Check Your AMEX Account For A Targeted iTunes $5 Or $10 Free Spend Offer

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AMEX has targeted some cardholders with an offer for a $5 statement credit for spending $5 or a $10 statement credit for spending $10 on iTunes where you can download free apps, music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, games, and more.

To see if you’re targeted just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, and then scroll down to AMEX offers and benefits or click on “AMEX Offers For You”.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account! Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser. Then go quickly between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards. Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login and see if they are targeted for the offer as well.  Often times a primary card will not be targeted, but additional user card accounts that have their own unique login will be targeted.

And don’t forget to check what other goodies are hiding in your account for you!

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Title is misleading.
Should read “(HOT) Free movie rentals for life.”


Hey Joe, it’s a new day !




If you can’t understand the difference between a $5 targeted offer and an $20 offer that’s repeatable as far as you’re willing to take it then I can’t help you.

I already said the rationale for using that title yesterday. And it worked. Generated 15 times the traffic the previous 2 posts on the SC deal, so thanks for that.

Doesn’t mean I’m making a habit of that, but it was an eye-opening experiment.

Chaia Frishman

Is there a way to just add this as a credit, or do I have to buy something. I have credit on itunes already, and don’t need anything now that I want. Any suggestions?


It says “limit 1 statement credit per American Express online account”. Does that mean anything ? By sams club it says “per American Express card”


Everyone makes mistakes, people.


Dan if I’m targeted and one of my AU is targeted (but on a separate login or no login at all yet), does adding the offer on my account make it disappear from the AU account like it would on my other cards?


Meaningless in my experience.

No, if it’s on another account it will not disappear.


If I buy a iTunes gift card will I still get amax credit?


Wondering same


Dan, I checked all my accounts and AU accounts (which are many) and I found that none of the accounts that have the “new” layout which displays the offers from side to side, were targeted. 99% of the accounts that have the “old” layout which displays the offers from top to bottom were targeted.
Is this a coincidence?


Both Sam’s Club & Itunes are targeted. Should use Hot here too.


I don’t see a way to buy GCs from them.

No, I have the new layout and am targeted.

Um, no it wasn’t. You really are clueless, aren’t you?

You didn’t even take the time to read yesterday’s post before leaving your plethora of hate comments.


Read it twice since I thought I was missing something – No hate comments just saying it the way it is –

Love your store and sales but when its a bad sale we tell the owner & he does not get defensive – rather he says thanks for shopping and next time ill do better.


twitter is not showing the SC offer anymore & your SC post –

“You can also check to see if you have this offer in your account by just logging in to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account. Offers are also available on the AMEX iPhone app.”

So no guarantee of getting the offer.


I think Clueless is probably more hate then anything I typed –

Just said it the way it was –


I think you can buy a $10.00 GC should that work?




Except I don’t run a store. If I did you’d be paying me money, that’s how a store works.

I do run a business, but that’s something entirely different.

Again, you’re showing that instead of trying to understand the deal, you just spewed vile comments while being ignorant as to what I was writing that folks should do.

There is a guarantee of getting the deal via Twitter.

Twitter never “showed” the SC offer, you have to tweet the code I wrote about and then you get a confirmation that you are registered for the offer. Anyone can do that, you do not need to be targeted and there’s no limit to how many cards you can do the SC deal on. And you can still get more free secondary cards for the deal.

I’ve already gotten back credits from the offer via Twitter.



Thanks for posting this. Finally an offer we have on a card!!!!


Some people are funny and say with all seriousness that they got a great flight deal from Dansdeals (a travel agency!!!) so in an indirect way Dan is the man!! Thank you


Got $5


Nothing vile except for your attitude:

You once answered as to why you don’t post better CC offers that no one goes in to a store & asks the owner why he does not give better deals.

The bottom line is you are not simply blogging but trying to get people to act & “buy” in a certain way – for example hot diapers for lifetime on a stale deal. You are running a store – People just don’t always know it.

If you were simply blogging you would let us know when there are better CC offers out there than what you post – For example the PRG AT 50K Bonus with $1,000 spend while yours is $2,000 spend for 25k


I’ve gotten the credits from twitter too but the offer is not on twitter anymore it was Friday 5-1-2015


I think I just learned s/t new from your comment above re the SC offer: that even if I (boneheadedly) saved the offer to a card w/o the multiple tab method, I can still get it on the other cards via Twitter. Is that correct? Or did I misunderstand and take it too far?
Thanks loads.


It’s unreal how clueless you are.

1. Like I already said, this is a business and my livelihood. I don’t dispute that and I don’t hide that.

2. I didn’t post a stale deal as I’ve said countless times. I posted the deal twice already. It didn’t get traction so I took another angle and it was beyond successful.

3. The only 50K PRG deal I can find was via a highly targeted cardmatch offer. I have that link here:

Do you have another link I’m not aware of?

4. Not on Twitter anymore? What does that even mean?
I just enrolled another card 30 seconds ago. It’s amazing that after all of your hate comments you still don’t even know how the twitter sync program works.
The deal is alive and well.



Sorry to sound stupid, but I think I finally realized something and want to confirm. I registered each of my amex cards under own logins. Does that mean I don’t have to worry about losing offers when I sAve it on one of the cards? Thanks! And by the way I appreciate yesterdays post cuz it made me get all the sc offers–since I am a member I bought the fifty gcs which is worth it to me more than diapers 🙂


@mh: You’re a real jerk. And you’re really dumb. You’re a really dumb jerk.

chana k

@rena: correct


Got it on all my personal cards but on none of my biz cards. Anyone else have that?


@mh: my friends and i got hundreds of dollars in free diapers/wipes/formula with the samsclub deal thanks to dan. how is that a “stale deal”?


@Dan: Done (SC-Twitter). Thanks so much!


anyway how to get this all $5 credits as credit on my account?

Sam Finkelstein

Thanks Dan, just saved my Sam’s Club offers across all my cards. However, the free iTunes disappeared and has been replaced (?) with a Rhapsody $10 off $15.


Thx Dan. Q- when synced card on Twitter. How long do I have to keep it synced? Till purchase ? Till credit shows?
Also any good ways to cash out Amex gc?


any albums around $5?

Nick Ii

Nick asked excellent q
I twitted bb n serve for an offer n then unsyn
So can connect other card
Got twitt at the time it was registered
Did purchase no credit
Reaching intelligent us based rep f serve is
Nearly impossibl
When finally wrote was told card was not synched
Is that an easy way out? Seems incorrect to me
And any easy number f cs re no credit on twitted transaction?
Hours to run after credit is not worth it


Dan- Do I have to purchase the entire $5 or $10 in one transaction? or can I buy several apps for less then that amount?


My problem is that I already have a gift card balance so I can’t even use a credit card. What I really need to figure out is how I can add $5 to my gift card balance via itunes.


Hi. I would like to sign up for an Amex card to receive all these targeted offers. Which Amex card are you talking about? They have so many different options


Which kind of Amex card yo I sign up for yo get all these offers??


2nd line of T&C:

iTunes gift cards purchased in Apple stores, on, or through a 3rd party are excluded.