The Most Impressive Pesach Imitation Snack?


Jews across the world are in middle of celebrating Pesach or Passover, where as the Wall Street Journal put it, “Jewish dietary law, already a thicket of regulation and contention, doubles back on itself.”

My family’s tradition is not to eat gebrokts, so that rules out all possible gluten, including products made from matzah mixed with anything else. It becomes something like an 8 day Atkins diet (except no legumes or even unpeeled/unpeelable fruits during Pesach for us) where you can keep eating protein and yet never really get satisfied.

Which is why I was so excited by these gluten-free flatbread crackers by Paskesz. At least excited enough to veer from my regular blog posts and make a post on them.















They taste as good if not better than regular flatbreads filled with delicious gluten. That’s saying something for a product made from Tapioca and Potato Starch.  Eaten plain or dipped in some guacamole or cream cheese it’s a real treat.

I don’t know how they did it, but kudos!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. At least come Tuesday night after another 49 hour hiatus from all things electronic that starts tonight.

Happy Passover!

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I’m assuming you didn’t get those at Ungers!


Are you starting to aim at a non-Jewish audience?


You should do this kind of post more often!!


Why no.unpeeled fruits. that’s new to me


Such food in the Shviger’s house?!?


Finchy’s cake (not sure if they have out of NY) literally tastes better than regular cake. Haven’t seen it in stores since just before Pesach though 🙁


@Dan, trip notes from singapore???


Even better when bought 75% off at Pathmark for $1.14.

Chag sameach


Life saver on our 8 hour drive erev pesach


I’d assume that I have both jewish and non-jewish readers.

Beats me, Chabad thing I guess?

The real question is how did you manage to not come 😉

On the agenda, those posts take a very long time to write and format so they’re easy to push off…

Great deal!


if you can.ask I’d be curious to know why


Many Chabad folk won’t eat any processed foods, period.

I’m just happy that my family never took on that minhag or I’d really be hungry!


You should have joined the Kitniyot Liberation Front – makes food more enjoyable!

Miriam Leah

Wish I could find Crispits in the S.F. Bay Area . We are lucky to find any kosher l’Pesach products.
Chag SAMEACH everyone.


Dan re: Singapore notes. Planning a trip there, and I keep on checking back every day to see if you posted it yet. Please do so soon! 🙂


@eli @dan
Some have the custom to peel all the fruits and vegetables that they eat on Passover, out of concern that the skin may have come in contact with chametz. Produce which cannot be peeled, such as berries or peppers, are not eaten by these people.

chana bracha

this was amazing i bought it at Super sal market in Encino it made my passover! yum!