Purchase A $1 Ledbury Gift Card Via AMEX Express Checkout And Get A $10 Statement Credit


Update: Ledbury has gotten rid of the $1 gift card option. This post will be updated if it returns.


Ledbury Gift Card Linky

You can read more about AMEX Express Checkout in this post.

You can get a $10 statement credit on each AMEX card that you use to order a $1 Ledbury gift card via AMEX Express Checkout.

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Is this in addition to the same deal posted for newegg and others? Or if that is done this done will not work?


Each card can get a $10 credit for each store on the list.


Woohoo!! This game is Fun!


do all users in my account need to be account managers or just have their own login?




only see the $50 options for both physical and egift


$50 minimum on the gift cards


Dead… minimum value now is 50$


I’m only seeing $50 as the minimum gift card amount. How do I order $1 cards? Thanks!


Can I use the $1 credit from first purchase to pay for next $1 credit, or does the Amex checkout have to actually charge my Amex card?


Dead already.

Needs to charge the AMEX.


I am curious if you have ever spoken with a bona-fide Posek to see if these types of deals are halachically permissible. Also, is there any concern for Chillul Hashem. I do think that these companies did not intend to make the offer in these situations.
I am not trying to put you down. I just want to know.


If they want to make a minimum purchase amount they can.
If they don’t it seems to me that they just want you to get used to using their service.


@Eliezer: 1) “American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.”
2) Feel free to join the discussion on the forums! http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=12784.0


@Eliezer There’s no “deal” here buddy. AMEX is giving free money away, a specific variable, REGARDLESS of what you spend. You can probably even spend and return it after the credit posts if there’s a return policy. The companies you’re purchasing are still getting their money.

2. Don’t rant or “just want to let Dan know” that YOU think there’s a slight chance that he could be doing something that’s against halacha when you’re on HIS site yourself. You’re insulting to all of us. If you have a problem here, why don’t you speak to your own bona-fide posek? Check out Amazon for extras, they’re having a huge sale today. oh wait, i wasn’t allowed to tell you.


even cheaper, newegg items for .49 use this link to search: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=4024%208000&IsNodeId=1


i will not buy from Ledbury since they dont offer $1 gift cards