Small Business Saturday Credits Have Posted!


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All of my SBS credits (yes, including keyed-in entries, multiple $10 swipes, swipes after 12am EST but before 12am MST, Serve, and multiple swipes in the same store, for all of you naysayers 😉 ) have posted!  Quite the 30th birthday present from AMEX 😀

If your credit credits haven’t posted yet, just sit tight. Officially it can take up to 90 days for them to post and it can also depend if the store you made the purchases in has batched out their purchases yet.

Here’s looking forward to year 6 of SBS next year!

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Yup! Same Here B”H!

Happy Thanksgiving

Swiped mine 1am EST heres hoping the 1mst is in fact correct for est people



I swiped 4 cards in one store (confirmed online that they’re indeed registered), didn’t get any emails, and no credit posted so far.
Swiped my 5th card in another store, got an email right a way, and I’m already seeing the credit. Anyone else had this?


@Happy Thanksgiving:
Worked for me.

Last year it really did take up to 90 days from some stores.


Most of mine posted. Except for the ones swiped after 12:00 EST. What about what people were saying that it’ll work until 11:59 MST?

2. Ever since SBS, when I call into Amex, my calls are rerouted to credit dep’t, telling me that it’s closed but a certain dep’t wants to speak to me. Is this FR???

Happy Thanksgiving

12 mst i meant


I have a Fidelity amex card and those credits have not yet posted. All the others have. Am I out of luck?


All my credits posted too. (2 Amex 1 Serve, all keyed-in)
I used the ad for Miami Beach Chocolate.

Thank man!


Me too 😉

Jack Smith

For Fidelity and Penfed AMEX no postings yet.


Thanks, Dan. But I never got any email confirmations, and that what worries me.


Interesting… I see credits for all transactions listing the cleared date as the 29th, any transaction showing as the 30th appears to not have credited (doesn’t mean that it won’t at a later date).

Anyone else seeing this?


Dan. Bottom line. How many?

Jack Smith

Also for Serve Cards, no posting yet. All others AMEX Cards are posted.



most of mine posted today as well, but it looks like some of the purchases are marked as 11/30 when i log in to amex, despite the purchases being made before midnight EST on 11/29 (by a margin of at least 15 minutes or so), and those credits don’t seem to have posted

do you think that will that get ironed out on its own or do i need to contact them to get it fixed?


Dan, allow me 2 questions please ,Altough it’s not related to this post ,but I posted it under your Amex offer post,but didn’t got an answer .
1. How do I create/register an accoun to secondary credit cards seperetlly then my primary cards ?
2. Those offers what I get with the twitter synco are different then offers targeted diractly into my account ?
I used already my 15$ cash back on Amazon ,witch was targeted diractly ,will I get it again via twitter ?

Jack Smith

Actuall for Serve, I take it back. It is posted.

David R

Dan, how much did you get credited between all your cards?


Got all my credits as well… Thanks Dan!


all of mine posted except the ones for Great Kosher Restaurants. Anyone else have issues with that?


Did not get confirmation email for my serve swipes but still received the credits


Dan did your serve cards post? Cuz mine all posted but the serve card


I got confirmations on all my cards. Ive got one $10 credit on one out of five cards

,akir tovah

DaBomb – Same here!


Mine are all posted and this was the first year I participated in it.


פאר מיר האבען זיי געזאגט אז ביז שבת וועל איך זעהן די קרעדיט


I made a few charges at 12:40am EST but they posted as 11/29 on my account and have already credited.

Allow 90 days.


@Jack Smith:
90 days.

They’ll just say to wait the full 90 days.

1. New login.
2. No.

@David R:

90 days.



But still not all back…
even they posted at the 29th…


Help! All of the Hamatifz in CH charges were posted on Nuvember 30 – one day late!


Dan, … Cuz i want to close down my serve to get the redcard but I’m waiting for it to post. If I cancled my account would they send me credit in the mail or something? Thanx dan

Makir Tovah


Same here!


all my cards posted today 🙂
got myself a nice bottle of scotch i would probably never had paid $120 for. Dan when you coming to NY for Fahbregen 🙂


curious the highest amount of cards used you have seen?


May still credit automatically, allow 90 days.
After that you can get it manually credited.

I’d wait.
My wife’s serve already posted, switching it now to Redcard.

Was just there for the kinus shabbos 😀

Is there a point to these questions?
What is gained by all of the bragging and the pictures exactly?


DaBomb and akir tovah,

I got the same thing. the 29th posted ones got credited but the ones posted the 30th didn’t. The 30th ones were charged on the 29th and pending on the 29th?????


Thanks Dan mine just posted too! Paying the credit I got to pay bill , wait for it to post then Switching to redbird!


Swiped my serve a bit after 12 mst but before 12 past and they were pending as 30th but posted as 29th, and credit posted!


Don’t need to wait for it to post.
I paid a CC bill and then cancelled right away without issue.

Yup, my 30th posted as 29th.


@Dan: what about Wells Fargo Propel Amex…should that also post automatically and I just have to give it 90 days?


@Dan – the purpose of the question is education. I see constantly comments saying the crazy deals or benefits from the experience of SBS. It would also be good to understand how many accounts people truly have to make it feel safe to keep applying with the same address.



Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Just see the AMEX Old Blue Cash thread on DDF.

There’s no need to take everything to an extreme.


but 19 Kislev is coming up next week 🙂
but thanks again for all your help in letting us fly and stay in hotels for “free”


The 29 transactions were posted credits against them, however the charges that settles in the 30th batch I didn’t receive the credits, these charges that settled on the 30th were processed 11:45 pm


This is just the first round of credits.
Keep checking over the next 90 days, otherwise you can request manual credit.

mendy from lakewood

12 swipes and all credits were posted!!!!!


@Dan: Ok thanks Dan as always👍😀

A Reader

Thought you got rid of your serve in favor of target redcard? So how did you get credit for it?


Dan how much money did you make from SBS credit?


all 27 credits posted for me. With 4 of them being through the paypal app on my phone


All bluebird credits posted today!! Dans the man!!!


Interestingly all my personal card have credited but not the biz cards
Yet. Also the ones dated the 29th yes but not the ones dated the 30th.


Processed all transactions before 10:30 PM CST on 29th but some of them are showing as processed as 30th.

As Dan says hope they get added soon else will need to get them manually added as I received automated mails when transactions were swiped that day.


@A Reader:
See comment 34.

See comment 27 and 34.


Got everything from Business, personal,serve including subaccounts from swiping at Seasons & Emporio-

The only one I did not get yet is Wells Fargo AMEX.

Has anyone received the credits for non AMEX cards that are just branded with AMEX?


@dan couldn’t agree more with comment 34 @question. Just enjoy SBS.


All posted except the three from my Macy’s AMEX card.


my amex cards all posted. personal and business. my citi amex card did not post yet.



They take more time. Don’t sweat it.


Thanks for your help in Ungers!


What about cards processed with square? i know of someone who received a confirmation email when using square, yet has not receved any credits


All of my cards posted credits b”h. Even those that were charged after 12am EST.

Thank you Dan for helping so many people get quite a huge Chanukah present. Quite a Zchus.

You’re the best!


charges posted the 29th was credited but the ones posted as the 30th i didnt get a credit would i be able to request the credits for all AU and all accounts on one phone call ? 🙁


My pleasure.

90 days.


They’re just going to say wait 90 days before calling.


All of mine posted all at same vendor 24 gift cards for 10! Thanks Amex

bored at work

got everything back except my blue birds… is that gonna take the 90 days?


My question is after the 90 days will i be able to request the credits for all AU and all accounts on one phone call ?, I dont think its will post automatically


Weird but my Amex Macy’s card didnt even post the charge…. Anyone have that?


My 2 amex blue cards were credited but my macys amex posted the charge but not the credit..


Yes, you can do it in one call.

Like I said, those take more time for everything.


in fact the macys one has the charges posted on 11/30


Ultimately what will happen with my charges that didn’t post until the 30th. I got email’s for each of my 42 transactions but only received credit for 22. The other 20 were done around 11:30 pm mst. Should I wait a while longer or get proactive and call AMEX? Thanks.


Bye Bye Serve…


@Dan: can you send me that link – thanks


@bingo: I was replying to comment 41

Xiao liu

One of my cards says the offered expired instead of redeemed. Anyone experience this and still got the credit? Other cards used at the same store all says redeemed.


if I close down credit card before it post will it still post


Dan, honest opinion: do you think Amex will run this or a similar promotion next year? Do you think they will limit it to primary account holder or a maximum number of AU’s? They only offer it to AU’s so more people can use it. With all the “abuse” going on, will some restrictions be enacted? I’m aware you have no idea what Amex will do, just would value your opinion. Thanks for everything!


Amex zichur has a zichus in all the torah learning of sforim that were bought because of SBS.

Appreciate it!

Thanks Dan for letting us know about how to add additional users (including ourselves!) Thank G-d most of my credits posted already (swipes and key ins) all but 3 from 2 different stores who seem to have sent the batch in the next day. I think next year I should inform the owner that the batch needs to be sent in that night. Regardless I’ll wait. Just wanted to say a massive thank you in the name of many of my family members who will thankfully not have to worry about grocery bills and other random bills for a few months! Thank you for all that you do.


Dan so why should I sync to my twitter account if it’s the same at the diract offers?


Not sure if this has been answered but what is best to do with my secondary cards now. Do I cut up and re do next year? Do I keep in drawer and save? Do I have to use them every so often? Can they hurt my credit just keeping them without using at all until next year ?


Dan does being an A/U on someones Amex card help the credit to eventually get a credit card alone like a freedom card? or chase doesn’t care about Amex


For all those who are showing the 30th as the transaction date even though you charge was done on the 29th its has nothing to do when the batch close

The batch close is something between the merchant with the bank this is a message to the bank to deposit the money

The reason why some merchants Show a transaction date as the 30th has to do with the way the terminal is setup when a transaction is processed after a specific hour late at night


Is there a point to these questions?
What is gained by all of the bragging and the pictures exactly?”

Says Dan, the guy who posted a photo of 30+ amexes he received…


I’d just wait, but do what you want.

Don’t see why this year is different than the past 5 years.

Easier to register secondary cards that way.

You can keep them in a drawer if you want.

Is a social attached?

That wasn’t to brag.
That was to show that you can add 30 cards in your own name and own SSN without issue.


I’m almost sure yes it was more than a year ago, it shows on credit report: Responsibility: Authorized user, and on credit report shows everything good just not a card alone yet only a store card two months about, thanks.


I don’t wanna sound repetitive but I have no time to read all the posts— I made 6 swipes at same business with emails all coming right away, but only 1 of 6 credits posted. Is that a worry?


Amex sure created an advertisement for itself with SBS. Yesterday, I tried to daven in 770 and a guy kept talking really loud about how Amex is the best card and SBS is the wonder of the world. It was quite difficult to hear the sha”tz.


did the resturants gc swipes.Did anyone have that posted from there?


This is an unsolicited public THANK YOU to Eichlers of Boro Park. No doubt because of the pressure on Motzei Shabbos 11/29, they messed up two of my SBS debits for $10.01 and $10.02 by double debiting one of my cards. I pointed it out to them and asked them to credit my AMEX card. This was their reply:

Hi, I will refund your card in the amount of $20.03
and I will leave the store credit on your account since it’s an error on our part.

Thank you and have a great day.


I got a credit on my serve card


Is there anyone on this website that had their charge “post” on the 30th and already received a credit?


@Xiao liu:

My offer says expired as well, and I got the credit.


My amax bluebird Just posted 3x $10 Credit!


All posted except citi Amex. I’ll be patient with that one. Thanks for everything Dan. Enjoy the chocolate!

david grant

None of mine at seem to have have credited and my amex personal banking site says offer expired….Yet it was listed on the participating sites list on your forum…Any ideas?


“That wasn’t to brag.
That was to show that you can add 30 cards in your own name and own SSN without issue.”
Then what about the times u post pics of staple rebates? OfficeMax runs? All your credit cards laid out?

It’s kinda disingenuous to admonish someone for the same thing you do. We r all enthusiasts looking to share.

I’m a DansDeals disciple through and through, but cmon


Trust me, if I wanted to brag I would. If you know me you know that’s not who I am at all.

The point of any of those is to show people what’s entirely possible for them to do as well. And I know it’s worked based on feedback from people it inspired to do the same…


Attn: anonymous

Why don’t you go somewhere else to post your stupid public rebuke on the one who owns the site… You have some chutzpah…


I got credited automatically for all but $20, so I called asking if they could credit the rest manually. They responded they couldn’t until 90 days, but gave me 3000 starpoints for the inconvenience!

jack s

I got the credits those did 35 cards and they closed all my cards


@jack s:
Some more information please?


I bought 10$ gift cards from , I haven’t received anything yet. Should I be worried ?


Got almost all credits besides from one store. My additional bluebird card didn’t post the credit kind of weird cause swiped both bluebird in same store same time. Anyone experienced same?


@Yaakov: no, but i called amex who said they would note the account and credit me within 90 days


thank you once again for all your help all 15 of my cards got credited. got a nice amount of stuff


to all those still worrying:
I have many charges processed by square, listed as 11/30 which did not post credits yet
when I look under the “offers>my savings” tab, it’s listed there as $10×3 savings via square 11/29

so I’m pretty confident it will post automatically in a matter of days


@Dan If I add 20 Au’s with my own name on line on 3 different cards, would it hurt my credit report when it shows that I am an Au on 60 cards?!?


Thanks Dan got them all..



Why is it “thanks Dan” shouldn’t you be thanking AMEX for the bonus??


Just got my credit on macys amex. Says dining promo ny dunno y


I got 18 out of 24 credits. Not sure why the remaining 6 did not post but will keep watching it. All the charges have showed up and I got the confirmation emails.


@Anonymous: Do I have to do the same or will my account also be credited?


My citi amex credits just got posted this morning which makes sbs over for me for 2014. Thanks again for all that you do for us. Please don’t let the idiots that post narishkeit upset you (especially cowards under anonymous). As a whole loyal ddf’ers are very appreciative of everything that you do.


Two years ago, I received my $25 credit for SBS on my citi AA amex, 6 months later, yes, in May. So not to worry, sooner, or later, it will post.


Re: Comment 79

All my CC’s were processed by someone who sent in the batch the next day, nevertheless they were all credited on Dec. 2nd, so it has nothing to do with when it was batched.


did any one get credits for keyed in db electronics in lakewood transactions


The rest of my credits were just processed

Dan the best

B”h my cards which posted on the 30th I got credit today

@ wondering

yes mine have posted even ones keyed in on 30th good luck


All my square credits just posted. only thing pending is credits.


Mine posted! They were ones that went through on the 30th.

Great way to give tzedakah, thanks Dan – you get part of the credit!