V-Light Gooseneck Ball Base Desk Lamp For $2.37 Shipped From Staples


Update: DEAD!

V-Light Gooseneck Ball Base Desk Lamp Linky

Signup and login to a free Staples Rewards account and you’ll get free shipping on all of your Staples.com orders with no minimum order size required.

Was : $29.99
Save: $20.00
Now: $9.99
Instant Savings: $7.62
You pay: $2.37

Limit 10.

Don’t forget to use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar #EveryPointCounts 😀

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out of stock


Still showing in stock for me.


Maybe change my store locator? I tried 3 times to order thanks Ill try something different


Just ordered



if u don’t have staples rewards and u order 3 lamps, then its free shipping and the total is $7.61 for 3 lamps


Got 2 of em.


In my cart the price and shipping goes up to $9 each…


@Dan: Thanks Dan. Their site is screwy right now. Maybe everyone is jumping on this lol. Got it thanks for your help!

SoCal Dude

Cool, we needed one & got a few extra as gifts! Thx!


Cool, I don’t need but bought two, probably use as house warming gift for a friend.


ordered 10 for 25.36

Not quite sure why


thanx dan!


Thanks, Great savings


just placed order 10 times, got 100, and now out of stock! thanks! i love giveaways for my customers


Thanks Dan, just got 3 I can use these around the office and studio.


Just ordered one now, still alive for me.


ordered another one for my mom just now still alive


says out of stock

all gone..

Out of Stock
We’re sorry, the following item is out of stock.

Thoughtless Yoni

@Yoni –
Pigs like you ruin it for others. Do you really need 100 when others are trying to get one or two?
(Don’t answer that, as you’re too predictable.)

check your e-mail!

never got a staples order confirm.
Got an order#.
They said was out of stock.
Did anyone else not get a staples e-mail? If so, you may not be getting it!!!


@Dan:Yoni might be right. I didn’t get confirmation on second one did you?

e-mail check

never got a staples order confirm.
Got an order#.
They said was out of stock.
Did anyone else not get a staples e-mail? If so, you may not be getting it!!!


To those who bought more than you need, SCREW YOU!


out of stock

sam the moron

@sam – “ordered 10 for 25.36..Not quite sure why ”
I suspect you could say that about all the other stupid things you do. Order 10 and not sure why, while others are unsuccessfully trying to order one but it’s out of stock because you had to get ten . Clown move, bro..


@yoni: I was by checkout and after entering my card info and got message out of stock. Thanks maybe you was the lucky one to get my.


What is the advantage of this deal? Is it just a cheap lamp or am I getting a lot of miles for this???


@sam the moron: sorry pal. sign up for dansdeals alerts and get on the deals quicker…..winners talk losers walk.

sam the moron

“Sorry Pal….winners talk losers walk”?
What’s amazing to those of us with decency, is not the thoughtless greed of people like you.. But the stupidity and lack of shame to actually brag about what a lowlife you are!! There are plenty of self-centered, greedy people.. But only a small percentage are stupid enough to be proud of it. You, my “Pal”, are part of that special group.
You think you’re a “winner”. That’s what makes you a moron… You, “Pal”, are the epitome of a loser.
(Oh, i know, that’s a big word.. look it up)


It’s a lamp people, chill


got email today saying they cancelled my order (one lamp)

Different guy

everyone just chill its a stupid lamp


Does it still work?

SoCal Dude

Ordered TH & they arrived FRI! Amazing deal! Thx again!


@SoCal Dude:
Great, thanks for following up!


got it today, thanks Dan!