UberX NYC Cuts Rates By 20%


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Effective immediately UberX NYC is cutting their rates by 20% across the board in all boroughs. With the new cuts UberX should always be cheaper than an NYC taxi.

Most convenient than a car service, more comfortable and now cheaper than a taxi. Why would anyone ever wait in line for a smelly taxi at the airport?

While Uber is designed to be used with a smartphone, you can also request a ride on a computer or dumbphone via m.uber.com.

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Btw uber from the city to NJ is significantly cheaper than a taxi IME. they don’t double the rate I don’t think.


I guess it’s possible the fare quote system hasn’t been updated yet, but I tried a few sample routes to/from Crown Heights, and they didn’t seem to be any cheaper. For example, LGA-Crown Heights was listed as $36-$48, whereas in a yellow cab it’s typically around $35.


I’m not sure if it’s updated or not with the 20% off (and I typically find my fare being lower than the estimate), but don’t forget that Uber fares include the tip, while a yellow cab does not.

Dan's the Man

@Ejb: You are correct. I believe they just add on a $20 fee for going between NY/NJ and that fee covers the toll so it’s really just about a $10 fee. They don’t double the rates for the portion that it outside NYC like the taxis do.


@Dan: Can you please provide a link from Uber saying that the tip is included? Ive used Uber in the past, and was unsure if I should tip or not (and of course I didnt:) ).




“Being Uber means there is no need to tip drivers with any of our services.”


@Dan: Thanks. I didnt see it on my receipts so I was unsure. I was concerned that drivers would give me a bad rating. Honestly, it should be included in the breakdown.


I’ve never tipped and have a 5/5 rating 😀


So when i arrive at the airport and if I don’t have smartphone how do i request a ride?


@Dan: FYI I took a cab home from lga to crown heights yesterday and the fare was $41 +tip. So even if the uber estimate is correct, still cheaper than a cab. I would have taken uber, but needed the extra luggage space of a taxi.


Go to m.uber.com or have someone at a computer do that for you.

I’ve gotten SUVs with UberBlack and UberX.
Can always request and see what car you get and then cancel and try again if needed.



You may not want to request/cancel in an area with few Ubers or you may be stuck with the guy you cancelled, which could be awkward.



Where do you see your rating?


What about a cancellation fee?


will i be able to use the $30 credit that you posted right away to take me from JFK to the city?


So they still have surge pricing ?


Cancellation fee officially only kicks in 5 minutes after you book.


Seems like they stopped rounding down.


@Anonymous: You officially cant see your rating, but you can ask the driver. Only the driver can see the passengers rating and vice versa.


I took uber today from crown heights to LGA. It was $46.