It’s Been A Fun Ride: No Small Business Saturday Credits For 2015


For the past 5 years I’ve received some pretty nice birthday presents on SBS thanks to free spend credits from AMEX.

Alas it seems we may have hit the end of the road, at least for this year according to the newly posted FAQs:







That’s disappointing, but in the end I’m very grateful for the fun times we’ve had in the past. Hopefully it will return next year, though it’ll likely be another year before we know whether that will happen or not.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other AMEX Offers that are offered throughout the year. Thanks to offers like $20 off $20 at Sam’s Club and $25 off $50 at BJs I wound up with tons of credits this year. That may not be quite as easy as SBS, but the opportunities still abound.

Besides we also had a fun ride with “SBS in July” this year 😉

History of SBS credits:

2010, Launch year: $25 off $25 offer announced on 11/08. Registration opened 11/08. Spending valid 11/27-12/31.
2011: $25 off $25 offer announced on 10/06. Registration opened 11/01. Spending valid 11/26.
2012: $25 off $25 offer announced on 09/24. Registration opened 11/17. Spending valid 11/24.
2013: $10 off $10 offer announced on 10/01. Registration opened 11/24. Spending valid 11/30.
2014: $10 off $10 valid 3 times per card announced on 09/27. Registration opened 11/16. Spending valid 11/29.
2015: No credit offered announced on 09/30. However on 11/01 select primary personal cards were targeted for $10 off $10 and select business primary and secondary cards were targeted for $20 off $100. Spending is valid 11/01-11/28.

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Hmmm, I wonder what is behind this decision?

Possibly huge amounts of credits going to single card holders in the 5 Towns, Monsey, Teaneck and Lakewood?


just like everything else, BDE 😥


Gam zU


Why would they have an SBS and not have credits? What would motivate people to shop on that day?

Oh well

I just started stocking up on my cards!


Oh man!
I really needed it this year!
I guess Hashem will take care of us in other ways as He always does. AMEX may have just lost their zechus….


Dan why are you cheaping out on us this year? We visit your website regularly and use your links, the least you could do is send some SBS honey back at us once a year 🙁


@Shayt: agreed!


From the FAQ’s:
When is Small Business®?
Small Business Saturday is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year’s Small Business Saturday is November 28th, 2015.

So it seems that it will actually be a SBS this year!




@ME: ya, encouragement but no credits.


@Rochel: nothing but local nice people. but there will be an immediate withdrawal of merchants taking amex cc.



This has nothing to do with the abuse of this program going on in frum communities. American Express could have simply limited the promo to one card per social and that would be the end of the abuse.

The credits were there to encourage small businesses to stick with and stay loyal to Amex. Either it worked, and they no longer have need for it, or it didn’t work, and the credits are just useless spending for Amex.


Anyone want to buy a suitcase of cards I have lying around and melt it down for the plastic? That’s about what they’re good for now.


They will probably pay for mascots that will stand outside the small businesses and have them cheer people on to come in (and they will pay with Visa…).


quick question about the amex offers. Can I register each authorized user as a separate card? Like we did in sbs? Which means every authorized user would also get 20 dollars of 20 dollars at sams club?


SBS was never about us customers. It was about the businesses. This year they’re gonna provide the businesses with other benefits that will encourage them to accept Amex.


I made such hachanus for this! I cant believe it.


I guess my neighbors wife wont be getting a new shaitel this year…



A Gutten Moed


Wow. BDE.

I’m still buying seforim off the credit I built up at a store from last year’s SBS. Was looking forward to recharging the battery.


deere goes my grucery order for da next ten months,sushi outing in crown heights so my naybor dont cee mee,seforim purchase for my frim son,crocks for anyone on our block,and merchindise credits to all of da local stores on lee avenue (including da one one corner rutlige) even dough its over im stil grateful for evryting, i like now my visa mastercard bedder!


I visited the Amex site and read about Small Business Saturday. They had written there that SBS THIS YEAR is on Nov 28, 2015. I am confused…? Dan Where did you see that it wont be this year???



I heard from high windows that it is YOUR FAULT……….

Close your site


@Lil: Also because people like you…..

Vehamavin yuvin………..




Wern’t for him you wouldn’t of known about sbs dib!


people should be nicer. You never know who you are talking to. just saying.



The desire to support small businesses.


In speaking to an Amex rep I was told they took stats on what percent of the SBS spending was done thru cards with the promotion and what percent not. I seems most of the money was coming from the non-promo cards.

a gast

i just registered for the $10 off $10 shop small offer to use BY (from now to) 11/28 but its targeted not all cards have the offer