What Are You Buying From TigerDirect Today?


As I wrote previously, If you have the TigerDirect offer in your AMEX account you can save $50 off $100 today with the $30 AMEX offer and the $20 sitewide rebate.  Even if you don’t you can save $40 off $120 with V.me.

Some commenters found some great deals and I’m sure there are lots more.

-The Sony PSP Vita WiFi is $179.99 less a $40 rebate=$139.99.  With another $50 off thanks to AMEX and today’s $20 sitewide rebate that’s just $89.99 shipped!  Or with V.me checkout that’s $99.99 shipped.
On Amazon it’s over $200.

-The HP Officejet Pro 8600 WiFi e-All-in-One Printer is on sale for $149.99 less $50=$99.99 shipped with AMEX or $109.99 shipped with V.me.

If you need filler to get above the $100 or $120 thresholds:

The Paypal Here card reader is $14.99 and has a $15 rebate.

Post what else you find a deal on!

A note on rebates:
Rebates get a bad rap. Follow a few simple steps and you’ll never have issues.
-Always save a copy of everything you submit.
-Always send in rebates the day you get the item, they’re counting on you procrastinating and forgetting to submit it.
-If a rebate is denied you can always do a chargeback with your credit card or get the BBB or even your state’s attorney general involved via an online complaint.

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Manny D

I think I will follow Rav Avigdor Miller’s advice. When he saw a sign saying 50% off he decided to save 100% by not buying. I wanted to save $50 bucks but now I am going to save $100 by not buying anything!


If the printer is $149.99- doesn’t the $20 off also apply? Therefore, with the AMEX $50 and the rebate of $20, the printer would be $79.99?


I love that, Manny!


Good for you manny! But there are people who need/want certain items so this site helps them save.


I bought the logitech UE6000 headphones. Comes out to be FREE after rebate and Amex credit.

I should point out two things:

1) You need to follow every detail of the rebate. TD is known to be sleazy about it. Like Dan said, make copies of everything.

2) I read somewhere that the “Total Defense Premium” $60 rebate is limited to one per household. Be careful.


Is the 30 off 100 tax inclusive?



I believe for Amex tax can be included, as they just look at the total purchase. For the $20 rebate offered by TD, tax is definitely not included.


Bought a seagate central 3tb NAS external hard drive on sale for $150-50=100. Others sell this for over $200!!

Scott C

Re the rebate tips, it is not always the case that you want to send in the rebate immediately. There are some rebates that have a specified timeframe for when you can submit the claim form. Make sure you read your rebate details.


Battlefield 4 And Call of Duty Ghosts each have 20 dollar rebates attached to them as well. Each one can be traded in at best buy for $40 each


I only have a 30 tigerdirect offer in AMEX… is there a way to get the 50?


If you check out DDF you will see how to actually make money back from this deal. Look in the Tiger Direct forum.


How do you get the amex credit on the headphones when the price is just $79.99 ?


@manny d dans point is if someone previously needed something this is a great way to get it at a low price. He is not trying to make you spend money u weren’t otherwise gonna spend. He helping save $ not trying to take ur $, it doesn’t affect him if u don’t by anything so what was the point in writing it!

Manny D

@Avi: I agree that if you need/want something anyway then its good to get the best deal possible. But one should be careful not to buy just because they could save.


is it 100% that you can get both rebated on PSP Vita?


Ted, Dan’s point is obvious, so why state it? Manny’s point is a clear word of caution and the wise among us will take it. While you may decide to leave it, it does appear foolish to knock it.


sold out psp vita!


How do you trade them in?


I dont know about tax, but shipping is definitely included. i confirmed that yesterday with TD.


Dan, if I am only over the 100 dollar for rebate or 120 v.me threshold including shipping does that count to get the discount/rebate?


any suggestions what else is a good buy?

Manny, I am with you. I do try to think what to buy, not that I need it, just bec there are promos going on.

Thanks for sharing the thought.


@ discover: I called and asked the same question. If you are going for the $40 discount, the SUB-TOTAL must be over $120.00.

I made my order sub-total come out to $125.00. The first $20 was taken off at checkout, thanks to the V.me promo.

The second $20 – you have to wait for the PACKING SLIP in order to get that.

I used Dan’s idea for the Paypal reader to bump up the total cost of my order. To get the $15 PAYPAL rebate, you have to wait for a code that arrives on the package itself, then enter the code into your Paypal account. $15 is supposed to credit within 24 hours.

The $30 off AMX – never have a problem with AMX so I will be watching for that credit.

All in all, and if all rebates come through, I got a wide-angle camera, a Paypal card reader, and an inexpensive laptop bag for about $47 bucks. Camera was originally priced over $100.

Thanks Dan!!!!!


Got the beats (dre) for $75


Surfase type cover 2 , $129 minus $20 right away, minus $20 rebate, minus $30 amex-good deal

paypal processing

just an fyi, the card swiper is free (no rebate) anyways when you setup an account with paypal, but obviously if you need it to bump your shopping cart it’s worth more that way. their fees are kind of high.

if you actually are interested in this service however, square has better pricing plans, and they also provide a free swiper. just a heads up.


@Manny D: You can do even better then 100% by saving time to visit this site.

Super Speed

@Mochada: Amex is $30 not $50.


nick, which camera?


when bookin AA miles ticket, can it be booked on line with another family member name? or does it use account holder name?


@Kugel – I got this one:


but I just clicked on and now it says “OUT OF STOCK”. I guess I got one of the last ones? It was discounted to $99.00


They dont have frees shipping??



Just can’t go by leaving your question unanswered, sure you can book a ticket for another person. thats how people sell miles.


Add a $50 item and 3 of the PayPal Here Card Readers to the cart, total with shipping [NJ] is $113. After $20 [TigerDirect], $30 [AMAX], $45 [PayPal reader rebate-up to 3] total is $18!


adobe photoshop lightroom 5 $119-$50=$69+shipping


ordered the sony PSP Vita.. got email today that order was cancelled since out of stock.. Sounds fishy.

Thanks Googwallet

googwallet, how is the process? does on line booking allow you to choose travelers name?

would you need to call in?



tigerdirect $20 rebate link is not loading. also Amex never sent email saying thank you for using enrolled card. anybody no why?


I’m afraid I have the same issue and I think this is what it is, Tiger has a way of breaking up the order as they see fit to ship, and then charging the card for the items that ship.

What I think that means is that even though the order might be over 100, Amex will likely not see some charges over the 100 but a few smaller ones, I’m not sure how that is supposed to play out…maybe Dan can comment..,


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