interface.

On DDF there have been mixed reports of people being targeted on all, none, or some of their cards, so it’s hard to tell what the targeting is based on.

All of my cards have been used in past years, so it’s definitely not only targeting cards that weren’t used for SBS in the past.

One user reports that he has accounts registered in different cities and all of his cards had it except for 3 cards registered in zip code 08701.

Another user reports that cards are still being targeted for this offer, so it may still be rolling out.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser and scroll down the the offer. Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards. Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

Note that you only have to worry about an offer disappearing from other cards when they are registered to the same account. Registering for an offer won’t affect cards that have their own login and you can always remove a card from one login and make a dedicated login for it.

To find the offers, just login to your AMEX account here, click on a card, and scroll down to AMEX Offers For You. Then click on see more offers:

















You can then use Ctrl-F and search for Small or just scroll down until you find the offer.

On consumer cards the offer looks like this:


















On business cards the offer looks like this:

















We have the offer on all of our primary consumer Premier Gold, Platinum, Delta Gold, Delta Platinum, Everyday Preferred, Starwood Business, Platinum Business, Business Gold, and Delta business cards.

I haven’t gone through all of our secondary cards, but it appears that the offer is only showing up on secondary business cards, not on secondary consumer cards.

Post your experience on your primary and secondary cards!

Stay tuned for an FAQ post.



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49 Comments On "Small Business Saturday Is Now Shop Small In November; Check To See Which Of Your Cards Are Targeted!"

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Not tweetable ?




In order to optimize getting targeted, should each of my primary cards be on a separate login (and then of course open them to separate tabs before saving the offers)? Or it’s ok to link them onto one account, as long as you open the view for each card onto separate tabs before saving the deals?


How could you see the offers in list view in your account as per the screenshot? I don’t like the icon view and scroll right through right arrow 🙁


10$ for 8 credit card😢😢


I don’t think it matters if they’re on multiple logins or not.
The only time you need to do separate tabs is if they’re on the same login. If they’re on different logins there’s no need to use separate tabs to register.

Read the post for the link to the old interface.


Use the link for the original format which Dan included in the article.


Do we need to add the offer to our cards ?


Do merchants in Israel (Jerusalem) that take Amex count to get this credit?


I have it only on one primary account out of 8 others 😒


Will this work for merchants in Israel?


I wasn’t targeted on any of my cards. I checked both the old and new interface. 🙁


none out of 5 🙁


Targeted on all 3 personal cards, no business cards

Only old cards

Seems actually to only be targeting old cards. Any card I had from 2014 has the offer. All after 2015 not. Both business and consumer


I have the offer on all of my primary business and personal cards but none on my secondary business cards (as Dan has mentioned).


Be happy u got it on 8 cards… I only see it on my primary…


My SPG AmEX I got in August was not targeted. Only AmEx I have.


Got it on 2 outta 3 personal cards. Personal cards were opened in 2004 and 2014. Offer wasn’t on the card i opened this year.


I only got it on one card and only with the NEW interface


Love the 08701 line 🙂


Thanks dan for the “old interface” link. Its almost better than the deal itself!!


Does it work for serve?


I only got it on my primary cards 🙁

just so you know

i have a amex hiton card on my name and on my wife’s name and both were targeted, both delta skymiles cards were not


Targeted on all primary – but no secondary


Targeted on all primaries that were open before last year on both new and old interface. New business card not targeted.

Deal Guy

I only have the offer on personal not business on same login . Should I save the personal ones, or will that cause them not to later add to my business?


no for costco card and no for 08701 cards


I had 2 tabs opened & 2 different cards with the offer – This was the first time it did not work said I was already enrolled – anyone else have this issue?

Mayb ethey fixed the system to only allow one even with multiple browsers?


All of my cards are registered in 08701, and 2 out of my personal and 2 business were targeted.


In 08701 and both Business and spg cards are targeted. The only issue I am having is the additional card users on my spg account don’t have separate Tabs offers and all in the same account. Is there a way to see the offers separately without making a separate login for each?


some cards that were not targeted yesterday, were targeted today


Does anyone know if this works in Canada?


I got it on 3 primary cards (gold and 2 blues), no AU’s and no serve


Did anyone have luck in getting this on a secondary/AU card?


Not yet…


i just got n email from amex inviting me to enroll my (spg business )primary card in the 20 off 100 .i was able to use that email to enroll all my secondary cards as well


Dan if my secondary doesn’t have its own login , how would I be able to target that card for the offer ,? As well what abt serve red card !?


Ideal is to register one business and one personal on each login ?


Hi, dan
Thanks for always keeping us posted i had the offer on my primary card only even though each card has its own login. When i pressed add to card it said “sorry, it dosent happen often but the offer is no longer available”

I wonder if its because my zipcode is 08701

no wonder

Hay I wonder why 08701! Was not targeted anyone have sugestions ? maybe they have somthing agenst kollel yungerliet


Thanks Dan 🙂


I’m getting the offer on an old AMEX card. How do I know if its for all the cards on the account? How do I open separate tabs for all my cards on the account?





After registering all my cards, in the confirmation email from Amex, it registered all my cards as business, meaning spend $100 for a $20 credit.

Does this make sense?


If i already saved the $10 offer to my primary account, can i still do the additional tab method to register my additional cards?


I am upset with AMEX. I did not receive any offer for Small Business Saturday. Customer Service was no help. My wife did not receive offers either. I question what AMEX is trying to accomplish here. I have participated for the last 3 yrs.