Maximizing The Incredible Sam’s Club AMEX Offer!


Update, 1/31: Today is the last day to take advantage of this offer. It’s no longer available if you haven’t already saved it to your account.

My local Sam’s Club closed a lane for me and stayed open for an extra hour to complete the spending on all of my additional user cards! All of those cards now have a $250 statement credit.

A few tips:
-Stay organized by keeping every 2 AMEX cards with 5 of the $500 Mastercard gift cards. Each $500 Mastercard gift card requires a separate transaction, so make 2 $500 transactions on your 1st AMEX, split the 3rd transaction with $250 on the first AMEX and the remainder on the 2nd AMEX, and then make 2 $500 transactions on your 2nd AMEX.

-Don’t insert your AMEX until after you click OK to confirm the $500 load amount or else the payment will be cancelled.

-Make sure to check your credit limit. You can request a temporarily higher credit limit by logging onto your AMEX account, locating the available credit on your card, and clicking on “Check spending power.”
Alternatively if you prepay funds from your bank account to a credit card it will be added to your credit limit.

-If a transaction is declined then the $500 Mastercard might no longer be able to be activated. After calling AMEX to clear my account from a fraud alert, the Sam’s Club point of sale system continued to reject the transaction until I told the cashier to try another $500 Mastercard gift card. You may want to bring an extra gift card to the checkout line just in case this happens to you.

Update, 1/19: This offer is now full if you haven’t saved it to your account already.

Update, 1/12: 5 of the $500 Mastercards split among 2 targeted cards for $2,024.70 after $500 off:




















Originally posted on 1/10:

AMEX Offers are a great way to save money.

There is currently an offer on primary and secondary AMEX Business cards to get 20% back from Sam’s Club. You can get up to $250 back with this offer per targeted card! The offer runs through 1/31 and is only valid in-club.

If you aren’t a member you can join here for $45 and get a free $25 Sam’s Club gift card.

Previously many of my cards were not targeted, but yesterday dozens more of my secondary AMEX business cards were targeted for the offer.

To see if you have this offer in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can use this link to access the old AMEX Offers interface, which some people find easier to save multiple offers with the multi-tab method.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not. You can add secondary cards in your own name to your primary login or you can create a new login for other secondary cards.

Note that you only have to worry about an offer disappearing from other cards when they are registered to the same account. Saving an offer won’t affect cards that have their own login.

If you mess up and don’t save the offer to a card you can always remove a card from one login and make a dedicated login for it to register it. Alternatively you can remove the card that has an offer saved to it and the offer will reappear for the rest of the cards registered to that account. Once you properly save the offer to all cards on that account you can re-register the deleted card back to the same account.

There are many ways to maximize this offer:

Officially the 20% back offer is only valid for one transaction per card, but many DDF users report receiving 20% back on all transactions made on the same day. Of course this is a YMMV (Your mileage may vary) situation and you might only get 20% back on the first transaction made on a targeted card.

-If you shop at WalMart or Sam’s Club you can buy Sam’s Club gift cards that also work at WalMart. $1,250 of gift cards will effectively cost you $1,000. You can also sell the gift cards to sites like CardPool or CardCash.

-You can buy Disney gift cards that can be used for Disney theme park tickets, resorts, water parks, cruises, adventure vacations, hotels, annual passes, merchandise, dining, shows like Cirque du Soleil, activities, and more.. Sam’s Club sells $150 of these gift cards for $143.88. You can buy 9 of these for $1,294.92 less $250. That’s $1,350 of Disney credit for $1,044.92, an effective 22.6% discount.

-You can buy Southwest gift cards. Sam’s Club sells $150 of these gift cards for $142.98. You can buy 9 of these for $1,286.82 less $250. That’s $1,350 of Southwest credit for $1,036.82, an effective 23.2% discount.

-Other discounted gift cards include iTunes, Regal Cinemas, and more.

-A variable load $500 Mastercard costs $504.94 with fees. You can only buy 1 variable card per transaction. If you have 2 targeted cards you purchase 5 Mastercards in 5 transactions. Charge 2 of the Mastercards to each card. On the 5th transaction ask to split the payment between your 2 targeted cards. In total you’ll get $2,500 of Mastercards for $2,524.70 less $500=$2,024.70. Effectively you’re buying $2,500 of gift cards with a 19% discount. You can use the Vanilla branded $500 Mastercard to buy money orders from select post offices and grocery stores, though that is always YMMV. You can use any 4 numbers as the PIN for the card. Or you can always use the card for everyday spending, as a gift, or as a donation with an effective 19% discount. I used this method yesterday and will update the post with the results.

-A fixed $200 Mastercard costs $206.48 with fees. You can buy multiple of these per transaction. If you buy 6 of the $200 cards you’ll pay $1,238.88 for $1,200 of Mastercards and you’ll get 20% back, or $247.78, for a total of $991.10. Effectively you’re buying $1,200 of gift cards with a 17.4% discount. You’ll have some leftover rebate with this method, so you can also purchase a Sams Club/WalMart gift card of $11.12 in the same transaction for $8.90 to finish off the $250 maximum cash back per card.

You can split a transaction with up to 5 targeted AMEX cards, so you can buy more than 6 of the $200 Mastercards at a time if you want.

You can use the Vanilla branded $200 Mastercard to buy money orders from select post offices and grocery stores. You can use any 4 numbers as the PIN for the card. Or you can always use the card for everyday spending, as a gift, or as a donation with an effective 17.4% discount.

-A variable load $500 AMEX costs $504.48 with fees. I haven’t tested these yet, but I’d assume that these are also only 1 card per transaction. If you have 2 targeted cards you purchase 5 AMEX gift cards in 5 transactions. Charge 2 of the AMEX gift cards to each targeted card. On the 5th transaction ask to split the payment between your 2 targeted cards. In total you’ll get $2,500 of AMEX gift cards for $2,522.40 less $500=$2,022.40. Effectively you’re buying $2,500 of gift cards with a 19.1% discount. Note that these cards have no PIN, so your only option with these will be to sell them or use them for everyday spending, as a gift, or as a donation.

Are you targeted for the Sam’s Club offer? Which strategy will you use? Hit the comments!

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could i use a few gift cards to buy one MO @ post office


Does this work online


Can the sams club gift cards be used for Walmart online?


@Jacksassonbk: Read the post!! Dan stated that it is valid IN-CLUB only!!


can i use it online to buy a Sam’s Club gift card ?


Dan: I received the offer previously on my Starwood business and my employee card for my wife’ Starwood business. Thanks for the heads up as I just revived the offer for my wife’s Starwood business and her employee card for my Starwood business. You said “if you have 2 targeted cards you purchase 5 Mastercards in 5 transactions.” I do not understand how this would work – are you suggesting that I could get the bonus multiple times? Thanks.


Can you purchase Disneyland CA admission tickets with the disney land gift cards?


@israel11219: Yes, if your PO accepts GCs, and if these GCs work at the PO.


@euphor: Yes.
@mordchei: Offer only valid in store.


Can I buy 1 500$ mastercard & 3 200$ mastercard’s in one transaction


Did you get these on personal cards as well (I read these are on business versions above but wanted to confirm if anyone is seeing this offer on personal cards)


@Moshe: No. He’s saying that with 2 cards you get 20% back on up to $2500 = 5x $500.


@Chris: No. The $500 cards can not be bought with anything else in the same transaction (GCs, products…).


Charged 2 $500 MasterCards in 2 transactions on one day and only got 20% back on one.
I wish you better luck, Dan.





I discuss the potential in the post.


No, read the post.


Same approximate time? Or later in the day?


One after another.


Purchased 4 $500 vanilla mastercards on 2 targeted cards in one day. Both were crdited. A transaction the next day did NOT receive the credit. Though I will call and try to get it manually. I have not had success in finding a post office that to use them in.


Guess I’ll find out soon enough.
Lots of DDF reports of it working.
Definitely some YMMV.

Good data points, thanks.


Which personal cards did you get offers on? waste of time to log into 15 accounts daily and find nada


Who said anything about getting this offer on personal cards?


when offer shows up on personal please add it to title. other sites list where offers were seen! (which cards). saves time


It’s been seen on all AMEX business cards.


Do I need to remove card targeted and executed 2 weeks ago, from profile for others to get the offer this time around?


Any updates on if you got the full 20% on all your individual transactions? Also, any info on how you were able to successfully liquidate the cards? Buying GCs at Sam’s is not part of my normal MS, so I’m curious what you’ve found that works to liquidate (I normally buy MO at walmart). thx


Wow. A real MMS style post. Can’t wait for MO’s at PO to be dead asap.



It will take a few days to know.
I haven’t yet tried to liquidate.

Good morning:
Did I miss the arrows, bowties, and bikini clad card modeling?



i have sold sams club gift cards to cardcash
best if you know someone that works there to expedite stuff
may need an llc if you plan to do big volume…


Can you use the gift cards to pay for travel through Sam’s such as car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, etc?


🙁 No love for me on all cards. I only seem to get offers for Omaha Steaks and other things I can’t use.


dan, I and a friend both checked and we don’t see the offer by our business cards

Not on mine

Offer not on either of my business cards



Removed. Still not showing any sams club offer on any of my business cards


@Youwouldneverthink: I kept checking my Amex offers recently, and never got the 2nd round (I had it on a bunch of SPG cards in Nov.). Now that I see that Dan saying to delete those cards that had it from the online profile, I did so and got it on a bunch of cards. Anyway, in case anyone else missed that point, give it a shot! 😀



How long after you removed did you see the offers?


@Youwouldneverthink: Immediately.


does sams club require id to purchase gift cards? many of our offers are on secondary cards of family members out of state


GCs are cash and debit only at all the Sam’s Clubs around me (SoCal). In December, a few would play but not anymore.


@92591: No (location may vary. LCM)


LMV location may vary


Any ideas on how to get the offer if I didn’t get it (even after removing the card that got it)


“If you have 2 targeted cards you purchase 5 Mastercards in 5 transactions” – assuming the amex credit will work for multiple transactions?


This morning at my local Sam’s Club,I could promise I was at a DD DO 😊! I did manage to get the last 6 $200 MC’s, rounding up to $1250 by buying nosh for the kids. Worked like a breeze.
Thanx Dan from all!


@Mikey: Which SC?




$500 rebate כל הכבוד.
How is it that you got rebated for all your separate transactions and I didn’t ? Perhaps you charged a total of $1250 while my total was only $1000 (2 $500 MC’s).
Anyway enjoy !


offer gone!


any ideas to cash out the mc gc the check cashers want 30$ for the 500 gc?


Went with 4 AMEX cards yesterday. Purchased 10 Vanilla Master Cards for a total of $5,049.40. $1,000 ($250 x 4) credit hit my account today.

I plan on using them through Paypal. I pay business bills through Paypal already. Instead of using a regular CC you can add these to your account and pay with them.

Dan, thanks for the $950.60 bonus!


Dan I only have 1 targeted card. How do you suggest I handle it? Thanks Eric


All sams clubs accept credit card as form of payment to purchase MC GC?


See the 6 $200 Mastercards paragraph in this post.

A store manager can decide not to, but most stores do.


I was happy to read todays post (Jan 24) updated. If the $500 cards require individual transactions, why will it work with the T&C that says: ” using your enrolled eligible Card to make an eligible purchase of $100+ in a single transaction”?

Dont get me wrong, I am thrilled if it works. So Dan just confirm that the mult transactions on the single date did qualify. Thanks


Some people have had issues with more than 3 transactions, but if you use my strategy with 3 transactions it should work perfectly.



I got FR from Amex for spending $60k in 2 days. May want to advise ppl not to go crazy…



Did you encounter any such store managers? What’s your secret to getting them to bend over backwards for you?


Did you pass?

Kill them with kindness 🙂
I find that a smile and a laugh goes a long way. Living in CLE as opposed to NYC helps as well.



I messed up on 2 of their 4506-T forms and now they wont call me back…
God willing will update on DDF if i pass. Horrible experience. I spend close to 300K every year on regular business purchases with amex… I also file taxes that i tell them i make… pay every month on time, and paid off the entire 60k within 2 days of spending it. terrible system…


Dan this just makes a chillul hashem… ppl need to get real jobs rather than living off stores and companies


Does Sams clubs allow to purchase one $500 and one $200 Visa cards in one transaction? Thanks.


they refused to allow me to pay with my au cards because they checked the name to my ID on my last trip. Has anyone else had these problems or maybe it was because she was training a new cashier that she was so strict.


Just bought 15-$500 MC GF at Sams Club, using 6 cards. Total Spent: $7574.25. Total Profit: $1425.75


I have a strange situation.

I bought two $500 and one $250 Master GC on 20th.
The $250 Master GC purchase was posted to a/c on 22nd. Along with that $50 Amex credit applied to my account.
The remaining two $500 GC was posted to my a/c on 23rd. No amount was credit.

Anybody encountered this situation where multiple credits applied to account on different date even when terms says “statement credit, one time”

@ Aks

Unfortunately, if the credit doesn’t post together, you’re not likely to get another one. SC must have a deal with Amex that certain purchases are grouped together. Hard to tell exactly why some don’t get grouped as one.

@ Mendy

Which SC?


@@ Mendy: Edison NJ


I’m a newbie. Just opened my first Amex Blue Cash Everyday consumer card (I wanted no annual fee and wasn’t sure if my credit will approve me for higher reward cards). Seeing this list of Amex cards, I wonder will my card also get similar Amex Offers in the future? Or should I close it and open one of the above listed ones?


Dan, I did a $250 and $1000 transactions two weeks apart, received the $50 credit, what are my options now to get the remaining $200 credit? Dan? Anyone? Thank you for any tips


I never got this offer on any of my or my wife’s cards. Was this a highly targeted offer?

@ Sad



Widely targeted biz cards only


You’ll get offers. Time will tell which.

Dans the man

Just bought vanilla reloads on my 11Amax card, saved almost 20% on property taxes!
Dan thank you


Will I get credit if I purchase today even if it takes a day or 2 to post?

SCs in SoCal enforcing no CCs

Anywhere not?



Thanks for posting on this offer. I signed up for a Sam’s membership thru the link posted above. Can you let me know when and how we can get the $25 gift card for signing up for the membership? Thanks