Current AMEX Offers Roundup

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The trick is with many of these is to be creative. I posted yesterday about the Marriott offer and people have already confirmed that buying gift cards from a Marriott hotel works for the $50 off $200 credit.  Now they have gift cards that will work at any Marriott brand worldwide.

Best Buy stores sell many types of gift cards as well, including for Amazon (the Kindle cards work for everything sold by Amazon) and Visa gift cards. Gift cards selection varies by store.

Current AMEX Twitter offers:

Signup for Twitter and you can save money with AMEX.

All you have to do is sync your American Express card with your twitter account to save money at rotating stores.

Then tweet the codes listed below to enroll, so for example just write #AmexSony and then click tweet. Then wait a minute and you should have a message in your notifications bar that you have successfully enrolled along with the offer terms.

In the image below you can see where to write the tweet and where to check for the confirmation.



















You can register all of your primary and secondary AMEX cards on Twitter, it just entails either: Unsyncing and resyncing cards via this link or making a Twitter account for each card. If you do unsync and resync multiple cards on the same Twitter account you must change the tweet slightly each time like:
#AmexSony 1
#AmexSony 2
And so on.

When resyncing there is no need to fill out your billing address, just fill out the first half of the form with your name, email, and your credit card number. You can skip the optional fields asking for your billing address, card expiration, and the 4 digit code. You can use the same email address for all of your cards.

Forgot which card you registered? Just unsync and resync.

Offers valid once per card:

-Tweet #AmexOfficeDepot, get $10 back on $50+ on and in-store through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexColeHaan, get $50 back on $200+ on and in-store through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexShutterfly, get $5 back on $25+ on and in-store through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexStarbucks, get $5 back on $10+ on through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexMarriott, get $50 back on $200+ on for Mariott branded hotels only through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexWaldorf, get $100 back on $500+ on Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts through 03/31/15.

-Tweet #AmexSony, get $25 back on $100+ on and in-store through 02/03/15.

-Tweet #AmexAllenEdmond, get $50 back on $200+ on and in-store through 12/31.

-Tweet #AmexConrad, get $75 back on $400+ on Conrad hotels through 03/31/15. (No other Hilton brands except Conrad qualify)

-Tweet #AmexPetco, get $5 back on $10+ on through 11/30

-Tweet #AmexMadewell, get $20 back on $125+ on and in-store through 11/22.

-Tweet #AmexKipling, get $30 back on $150+ on through 12/31

-Tweet #AmexBCBG, get $20 back on $100+ on through 11/30.

-Tweet #AmexWalMart, get $5 back on $15+ on through 11/30.
See this post for links to buy gift cards for 33.3% off!

Find more Twitter offers here.


Online account offers:

There are a couple offers that I found in my account that I couldn’t find a working Twitter code for.  Offers in your account will vary by card, so check all of your cards.

To see if you have this offer in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account. Offers are also available on the AMEX iPhone app.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login and register each of those cards as well.  Sometimes secondary cards registered on their own account will have different offers than the primary card.

Sample targeted offers (be sure to check all of your cards!)

-Save $15 off $100 at or in store through 11/30.

-Save $100 off $500 on Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts through 03/31/15.

-Save $10 off $50 at on through 12/31

-Save $10 off $50 at JCPenney on through 12/31

Don’t have an offer in your account? You can chat with AMEX and ask them to honor the deal for you as well, YMMV!


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This timing couldn’t be better as I have a Conrad stay coming up in Jan. I have 6 cards registered – any tips on how to redeem? I’m thinking my best option is to physically take all 6 cards with me and just make separate payments on the front desk? Would prefer not to do that, but thinking it may be only option.


Take all 6 cards.


I asked CSR re honoring a card it does not appear on. CSR said targeted by marketing. I really feel that pushing to honor something not intended for me is not nice, not derech of a yeresh shamayom, and crossing some of red lines. if you got it, great. if you can tweet, great. if not, arguing and giving a hard time to a rep who is not meant to accept it?
Not in our school.


Best Buy T&C Excludes gift cards – “Excludes e-gift card purchases and corporate gift cards. “


Hence why to buy the gift cards in store.


Would the Charles Tyrwhitt deal work if i buy a $100 e-gift card?


Dan, is there typically a delay between tweeting the offer and having it show up in your Amex online account? I’ve waited about 5 minutes and don’t see them yet.


I think my problem was that I tweeted #AmexStarbucks1 (no space), because when I fixed it to #AmexStarbucks 1, it worked.



For the bestbuy deal, 25 back after $250, do you need to spend the $250 in one shot to get the $25?


Does Amex Marriott work with $200 gift cards?


@Dan- How will splitting the payments up among different cards affect return protection? For example- if I am buying a $500+ laptop at BestBuy, but use 2 different cards at $250 each to take advantage of a second $25 credit, will I still be able to receive the same return protection and warrantee benefits that AMEX is famous for? I know the T & Cs are you need to use an AMEX to pay for whole purchase, so I can see how doing this might affect it- they may say, e.g., we can only give you a $250 credit… Any idea?


It should.


Yes, if bought in a Marriott.

You can still get credit, but you may have to file separate claims for each card.

jennifer lehrfield

@dan can you elaborate on the marriott deal. if i purchase a $200 gift card w amex MR and pay for my hotel stay with that, will the 50 statement credit deal still apply if i registered for it? or does amex have to see a 200 charge posted on the acct first?


@zow: I found that instead of adding a 1 or 2 after the tweet just capitalize a letter such as #aMex…. Then#amEx…seems to work better


Any link to sign up au for walmart ? Ct? Marriott?

Michael H

Can I register my bluebird for AMEX offers?


Do you know if the $20 back on $125 at Madewell can be multiple transactions?


Who is madewell
What are they good for


Bestbuy one is full


Yup, bestbuy has been full since some time last week.. I had it in in the offer section but I took my time adding it (cuz I wanted it on all cards), and when I was ready to add it, I had lost all the offers! 🙁


What type of GCs do Marriots carry?


I see that a question regarding which card is synced to twitter is often asked. While you can always unsync and resync a card, it is possible to verify which card is synced by going to this link while signed in into your twitter account:

Joe S

Does Office Depot carry any worthwhile gift cards?


Says the Marriott offer is full 🙁 I’m guessing there is no way around that?


I unsynced and then synced a new card to the same twitter account. I tweeted #amexstarbucks 1 (with a space) and got this tweet from amex:

You’ve already enrolled in the #AmexStarbucks offer. If this is an error, please contact @AskAmex


Also when I synced my new card I did it using the option not go through amex’s website. This way All I need to do each time was put in the name on the card, email address and the card #.


Dan I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. I have tried multiple times to open the different au accounts in different tabs, but I can’t seem to open their offers through my login. I seem to need to open different BROWSERS and sign in with their user id and password to be able to accept the offers. I have spoken to different amex reps and none of them seem to think there is a way for me to be able to do it. You say “To see if you have this offer in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.” when I click on the different accounts, which I can only do under statements and activity I can only see their activity not their offers. I struggle with this with every offer I wanna save on multiple accounts. Please HELP. Thanks for reading my megillah