Rumors Of The Demise Of AMEX Offers Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Update: There are conflicting reports regarding offers that were added today, such as $5 off $25 at Staples. Some users have been able to save them to multiple cards, but most users are reporting that offers released today don’t work in either interface. 

The internets are abuzz today that you can no longer save AMEX Offers on more than one AMEX card.

You can find a roundup of great AMEX Offers in this post.

I just used my trusty old AMEX Interface link that I saved long ago and it still worked just fine. I did the same thing I’ve been doing for years. I opened up the old interface Offers page for each card in a separate tab within the same Chrome browser on my desktop.  Then I went between the tabs to save the same offer to each of my cards.

I logged out and back in again multiple times and the offers are still saved to each card.

I tried it in the new interface, and sure enough that offer disappeared except for the first card I saved it to.

Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, I tried it with the old interface on my wife’s accounts and was able to save the same offer to multiple cards.

I’m sure this won’t last forever, but I’m sure not ready to call the time of death yet.

Is my method still working for you?

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Dan, Have you hired the fired daily news writers to come up with your headlines? You’ve been nailing it lately!


I’ve been using the new interface to add offers to multiple cards, which worked just fine until today. But that seem dead as of today.


I just did it right now with the new interface and it worked (did it for the Shutterfly offer on two cards in two windows of chrome, logged out, logged back in, see it saved under both cards…)

My mann

Some are saying now offers addded today are not working with this trick…offers that came available August 1st.


Even if it’s working with old link for sometime but it is still dead since it is apparently their policy now. They can just deny the offer on multiple cards because it was an error in old system and they no longer want to honor it


What about the theory that it might be offer specific? The Staples offer seems to be the one not working while there are reports that the Mcafee offer works fine with the MTM


Hi Dan, I just tried to add the Staples $5 off $25 in-store purchase to multiple cards, and i got the message that I was already enrolled in the offer. This was using the OLD interface!!! I have a screenshot of it:)


didnt work for me on the old interface


Which internets?


What makes you think the old interface won’t be their next target?

Mark Ostermann

Doesn’t work on new offers. Peninsula, Quick Trip, and Staples. Only works on older offers.


same here


Does it work if they are in separate accounts? If so, why cant everyone just create a new log in per card?


Dan, doesn’t work with old interface. “Sorry about that! The offer you selected is currently unavailable. Please try again” only work on one card to which it was saved at the last.


Seems like it’s time to make a new login for each of my cards

Mark Ostermann

That is also being reported as dead


been able to do it in past with old interface, just tried it now with the staples offer and it didn’t work.


No way to get it done with separate logins anymore right?


with the old interface:

$5 back STAPLESRETAIL//Spend $25 or more, get $5 back

Sorry about that!
The offer you selected is currently unavailable.
Please try again.



at least let the (single) offier be saved across all cards, so you don’t have to remember bedavka which card you saved it to.


Hey, even if it works who says you’ll get the credit??


Used old interface. 2 tabs opened to offers. Clicked on Staples on 1st tab – Success. Then clicked on Staples for 2nd tab and got, “Sorry about that!
The offer you selected is currently unavailable.
Please try again.”


So long extra Amex cards with no value besides offers!


i used the old login url with multiple tabs and it’s not working for me. looks completely dead from all angles.




hey dan can authorized users on my amex everyday card also get the same offers as I do?


I tried the old interface 5 minutes ago and got immediate message Sorry, Offer not Available as soon as I added it to the first card and switched to the next Tab.


I have separate accounts for all my additional AMEX cards.

I just accepted the staples offer (Spend $25 or more, get $5 back Staples EXPIRES 8/31/2018) on the main card and 2 additional cards.

While it might take more time to accept the AMEX offers, it just worked for me.

And as always. TY DAN!!!!!


If you have multiple aus all with legit names and ss#s, each au having a separate login, will you be able to save an ao on each of the au’s logins if you already saved it on yours (primary card holder)?

Chaim Ber Hakohen Finkelvogen

My findings:

Amex offers across cards are dead.

I tried 50 different logins, one per AU. I had my script run one offer and only 7 out of 5 managed to stick, It seems that only the ones that were the exact same time. Each card was attempted with a different IP.

Which means that unless you have each login open to the offer you wont be able to add it once another au used the offer.

Only way to add to multiple cards would be to have tons of chrome instances and in each one open another login and then click each one..

It would be nice if they changed it that if one cards accepts offer it gets added to all cards, but nice dreaming…


I’m in 3 player mode with plenty of cross-AU. I used the multiple tab trick using different browser for each player. I loaded the Staples offer to at least 7 cards for each user. Offer said it was added and showed up on added tabs. Just logged in now to find it’s only on 1 card per player.

I loaded the recent Starbucks offers to nearly every card and used them successfully. Many cards even had a 10% and 15% offer on them and they stacked.

If this is dead I will be looking to give up Gold cards, although the $100 annual credit and a few Amex offers could possibly overcome the $195 annual fee, seeing that retention offers are usually every other year.


Well this sucks – the only benefit is my stack of cards will get quite a bit smaller once I get rid of all my Amex AUs


I was able to add multiple tabs however when logged back in it was removed from all except 1


I was also able to add it to multiple cards, but when I log in again, it shows as only being added to one card.


Multi-tab trick using old interface worked for me yesterday. Today, when I log into the AMEX site using the old interface link I am taken to the new interface. Looks like they are slowing plugging all the holes.


Correction: though the pages look like the new interface, I was still able to save the new Quiktrip offer to all three cards on one log-in today using multiple tabs and the old interface log-in page.