AMEX Clawing Back AMEX Offers Credits Earned On Multiple Cards!

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Multiple people are reporting that they got emails from AMEX notifying them that they will be charged back for using the 10% back at Staples on multiple cards:


AMEX has been cracking down on the ability to register multiple cards for an AMEX Offer, but this is the first time that there have been clawbacks of credits due to it being used on multiple registered cards. Ouch!

So far it just appears to be targeting the Staples offer, though it’s likely to affect other offers as well in the future. It’s the end of an era for AMEX Offers.

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Harley Kesselman

WOW. They sure know how to make thier dwindling customer base happy.


Was there a clearly written provision that registering multiple cards was forbidden?


Language changed. Used to say one offer credit per online account. New language says one offer credit per card member


Crux of issue is when the language change. If after people added the offer to multiple cards I see class action coming as long as someone who is affected is a decent lawyer


Omg. You are one of those people that fight about everything. Just go on and live your life. Pick fights that actually mean something worthy in your life.


Omg. You are one of those people that butt into everyone else’s business. Just go on and live your life. Stick your nose into things that actually mean something worthy in your life.

Lord Dima

Lolz @pointer! Good one.


No, he’s just one of those people who sign an arbitration agreement prohibiting class actions, and then see a class action for every misunderstanding anyway.

Dirty D

Wow…that’s pretty low


why? Was a clear breach of the T&c, and its costing them idk how many tens of thousands $$$


I wonder if it also applies to people like me who have one login per card instead of one login for 2 or more cards.


If a charge hits pending to get the offer but then drops off , will they still give the offer?


Wasn’t staples a pre-multiple tab removal offer? I have several of the 10% back at Lowe’s that I was planning on using but this makes me nervous


Holy crap I was about to start a Business Account for the AT&T offer it’s the first time I feel good about not doing it!!!


Yuck. Don’t know if they will claw back Marriott offer. This is just absurd. Now I’m afraid of using it.


Would they go back to clawback the Sam’s club offer?


Has anyone else realized that Hotels and CC companies are really getting cheaper to their clientele by the day?

Anyone think it will get better?


There is no question about it, if you get one of these emails, transfer all of your points out of all of your cards, call them and cancel every one of their cards. This crosses a line into the territory of a company you can never trust again.


They can add a negative balance to a closed card…


I’m not saying not to pay your bill. I’m saying to settle up and never do business with them again. This is a completely dishonest business practice. Their definition of card member could mean being a member of that specific card to a casual reader. Lord knows they don’t treat all of your accounts as 1 card member when it comes to annual fee collection time and they collect 6 card member fees. If they didn’t intend to offer it to you multiple times, they should have offered it to you multiple times. That is their mistake, not ours.


Please do so! We, normal users, will benefit from less abusers in the system.


Correction: If they didn’t intend to offer it to you multiple times, they should NOT have offered it to you multiple times.


for the annual triple points on the Amex gold, is it just for the primary card or every additional user can also pick a category and get triple points?


AUs receive the the same amount of points/$ that the primary card holder gets.


Primary only can choose the category and that is shared amongst all the cards in that account.


So 300k is once across all cards?


Let’s be totally honest. In their terms and conditions it usually explicitly said one per customer account.

So while it was nice that they didn’t have their programmers lock it down ’till now, we can’t really say this is them taking away stuff from their customers. It was never intended to be given to us.


If I’m being “totally honest,” I think this is one of the most outrageous things a credit card issuer has ever done. Look, if AMEX truly wants to limit the offer to one per customer, there’s an easy way to do that: you program your computers to only allow the offer to load once per customer. Amazingly, AMEX is now doing exactly this! To go and clawback money from customers who’ve been doing what AMEX has allowed them to do for years is absurd. If they persist in this strategy, I’m pretty certain you’ll be seeing a successful class action lawsuit against them.

Jason Smith

They did program it ot be one per person, people found a way around by using multiple tabs to get it to be more than one person.Why don’t you go into court and argue, “Yes, the program only allowed you to add the offer once per card but then I quickly opened multiple tabs at the same time and was able to add it to more than 1 card”, the judge might sue you when he injures himself falling out of his chair in laughter.


But that is NOT the case if you have multiple log ins. I have multiple AMEX cards and each user has their own log in. OFfers are available for each user

Joel Shmoel

This is getting ridiculous, these ganovim. Pretty soon all we’ll be able to do with credit cards is pay for purchases and services.




I’m done with Amex. They seem to be cracking down in many dishonest ways. I cancelled all my cards with them.

Case in point: I opened a dispute with a vendor, sent in all the required info, and waited. Just to be notified my dispute was cancelled due to lack of information. I reopened it and sent in all the information again. And again they cancelled it claiming they didn’t receive it. After another two times totaling 4 times altogether, they finally got it right!

Dan Bee

Hopefully, the issue is that Staples was offering this as a promotional goodie, and it wound up costing much more than they expected (thanks to gift card purchases…) so they insisted Amex enforce the terms and not try to collect the money from Staples. If so, the damage may be limited.

Funny and sad.

These comments are hilarious. And pathetic.


It looks like they monitored the staples offer very closely, first you couldn’t add it to multiple cards on the old portal, then, if you ordered the $300 gift card with the no fee offer, and used an AMEX card with the 10% offer, Staples would cancel the order because they don’t allow multiple offers.


do you think they will do the same with the 10% offered for exxon-mobile gas


“Member account” is ambiguous.

For example, if I use an offer for my AMEX card account and then use same offer on daughter’s AU card with a separate login, does that constitute a single member account because it is based on the same Amex card (even though the cards have different numbers)? or is this considered 2 separate member accounts?


I am still showing the Staples offer as being added to one of my cards (I used it on two others already).

Why wouldn’t they remove it?


Staples is laughing all the way to the bank on this with thousands of dollars spent in their store based on false advertising.

If get clawed back then everyone should promptly return the items to the store and give the reason as “AMEX offer clawback. Not as advertised.” This will send a strong message to Staples AND AMEX.

Of course if you bought gift cards that cannot be returned, then not much you can do.


You can buy merchandise at staples with the gift card and return it to feel a little satisfaction lol


If they do this with Small Business Saturday wow.

David R

After they clawed back, I made another purchase and they gave me 10% back yet again.


I just tried the multiple tabs in the browser method for the UBER credit and it wouldn’t accept more than 1 offer being saved. says OOPS, try again. maybe they figured us out. o no!