Toilet Paper On Sale From Staples


Update: The $20 off code is now dead but the following codes works for $10 off $50: 20440
Or this code works for $5 off $25: 37898

-Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper, 12 double rolls (24 regular rolls), 2-ply, 242 sheets/roll

-Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper, 12 double rolls (24 regular rolls), 3-ply, 200 sheets/roll.

Either of these boxes of toilet paper are normally $10.79 and are on sale for $5.99.

Add 10 boxes of one style and 1 box of the other (or any combination between the 2 styles) to your cart and then use the following code for $20 off: 32345
Your total should be just $45.89 for 132 double rolls (equal to 264 regular rolls) of TP 😀

Don’t forget to use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar!

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Last toilet paper deal was cheaper 🙂


I take that back, this one’s better, sorry!


Thanks Dan. These recent online staples deals have been awesome and they arrive next day shipping.

Much appreciated!


which one is better?. never bought this brand before


How does this brand compared with Costco’s Kirkland TP, as far as quality, not cost?


2-ply vs 3ply? Does it make any difference?


save $2 by doing 10 of one type and 1 of the other


This is a personal preference, you get more sheets in 2 ply than 3 ply.
If you are ok with two ply in other brands then you should be ok with it in this brand.

I think its at least the same if not better quality


Thanks Dan! I love not having to shop for this stuff when the weather is so brutal:)


If you don’t want to overload on toilet paper the $20 off is good on any breakroom supplies.
I included a combination of toiler paper, trash bags, and Kleenex tissues.
They bags and tissues were not the greatest prices but I would rather have those than all that toilet paper!


Toilet paper


I like the purple one (3-ply) better. It’s softer and stronger than the Costco Kirkland toilet paper. Awesome deal. It comes down to .34 cents per double roll!


Don’t know this product much, but great deal. Got 5 packs of the 2ply – free shipping. Thank you Dan. (I prefer Marcal 6079 from Amazon)


Price gOes up to 8


Got an error with the coupon code when ordering 10+1:
Coupon not available at this time.


Code 32345 isn’t working for me on staples website


Coupon code won’t apply but I’ll take $6.36 a package. The grocery store normally sells for $11 and that’s a good deal. So I’ll take front porch delivery and cheap any day.

William Hochman

Staples Northern Toilet paper was a great deal & just a few clicks (especially if you have a staples acct!) thnx Dan


the code wont go through. my total is $65.89


Not as good as 20 off 60 but there is now a 10 off 50 cleaning
coupon code 20440
or 10 off 50 breakroom
coupon code 68425
both codes exp. Feb. 1


You can still get $5 off $25 with code 37898.


can still use 25 off 75 I think trying it now
$25 off your retail supplies purchase of $75 or more.
Coupon #: 23523