Roundup Of New Targeted And Non-Targeted AMEX Offers


Update: Several offers are expiring on 12/31, take advantage of them now before it’s too late!

If you already registered for the Airbnb offer or BestBuy offer, you’ll need to use those by 12/31 as well.

Originally posted on 12/01:

While none of the primary or secondary cards in my name had the targeted $15 off $35 WalMart offer described below, lots of my secondary cards registered for their own logins had the offer. Always be sure to check all of your cards and logins for offers. And be sure to register all of your secondary cards for online access so that you don’t miss out on valuable offers!

And don’t forget to take advantage of offers that are no longer available if you saved them to your cards in the past.

Those include $15 off $60 at Amazon, $50 off $100 at Airbnb, $20 off $199 at Best Buy, $10 off $20 at Uber, $10 off $60 at Whole Foods, and more!

1. AMEX Twitter (non-targeted) offers:

Signup for Twitter and you can save money with AMEX.

All you have to do is sync your American Express card with your twitter account to save money at rotating stores.

Then tweet the codes listed below to enroll, so for example just write #AmexUCT and then click tweet. Then wait a minute and you should have a message in your notifications bar that you have successfully enrolled along with the offer terms.

In the image below you can see where to write the tweet and where to check for the confirmation.



You can register all of your primary and secondary AMEX cards on Twitter, it just entails either: Unsyncing and resyncing cards via this link or making a Twitter account for each card. If you do unsync and resync multiple cards on the same Twitter account you must change the tweet slightly each time like:
#AmexUCT 1
#AmexUCT 2
And so on.

When resyncing there is no need to fill out your billing address, just fill out the first half of the form with your name, email, and your credit card number. You can skip the optional fields asking for your billing address, card expiration, and the 4 digit code. You can use the same email address for all of your cards.

Forgot which card you registered? Just unsync and resync.

You can even bulk tweet for all of your cards with multiple Twitter accounts via TweetDeck.

Offers valid once per card:

-Tweet #AmexBliss, get $20 back on $75+ on through 12/21. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexDD, get $5 back on $10+ on or in-store through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexSA, get $10 back on $50+ on or in-store through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexEmbassy, get $50 back on $250+ on Embassy Suites through 12/21. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexColeHaan get $50 back on a total of $200+ from Cole Haan through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexToysRUs, get $5 back on $25+ at & through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexCartersOKB, get $5 back on a total of $25+ on purchases from or through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexNewegg, get $25 back on a total of $200+ on purchases from through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexDiapers, get $10 back on $50+ on purchases from Quidsi Brand stores like through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexSurLaTable, get $10 back on $50+ on through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexSamsonite, get $30 back on $150+ on through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexTHEOUTNET, get $50 back on $250+ on through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexUCT, get $30 back on $150+ on purchases from through 12/31. Terms.
Note: Get $30 off already discounted Disney, Universal, Legoland, and SeaWorld tickets with this offer. Purchase each ticket on a separate card to save even more!

-Tweet #AmexJCP, get $10 back on $50+ on or in-store through 12/31. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexHampton, get $35 back on $175+ on Hampton by Hilton through 01/18. Terms.

-Tweet #AmexBoxed get $15 back on $75+ at through 01/31. Terms. Plus save an additional $10 off with code: 539U3

-Tweet #AmexJetsetter, get $20 back on $100+ on through 01/31. Terms.

Find more Twitter offers here.


2. Online account targeted offers:

There are a several offers that don’t have a working Twitter code.  Offers in your account will vary by card, so check all of your cards.

You can use this link to access the old AMEX Offers interface, which some people find easier to save multiple offers with the multi-tab method.

To see if you have this offer in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not. You can add secondary cards in your own name to your primary login or you can create a new login for other secondary cards.

Note that you only have to worry about an offer disappearing from other cards when they are registered to the same account. Saving an offer won’t affect cards that have their own login.

If you mess up and don’t save the offer to a card you can always remove a card from one login and make a dedicated login for it to register it. Alternatively you can remove the card that has an offer saved to it and the offer will reappear for the rest of the cards registered to that account. Once you properly save the offer to all cards on that account you can re-register the deleted card back to the same account.

Sample targeted offers:

-You may find some of the Twitter offers in your AMEX account.

-$30 off $100 at Belle Tire through 12/15

-$8 off $40 at through 12/21.

-$10 off $50 at JellyBelly through 12/21.

-$20 off $120 at or in-store through 12/27.

-$30 off $150 at or in-store through 12/30.

-$15 off $35 at through 12/31.

-$100 off $450 at or in-store through 12/31

-$60 off $400 at or in-store through 12/31

-$10 off $30 at Exxon Mobil through 12/31

-$20 off $75 at ShopRite online or in store through 12/31. Valid 3 times!

-$25 off $45 on Sams Club memberships in store through 12/31.

-$25 off $100 at through 12/31

-$50 off $250 At through 12/31.

-$10 off $50 at through 12/31.

-$15 off $50 at through 12/31.

-$20 off $50 at through 12/31

If you are targeted for $20 off $50 at Advance Auto Parts you can also stack that with codes like:

Use the following code for 30% off $50: TRT30

Use the following code for $25 off $75: A124

Use the following code for $30 off $80: RAF51112

Use the following code for $40 off $100: TRT41

-$40 off $100 at through 12/31

-$10 off $30 At Regal Entertainment through 12/31

-$20 off $75 at through 01/01

-$50 off $250 at through 01/07

-Spend $75 on a AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular or Verizon cell phone bill and get $10 back, valid twice through 1/31/16.

-Spend $50 on a cable or satellite bill in CA, IL, NJ, or NY and get $10 back, valid twice through 1/31/16.

-$200 off $1,000 at and in-store through 01/24.

-10% rebate (up to $10) at through 01/24.

-$25 off $125 at through 01/31.

-$15 off $75 at Century 21 through 01/31.

-$250 off $1,000 at through 01/31.

-$10 off $50 at through 02/04.

-10% rebate (up to $15) at through 01/24.

-$20 off $200 at through 02/29

-$10 off $10 at


3. Registration forms:

-Register primary and secondary cards here for $25 off $200 from through 12/31.



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All my cards seem to be targeted for $5 off $10 at Dunkin Donuts. Sweet- that’s a few years worth of 50% off at DD! Time to load up on GC’s.


Anyone know if the Saks offer will works for Saks Off 5th?


Did anyone get the delta that is a really sweet deal


Is there a link (same like the Amazon offer) for the current delta offer?


Got the walmart offers only on secondary cards.


Got the walmart offer only on secondary cards.


I just got an email from AMEX for a $5 statement credit if I enroll in paperless statements.
Wonder if I can enroll trigger the credit and then un-enroll. The rules don’t mention needing to stay enrolled


I got: 5 cards had ExxonMobil, 2 cards had Delta, 1 Authorized user had Walmart.
Tip: If you live in New Jersey (where gas is cheep…) and you have only 15- 16 gallon gas tank but you want to make sure you will spend $30, fill up premium gas! (Thanks Sruly)


please contact me looking to buy home depot gc will pay 395 a piece


If I remove a card from my account and create a new account, do I lose the offers saved?


If I reurn items to Wal-Mart will amex not give me the credit on my account?


@Anonymous: I was thinking of buying a GC, then using it at Off Fifth… Not sure they work there.

@Achshell: You may be able to buy GC in the store… Not sure if it would work.

@jack: will sell them to you for less especially if you want a lot at a time.

@yy: Request a store credit instead of a refund on your card.


@ybeeds: Term and conditions of the offer state very clearly that it only works at the pump terminal⛽. Not at the convenient store, oil store or any other stuff at the station. It is gas only. If it is a self service, maybe you could spill some in a bottle or gift a bit to the guy after you😀


@Dan re Exxon offer.

T&C: Valid only for at the pump transactions at any Exxon- or Mobil-branded locations using your enrolled Card or a Speedpass(TM) linked to your enrolled Card. Not valid for online, in-store or Speedpass+ mobile app purchases. Excludes convenience store purchases, car washes, aviation fuel, car repair, garage service and gift card purchases.

Please advise if, when charged to the card, Amex can actually tell the difference if purchase was made at pump or inside purchasing gift cards.



Wm cancel all orders gc no reason
It’s for in line only not in store

Free ship from 50

Jason Smith

Toys R Us and the Sports Authority are both used up already.


can a Bank of America AMEX card have a separate login so I can get these offers


Some of my cards have an Instacart offer for $15 off $75. I find Instacart to be an amazing service, especially living in NYC.


The Shoprite offer states that purchase can not be exclusively of gift cards to qualify. I of course did not notice that until after I purchased SHOPRITE gift card. Those DID qualify and I got my credits already.


How do I transfer all the points that I accumulated on my non-lucrative HSBC credit card to a more lucrative card like AMEX or chase freedom?


has anyone had the delta offer appear on a business card?


@Jane: no


There are a few hotel offers to pay for 2 days and get 3 or pay for 3 and get a fourth night free did you not mention them becuse they are not worth it or some other reason?


Does Saks work online to buy gift cards?


Is there any way to get the Sak promo if it is not in my AMEX account?

Dan's the Man

Does any1 know if you can just buy multiple $100 gift card for airbnb and save them to use some time in the future? Also can you use multiple airbnb gift cards for 1 reservation?


@Dan’s the Man:
Yes to both.

Dan's the Man

@Dan: Thanks Dan! you really are the Man! I’m gonna buy some $100 gift cards to use for a future trip to Israel.


Is it correct that Authorized users on AMEX cards issued by a third-party financial institution (eg Fidelity AMEX) are NOT eligible for Amex twitter offers?


Will the Amtrak offer work on its website for gift cards?


Regarding @AHB’S inquiry, did anyone test out buying the ExxonMobil gift card inside the store to see if it still worked?


Wondering about the Hulu credit–is it possibly to prepay on an account using multiple cards so I can get the credit on a bunch of cards (and thereby get free hulu)? thanks!