Share Your Small Business Saturday Experience


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Small Business Saturday is finally here!

Go out and spend $10 3 times on all of your AMEX cards and AMEX will cover the charge. Be sure to register your card first.

Then share your experience here:
Where did you shop?
How long were the lines?
Did you do a physical swipe or a keyed in transaction?
Did you shop at a small business on the map or a small business not on the map?
Did you buy a gift card or actual merchandise?
Was your card declined when trying a duplicate $10 transaction on the same card and did you have to do $10.01 and $10.02 on subsequent transactions?
Did you get an SBS email confirmation from AMEX after making the charge?

Sound off in the comments!

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No confirmation emails (yes, I’m signed up for sure). Tried a double dip, assume it should work (small business + also a separate Amex offer for the same business).


Gut voch
all my green toys amazon price mistake orders have shipped!!!!!
Thanks so much dan!!!


Just got a “thanks for participating in SBS” email for a keyed in transaction.


Had a great day. All emails confirmed. Swiped 26 times at 3 of our favorite restaurants. Should keep us fed for a while.


@rachel: wow your quick shabbos just was barely over


Quick! Upon receiving my secondary cards in the mail do you have to make them authorized users online or are they ready to go for sbs registration


Were u able to do $10 even without causing s fraud alert?


Activate the cards and then register


11-$30.00 gift cards from my favorite restaurant, Coinjock Marina, Coinjock NC. Less than 10 mins. 3 swipes of $10 for each card.

Thank you AMEX, Dan,& Louis


All we got are ppl saying they got confrmation emails for keyed in… anyone didint?

NoVA Rick

Went to the local brewpub and got 3 gift cards, two for $60 and one for $66. – forgot to ask for different amount for the second $60 GC. When I got home I had already received the good news on all 18 transactions.


Hi dan do u know if you get the credit if you swipe thru square?


does anyone know if square reader transactions will work and be eligible for the money back to customers while processing Amex tonight?


I have swiped 7 different cards so far and no emails

Should I be nervous?


Dont be so confident about email, emai does not equal you get your money back, ppl have been getting emails today after shopping at target as well


Still waiting in the long line at the gift card registery in Lakewood !!
It’s gonna be a long night!!


Is kosher west(Lakewood) considered a small business?


Keyed in transaction:

Thank you for using your registered Card ending in
… to Shop Small. American Express will issue a $10 statement credit for qualifying transactions within 90 days.
You can take advantage of the offer up to three times today, for a total of up to $30 in statement credits.


sbs registration website down?????


10 cards x 3 transactions each = $300 free dollars!


I should add that I swiped have done 3different transactions of split tender using two different amex
Cards per transaction. Each time the transaction was for $25. I swiped two different registered amex cards , one for 15. One for 10.

I also did 12 separate transactions for $10 each.

But no email confirmations


All 53 cards done. Keyed in, received email immediately


30 swipes at a local car audio installer. I needed keyless entry and remote start put in my car. Took about 20 minutes but the staff and the other guy in the shop that it was genius. Got 27 emails.


Anyone know if it’ll work through a third party? I.e. square l, amazon local, PayPal reader? Lots of small businesses do their credit card processing through them…


@Moshe: Got confirmation x 3 for three square swipes.


@Louise: call them7328869378


does anyone know if we need to do the 10, 10.01, 10.02? for duplicate transactions? or is it going through without that?

Deal lover

Just did 10 cards/30 swipes at my local grocer, the whole ordeal took 12 minutes.


Swiped it local. No email yet.


@dan got confirmation email for each swipe. Quite a few emails 😉


Just placed an on-line order from a random website in Nevada. Got a confirmation that it qualified. I thought online orders didn’t count?


I just swiped all my cards at my local grocery ! My grocery bill is paid for next xxx months thanks Amex!!


Just got back from swiping 4 cards.
At the first place, needed to do the 10, 10.01, 10.02 cause the business’ system would mark it as fraud otherwise. Second place was able to do 3 swipes of 10 each, with no issues.
Received emails for all my swipes.
Shavuah Tov to all and thank you to AmEx and to Dan.


In BP the stores took your cards b4 to save you the lines
Dan thanks a million for what you do for us all year round
What’s the story with SBS in London Dec.6?


Just did 6 swipes on 2 cards $10 $10.01 $10.02 all on square. All confirmations instantly. Thanks@dan!!!


Gift card registry in Lakewood have hundreds of people waiting in line and registers are very slow…


keyed in seems to be working just did it at Reserve Cut


According to Amex’s website A F of Kupat Hair is a registered small business. Been successful in using my car to donate to the Har Nof families via the website If you would like to do the same just specify that your donation is for FUND #2159


Anybody use a card reader and got a confirmation email?


Just swiped all my cards 3 times. Had to do 10.01,10.02, 10.03 per card, otherwise it declined it. I got confirmations on all my transactions.

Thanks for all!!!


Did a few with kosher deals last week. Got emails already. The rest at a local judaica store.


I charged $9.99 on my card, will I get a credit?


I swiped my three cards at Central Market line was small att, but still didnt get a confirmation email yet,they are on the list.


@ Thanks, did you do the transaction 3 times?


Just swiped 4 cards at BP Supermarket in Boro Park. No lines. Come by and say hi.


My email account just blew up 🙂

SoCal Dude

Swiped all cards for gift certificates ($12, $13, $14, etc) at the local Skateboard shop for our oldest. Skate to live, live to skate!


@Moshe: yes they do. Confirmed!


Anyone know of a place where I can do it online and get a gift card to the store or store credit?


@yossi4k: yes I used square and got email confirmation.


@Yossi: UK cards work differently,it runs between Dec 6-21,spend £10 get £5 back once per card per participating merchant. so it can equal up to more than £30 and also not pressured to swipe it all in one night. but no free money gotta spend £5 to get £5.

CC Junkie

98 cards done! Gotta love bluebird and authorized users on all my accounts! Thanks Dan


Got as follows:
$50.45 (5 swipes) custom birthday cake
$51.65 (5 swipes) gluten free baked goods
$100 (10 swipes) Nail Salon – no e-mail because they batch at 9pm
$60 (6 swipes) Day Spa
$50 (5 swipes) Frozen yogurt gift card
$30 (3 swipes) Vitamin shop
$400+ (40 swipes+) local Chabad house

Looking forward to next years x100 🙂


ooh dan you took the whole amex website down!

Big Moe

Seems like is down.



wow that’s a lot of cards.

which nail salon?


@CC Junkie:

sadly i forgot to fund my bluebird account, and now it won’t be there in time.


I used my Macy’s Amex but did not get a thanks for participating email. Has anyone received the email after using a Macy’s card?


Did 8 cards in hatzlacha grocery in monsey they had 4 cashiers only for swiping sbs nice pleasant cashiers. Got 22 instant emails .


@yada: I believe with debit card it funds instantly.


@yada: you can still fund it online with debit card!


9 separate trans at local toy store, all swiped $10 each, got 9 emails immediately following.


@yada: not too late to fund bluebird! just did it myself. Go to, link a debit card to your account and add funds. It will be available immediatly.


No emails when purchasing gift cards at grocery

Are gift cards a problem?


@luckyluck: Just make sure you are adding funds from your debit card and not your bank account.


excuse me, @ yada


I just got Confirmation from online transactions!


@dave: last year eichlers gave a store credit over the phone


Just keyed in 3 transactions and got confirmations for all of them


Question of the day can merchants in EST swipe till 11:59 MST or must they finish by 11:59 EST so in the statement ittl show Nov 29th ? Its not clear from the terms


Went to my favorite wine liquor store, MB in Flatbush and joined the crowd participating in this Small Business Motzei Shabbos. Got the confirmation Email very quickly. I’ve got to get more cards for next year’s SBS promotion.

Moshe wininger

I plan on calling that sushi spot they are offering $2 more per a 10$ swipe. Getting gift cards.

So happy

I just swiped 115 cards at my local cat food distributor. I really love my felines.


20 swipes and got a nice bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Gotta love AMEX.


$345 at jons place pizza in Boca

Fan of Dan

Got 81 email confirmations from keyed in Cards!


Not allowing me to register on website or by phone “due to technical issues.” Any tips?


Thanks Dan and Amex!


8 cards X 3 swipes = $240 free – happy!! Thanks for all of your guidance and advice!


Seasons in Lawrence NY is happy to do business tonight. Not too long of a line and if you have a bunch of cards they are handling them on the side. Thanks Dan and AmEx!


anyone successful with calling in credit card information? and to where?


line has more then 100 ppl here in toys for thought in lakewood


Are ppl getting the emails rideaway


The peppermill in bp 5015-16th ave is giving an extra $10 if you spend $50


Are you ppl getting the emails right a way?


Went to mink jewelers in ch he was so patient and nice (56) cards!gym


Do you have to activate the additional users cards before using them?


I live in Stamford, only good option here is soosh. Just paid for a week full of sushi! Thanks Dan!


Just got a $90 gift card at Goldberg’s new York bagels:) a couple of guys from crown heights were there…and then came the huge line:) So glad I beat the rush:)))

Thanks Dan for everything:)


I was first 😉
Actual swipe
Got an item- Magnatiles
Nope. It went through $10 at a time
Yes. All of them 🙂


Also getting “Due to some technical problem page can not be displayed.” on web site. anyone know what going on?


phone and website not allowing registration…..
was anyone able to register today?


I wonder if a store batch his swipes after 12 it will work?
I know a few ppl who swiped at Central Market in Williamsburg and non of us got emails… And they are on the list.


@CE: sure


33 x 10 dollars at toys for you in lakewood. Was able to do 10 even. Got 33 emails.


24 keyed in transactions (I gave them my 8 cards before Shabbos) and 24 confirmation SBS emails from Amex.


Thank you dan! i wouldnt have known about SBS Now I have a $200 credit at a local toy store
just saved me on holiday shopping


Spent $20 and swiped 3×10 Got $10 change(cash)


our merchants keyed in our transactions and we just got email confirmations.


$179 Britax car seat for $90 at piccolino in Brooklyn. They’re offering 20% off and free pizza with every Amex


@Yidel: yes but even if not it works


@Stb: good for you ! how many and when did you show up there?


Hmmmm…did 19 swipes, got no emails. I know there’s no guarantee, but any reason to be concerned? Anything I can do?


anyone know of any charities that are participating that will allow me to donate online? Seeking recommendations…


Used my macys card and got 3 email confirmations immediately


N@ benari- no


Just got a Great deal at Yussis grill in lakewood.. supper taken care of for a while ! Thanks


$250 worth of seforim
$90 GC for future seforim (and Judaica)
$35 local Chinese
$50 GK Restaraunts

Thanksgiving may be a goyishe holiday, but Small Business Saturday is a yiddishe holiday!



Just registered over the phone 866-515-4134


@avi search chabad on the Amex map. 67 results


Is 7-11 a small business?


got $180 credit at torah treasures (seforim store)


anyone got confirmation e-mail whit kupat hair?


A guy had 209 cards in front of me


Haven’t received any emails 🙁


@Vvv: too many chains


The wine Socher in BP

4 cards. 3 swipe. one keyed in.

Only received 3 emails, didn’t receive from the one keyed in


@ys ya but it’s a franchise, each rub by single person




I did gift cards at Eichlers and arranged it last week. My son sent me a picture from the coop in Lakewood, asking me if I ever saw so many people in a supermarket with no items. I asked if there was a special checkout for 10 cards or less, and he answered, no there should be a special checkout for people buying food.


If I save it the Amex offers for you on my online account do I need to register each additional card?


Registration closed.


My emails came late. So far 39 out of 57 swipes got emails v still waiting


@dan to confirm I can use my c.c at any participating store 10×3 and I will receive credit ?


Registration is now closed. It reached capacity.


@Anonymous: lol Where?


@Chavie: Correct


Actually to be clearer.

Did three rounds

one store at 8:00

one at about 9:00

and one 9:30

Store number one emails came at 9 store two NO emails yet store 3 instantly.

Any one else have a similar experience where some transactions got emails and others not yet?


Of course only if you’ve registered your cards before.


$210 of Seforim at Beis Hasefarim (everything is 15 – 25% off because they’re moving) and put $150 on my account at evergreen. For some reason I got 33 emails instead of 39… Hope it all worked.


Personally i believe it depends what kind of processing the stores use that affects the email confirmations..


website down???


@shmiel: Yeah, swiped but no emails yet, had similar issue when registering, they came in later tough.


Dan nice picture from you swiping! Where can I add the pic?


Many shops refused to do separate $10 transactions today, they say they get charged per transaction and it’s not profitable to them


The Registration Limit For The American Express® Card Member Offer For Small Business Saturday® Has Been Reached. You Can Still Support Small Businesses On Nov 29 And Throughout The Year. Visit The Shop Small® Map To Find Qualifying Small Businesses Near You

mendy from lkwd

Went to gift card registry In lkwd at 10 minutes after they opened was about number 100 On line and their machines were. Working realy slow so went to Elemeno in lakewood 6 Cards $180 got all 18 email confirmations right away! American Express rocks!


any backup website??


@anony: For what?


Swiped 60 cards – no emails yet (-:
Gotta have faith 🙂


@Vvv: nope!


As i expected, email confirmations are now popping in slowly but surely, so if you didn’t receive yours yet, don’t panic.


Had mine keyed in 3x 6 cards and got all 18 confirmation emails
I had heard after that keyed in might not work so I just rant to a local grocery and swiped them

hopefully that will work one way or another


Anyone can confirm that u can go to more then one store ?


double header in brooklyn is still taking e-mail orders
I just sent in mine


It says registration closed. Will I still get the credits?


5 cards- $150 at carlos and gabbbys lawrence!


Spent literally 2.5 hours on line at a place in Brooklyn. The people behind the counter were beyond incompetent.

They had no clue how to use the computers and just kept people waiting forever.

16 cards, all transactions for $10 even. 48 confirmation emails waiting for me when I got home.

Went to AMEX’s website and looked at my pending payments: the geniuses swiped more times than needed. An extra $50 pending over the various cards! Now I need to go back with printed out statements and straighten the whole thing out…


Signed up in advanced at 3 different vendors. Only one have charged my cards as of yet and only half of those cards have generated a confirmation from Amex. Hope this isn’t a #SBSFail….


anyone had emailed eichlers and not gotten charged?

does it end 12am EST or Mountain Time?


$1650 at my local supermarket.
Thanx Amex and SBS!!

(one person started way before me and it was rumored that they had over $4k!!)


When will we revive the credit ???


and got confirmation emails!!!


the stores in lawrence said you can swipe till 2 am is that true?


@bsimcha: Mir hut glent as 8 times tree is 24, not 22. Vois is mit dear?


@Sam: Hopefully AMEX will change this next year for 1 swipe for $30 … AMEX reps on the site, please communicate this to your superiors … we love ya AMEX!


6 cards
18 swipes
18 emails

yasher koach Dan!

An early freilichin chanukah to all!


Can anyone confirm that the swiping for the $10 is until 12 AM mountain time?


3 mins Dead!




Where did you shop?

How long were the lines?
No line, but made me wait 🙁

Did you do a physical swipe or a keyed in transaction?
9 swiped, 1 keyed in

Did you shop at a small business on the map or a small business not on the map?
I think they’re on the map

Did you buy a gift card or actual merchandise?
$300 gift card for 10 cards 🙂

Was your card declined when trying a duplicate $10 transaction on the same card and did you have to do $10.01 and $10.02 on subsequent transactions?
They did the 10, 10.01, 10.02 and not declined.

Did you get an SBS email confirmation from AMEX after making the charge?
Yes, got confirmation right away for each swipe.

Big Moe

Until what time can you swipe? One store told me out is until midnight mountain time which is 2:00 est.
Anybody know if it’s true?

Eliezer cohen

@yossi4k: Went to store in 5towns and actually bought something. Girl at register says she does not know how to do transaction if you actually buy. Only if you were charging to house account. She needed directions. Person behind me had 44 cards


Thanks yada, read ur comment at 11:44 about bluebird and figured out how to add funds , tried last week through bank account.ran to toys 4 u got it at 11:51
Thanks dan


U should all run to do my mitzvos like u ran meshuga to get a bit more gelt .mitvos are also FREE


Didn’t get emails yet. Should I worry??


16 cards = 4 date nights at ETC


@Big Moe: Yes it is true that you can swipe until midnight MST which is 2 EST here


Did anyone swipe in Rockland Kosher? I got emails from everywhere I swiped except Rockland Kosher?
Last year I didn’t get emails either at Rockland Kosher and had to call them to give me the credit?


Waited on line for 2 hrs at the local kosher grocer. I definitely chose the wrong line…


seems till 2am ET

The number of registrations is limited. Registration opens at 12:00 A.M. MST (“Mountain Standard Time”) on Nov 16,
2014 and will continue until 11:59 P.M. MST on Nov 29, 2014, unless the registration limit is reached sooner.

from amex :


emporio cedarhurst – 14 cards 42 swipes for some reason 47 emails I think for when he swiped a scecond time if the first did not go through

new suit & ties for free 🙂


Los Angeles grocery 300.00


Hi,@Dans does not getting a confirmation email at all mean something?
Could it follow up?
Tnx! For the info till here!


Judaica World
1 hour line
bought Seforim
Keyed in 6 cards
each swipe was different amounts (10.1, 10.2 etc.)
got confirmation emails immediately


700 cards swiped! Brand new Hyundai!!! 😉


By the way I was kidding about the Hyundai. Nowhere close. Maybe next year 😉


the girl in front of me only had one card, and only swiped once. does anyone know how to spell “looser”???? or is it loser??? lol


Sqaure is no good See T &E 5
Transactions will not quqlify if it is not made directly with merchant … electronic Wallet or “through a third party” (means an aggregator like Square)or if merchant uses a mobile wireless card reader to process it.
Pretty clear Square doesn’t qualify, for more than one reason.


can someone explain to me plz how someone has 40-50 amex cards? my knowledge is you need to attach a ss number to each card.


Lunch at my favorite restaurant with 20 cards. Told the server I wanted $600 gift card but to ring each card for $10 3x. Said could only use 4 different cards per gift card. Had her ring up 15 gift cards with $40 on each for a total of $600 while we ate lunch……told her I’d give her a big tip for her trouble. Luckily it was close to 2pm and the restaurant was not as busy. She was very happy with her $40 tip.


Still working at 12:51am EST in the EST time zone…


@arif maskim. dan “the rebbe” how many did you swipe?
27 swipes equals one blazer and one pants from emporio plus a 10$ credit at the french press. dan u da man thanks for everything

not-angry bird

my eichlers charges just showed up as pending and i got emails from Amex- thanks danny boy


@bklyn there is over 300 million legal SS # in America…


9 cards, 27 swipes… Thanks Dan and AmEx.

Prediction: AmEx will limit next year’s to primary cards only.


@Y so u say they have their whole extended family’s ss #


Its chofetz chaim in la


@not-angry bird:

anything to do online? I have few more cards left and and it is already 1am EST


The can’t probably since each additional card has a different number..
And the are doing it you should buy to boost small biz..


They say now that you can’t register more cards becouse the limit have reached already !


@adina: You are already worried, and you should worry.


@RF: I think they’ll give $10 off a min. $20 purchase from all cards… other opinions?


U can add an additional user more than once


They have a limitt set in place why would they change anything???


Of course they can.

The intention is to get people into stores. Not to provide oodles of free cash. Hence the $30 limit. And probably further limits when they run this year’s numbers and tally how many people gamed this.


Where did you shop? BBQ restaurant
How long were the lines? No lines – Waiter brought out the manager and was open to whatever I wanted.
Did you do a physical swipe or a keyed in transaction? physical swipe
Did you shop at a small business on the map or a small business not on the map? It was on the map
Did you buy a gift card or actual merchandise? Actual merchandise of $190 in BBQ food take-out

I had the person run 10, 10.01, and 10.02. I got confirmation email for each transaction: GOLD, Blue Business, Plat Deta, Gold Deta, 2 Bluebird. Gave the guy a tip with one of the cards.


@RF who gives cash?
It’s store credit that’s eventually spend.
That the purpose.


@Joseph: yes, I did 3 transactions and got confirmations on all


@simcha more then once? u saying I can add the same add user over and over?


18 cards total.
12 at grocery store
6 at wine store
Got store credit for all.
Bluebirds only had $30 loaded in them. So I couldn’t do different amounts.
Initially failed to repeat $10 charge.
Owner of wine store persevered and figured out how to force it through by keying in the card.
When there’s a will, There’s a way!
Thanks Amex for sponsoring shabbos for a while!
Thanks dan for making it easy for all of us to sift through these deals.
Thank you H’ for providing modern day “Mann” from the heavens!


Swiped 24 swipes. For 25 emails. How does that work


How long was the longest someone waited at the lakewood gift card registry?
I heard the wait was for hours… Jst curious.


@Yoeli: didn’t get 2 emails confirmation….


Spent 1.5 hours in line at a grocery store in Monsey with about 20 cards. A guy ahead of me had about 50 cards. Pain in the neck, but shouldn’t complain. Thank you Amex, Monsey grocery store and Dan 🙂 I am good for a couple of shopping trips.


i think amex should release statistics of where SBS was utilized according to zip code, brooklyn would occupy the top 10 at least!


@bklyn: Yes.


anyone know a place in vegas open now or online retailer i can key another card i missed? PLEASE!!


Obrigado Dan!
I swiped 160 cards…….
How do I remove au from my cr? Just by closing the card or more action is necessary ?


As a Small Business Owner, I just want to say thank to Dan for educating so many people about SBS. BH we had to key in almost 500 cards x3 plus all the ones that were swiped in store.


Swiped: 28 cards times 3 times at
Berman Judaica 5 towns crazy line
Mortons sporting goods
Hat store for my wife
Stop chop and roll gift cards
Sushi fusion qns gc
Seasons queens gc
Bagel boss Hewlett
Got 28 emails .,, pg 840.00 in free goodies .

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf on a small business. Thanks Dan for educating the oilem. The people were out en masse tonight. BP Streets were packed.



I doubt it. If the limit wasn’t reached until 11 why would they change anything? On the contrary. One year they only have ten but their marketing team must have figured out that this is a good investment. Believe me every person that was shopping tonight that didn’t have an amex and look on in sheet amusement is going to have an amex next week! And the amount of stores will double. The situation in BP was crazy but I couldn’t find a stroller store open! Any stroller store in bp that’s open next year will have Bugaboo’s flying out the window. All i wanted was a maclaren for my wife. Too bad I gave it to the grocery and I’ll buy the carriage with the savings.



@Happy Thanksgiving:

My pleasure guys, happy to hear that SBS was such an amazing success for everyone.


BTW anyone got confirmation emails after toys for u BP?






I’ve a question- we have 2 Macy’s Amex cards, went to 3 stores, and by all 3 they said the transaction failed when they swiped. The cards were successfully registered on the sns site. Is that normal? It’s too late now to do anything but it was frustrating to be denied 3x.


ok frustrated and giving up… thanks Dan for all that was had tonight

Yidel's Fresh Food Station

Thanx to all our customers and thanx to @dan for educating us and our customers how to play this game.
it was a pleasure.
we didn’t have a lot of cards at a time. The moat was about 153 cards.
The swipes went pretty easy and fast.
see ya all next year.


@Dan: Hey Dan, I swiped 8 cards at 11:30 PM in LA, do you think I will still get the credit?


glad i was able to help someone! i did ok but too tired to bother with bluebird guess i’m not a true dder

Sushi Restaurant

Today was a good business day. Had a bunch of customers walking in with AMEXes requesting gift cards and requested each card 3x for $10 each. Most customers had on average 1-3 cards. One dude brought in 217 AMEXes!!!! Most likely the dude is going to get sick of sushi that he ain’t gonna use all the $6,500 he got in restaurant credit. How on earth did someone get this many? Anyways, that’s about $196 in swipe fees from AMEX, but it’s good for our bottom line cause we get to invest in $6300 and there’s a 99.999% chance he won’t use all his GCs, or anywhere close to it. Win for my business


57 swipes on 19 cards… first time doing this. First I was too shy to ask for spit transactions but as day wore on, I was on a roll. Got confirmation email on all. Thanks Dan and Amex. It was a very good experience for our family… even for my wife who still thinks I am crazy 🙂


@Judah: no


What appalling abuse of the SBS program. Why is it so many frum Jews are the culprits? And to all those trying to convince yourself and others that AMEX is fine with this and they crunched the numbers etc. etc.-you’ll never be honest with others because you’re not being honest Witt yourselves. Use a bit of common sense and you’ll realize how ridiculous that sounds. People are just so blinded by a few extra bucks they can’t see the obvious truth staring them in the face. There’s no doubt this kind of brazen abuse makes AMEX think twice about what they’re doing.


went to mountn frt in midwood .. nice line .. 10 10 10 no 10.01 .. I have the feeling amex wont be sponsoring 5 moths worth of peoples grocery next year .. the guy behind me came in with 33 cards


Got 12 confirmation emails, sent a list to Emporio in Lakewood with 4 cards

Not Dan

@Moshe: Yes


Amazing gift last night. Thanks DAN!


@doivid: Lakewood would top the first place!


OK, so the store I used checked beforehand, and was told they ARE participating…but I didn’t get any confirmation emails.

Should I wait a couple of days to see if I get the credit anyway?

What’s the best way to contact AMEX – phone or chat? And what’s the best way to avoid questions, considering the large number of $10 charges? 😉


Would love to hear who did the most swipes. Dan can we get a number ?


OK, so AMEX rep online said it should be fine once the charges post (they’re now pending).

Does that make any sense?


@barry: To Barry, making fun of someone for only using ‘one card’? Exactly what part of your comment do you think is consistent with the ‘virtues’ espoused by the Jewish faith.

Perhaps the ‘loser’ in front of you has a ‘real job’ and is not gaming the system, like you are, in blatant contradiction of every value you ‘supposedly’ live for.

Barry, the word is ‘loser’…just in case you really needed to know. Though, it seems like you ought to be quite familiar with this word.


@please help

Relax! One card it’s 30 dollars. Calm down. . .

Thanks Amex for this offer. Got my whole family to sign up for Amex cards they love it already!! Said they are done with Chase.


Thank you so much!!! We swiped 8 cards and we’re getting a free stroller :)!


thanks Dan for all your help 15 cards credit @ grocer; needed stuff @ the Houseware store and the Jewish Book store Thanks again


@bsimcha: Zeech dan spam phfolder …


Had a good time in Crown Heights with my one AmEx card, getting a free menorah, free sushi, and a free $10 gift card to Chocolatte. Barry I might have been the “loser” in line ahead of you who didn’t have 40 cards, but eizehu ashir…!


Eichler’s in flatbush had 10 Registers Running there was no wait for Gift Cards. was the best organized store i saw!


i swiped 8 cards ($240) at a local small business that processed them through amazon local register. I didnt get any emails on those cards. Is there a chance I’ll get credit for those?



Time for another honeymoon trip part II?


I just lost so much $$ by not having any amex card at all. :(.

מי שטרח בערב שבת


polo assn didn’t want to swipe 5 cards in one $50+ order. They said corporate would question it and that for each $10 transaction, they would get dinged for .78cents. I was ready to purchase $110 worth of merchandise plus tax..,in the end I spent $20, two transactions and they lost $90+ tax worth of sales bc they didn’t want to get dinged $8 in fees. Guess what? The clothes they’re importing is from third world countries and cost them next to nothing…Oh well their loss.

As an example, I was trying to purchase a $20 polo shirt. Cost to manufacture? Import?…multiply by 5 or 6…in 15 mins worth of the cashiers time…I’m pretty sure, they’re still making 50% profit if not more.

Oh well, I spent a total of $150 yesterday from a possible $330. I started late bc I was out of town and I had to rush to the places I wanted to go. I’ll be ready next year!


New brakes for car
Couple hours of fun at top golf
Dinner at local restaurant
Ice cream afterwards

Great, free day! Thanks Amex!!!!


Did anyone hear about large buisness sunday !
Sponsored by Targrt/walmart? Jan.?
Can anyone confirm this


@worried: well the lack of email is not indicative but we should read the terms about amazon processing I would also be worried but I have to look over the script first . Was the merchant confident it’ll work?


@Jessica: where did u get brakes ?!


Still no email confirmation, is.that an.indication. won’t get.the credt ?


i gave in my card #’s and info. on Friday to a local store here in lakewood, they said it’s not a problem. when i called today to see why i didn’t get any confirmation emails, they said they’re really sorry but couldn’t process abt. 150 ppls. cards as they ran out of time. they were swiping from 6-2am with 4 ppl.ONLY and couldn’t finish! i am FURIOUS as i would’ve gone elsewhere with the 100+ dollars it was worth. they claim they will have to figure something out to make everyone happy over the next few days… i guess i’ll have to wait and see what happens… not a good feeling at all!!!!!


Was not able to sign up all cards online yesterday but was able to do so via the phone. Those signed up via the phone did not get acknowledgement of purchase cash back like earlier cards signed up via the website. No matter.

Went to a Chinese restaurant that had $5.00 Р$6.50 lunch specials including soup, entr̩e and pork fried rice. 6 cards yielded 12 dishes plus same number of soups. OOP cost with tax approximately $7.00!!

Went to local coffee emporium and received 6 bags of approximately 1.25 lbs each of flavored coffees all FREE having used 6 cards.

Spread charges for lunch and dinner amongst the 6 cards to get 2 lunches and beer and a coupon at a local German restaurant for approximately $10.00 and $5.00 OOP dinner at a local Cuban restaurant for take-out garnering 2 entrees and 3 Cuban/tropical milkshakes!

Thanx Dan!


For those that have not received their AMEX confirmation emails, please check your SPAM folder.

BUT, after receiving all your AMEX confirmation emails, has anyone checked their offers in their AMEX account under their offers and see that the small business is EXPIRED instead of REDEEMED? I am sure this affects a large number of people and hope that this is not a sleazy AMEX tactic of getting out of many of the credits … go check it out and you’ll see … Comments anyone?


Over 9000 swipes in Lakewood NPGS last night!
Some people had over 250 cards!


Try to sign up three different American Express cards but was unable to do more than one. when I tried to register the others, Amex told me I was already registered and couldn’t register the other two cards.

What did I do wrong??


@ Marty: all of our Amex accounts also say ‘expired’. I hope that is not a problem. I am hoping that it is just because all of our payments are still pending. I did get emails for each payment. We’ll see what happens…


I had to choose between jumping around different merchants, or going to one place and having them do all my swipes. I chose a restaurant I really like, and it is also part of AA dine portal. Also, I was targeted for a recent promo, spend $40 ten times, get 10K. So I asked merchant to get me $40 gift cards, swipe $10 x 4 for each gift card. She was a real sport, and did this repeatedly, many, many times. Now I have a lot of gift cards for this place. I will have to wait and see if AA dine portal gives me credit.

The only dumb thing I did was not leave $30 on my blue bird. I had drained it and can’t load more for November.


@Chani: chan, I and all other sure hope you are right …


Went to Hosiery Planet in Passaic – they were so nice and patient with everyone! Got the confirmation email on all three swipes!Thanks for keeping us updated.


I already got one of my credit. It posted yesterday


Weird – I got emails for all 33 transactions – however received 5 $10 credits yesterday and 1 today – random….


no credits yet – 51 transactions & got email confirms for all & they all posted.

Lat year got credit same day as posting ?????

anyone get credit yet from Emporio or seasons queens


hi thanks for all the sbs info!
question for you:
registered my serve and bluebird cards and made purchases at small businesses. any idea why only got 2 out of 12 confirmations? and didn’t see any credits yet?
what would you suggest? should I call them and ask? is it better to wait and see? please advise…


Anyone has any advice ?

Mrs L

I arranged to use my cards with a frum out of ny business. I received an email from the store a few hours ago saying two of my cards did not go through. Has anyone had this experience or tried to rectify it with Amex ? Didn’t the store have the obligation to put all the cards through and make sure they went through ? It feels unfair to be told 2 days later that I’ve lost $60 in credits.


Has anyone actually received their refund(s) yet? Amex says “within 90 days,” but I wanna know tachlis when I will likely get it


ALL, AMEX CREDITS ALL CAME IN. THANK YOU AMEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well

20 cards not swiped only keyed in 1 card swiped only one credit:{


@oh well:
Worked for me.
Credit can take longer than a few days.

Judith H

I just received my 6 credits for my 2 cards. Wished I had remembered to bring in the other 2 cards.

thanks dan!

we sent all our 21 CC #’s to suit central. enough for three borsalino hats for the men in the house!!

Dale M

All posted for me and the Mrs. 15 cards, 45 swipes at my favorite wine shop. Nice to have a friend at a wine shop! All have posted, even the Citi AA AMEX.


Take a look here to see how AMEX run their Small Business promotion in the UK:

No free money, you have to spend to get something back and only one credit per merchant.


That’s how it works in most foreign countries.


Finally got my SBS credits on 2/4/15! Took awhile, but got it on 4 cards, 3x$10 transactions each, all at the same store. Glad I don’t have to contest it 🙂