Tesla Now Offering Lower Cost, And 7 Seat, Model Y SUV

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Tesla has finally launched the Standard Range Model Y and it will cost $41,990. If you order with my referral link you’ll also get 1,000 free supercharger miles. It has a 244 mile range and can accelerate from 0-60 in just 5.3 seconds. That’s a $4,000 premium for the mid-size SUV compared to the Model 3 mid-size sedan.

When the Model Y was launched last March the cheapest model was the long range at $52,990 with a 326 mile range. That model has since gone down to $49,990, which is just a $3,000 premium compared to the Model 3. The Performance model launched at $62,990 and has since gone down to $59,990, a $5,000 premium compared to the Model 3.

There are also state incentives available, such as a $2,000 rebate in NY.

Last month, I wrote about my 2 year experience with the Model 3. While service is not quite up to par, it’s truly an incredible car that is a real joy to drive and it gets better every week thanks to software updates that add awesome new features. Fair warning, once you go electric it will be very hard to go back to gas!

Tesla is also now selling a 7 seat version of the Model Y. Previously they only sold a 5 seat version. That option adds $3,000 to the cost of the SUV.

This is what the 3rd row looks like:


Tesla sells a $1,000 option for white seats, though I wouldn’t recommend that as stains will show much more easily. The white seats and the trim can also cause more glare.

All Teslas now come with autopilot included for free that make highway driving a breeze. I would certainly not recommend spending $10,000 on “full self driving” as it is today.

Do you have any plans to buy a Tesla?

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Are there any leasing options available, or only to purchase outright?


Right now only to buy, unless a private car dealership buys them and leases them.


False, I know many ppl who leased Tesla’s from years ago.


Another issue with leasing is you may not be able to buy out the lease when done. Tesla plans to use these cars as part of their robo taxi network in the future.

My next car bli neder will be a tesla. That much I have decided. Ideally if I can wait two years that is when I will get one. Maybe sooner if something comes up.


That’s model 3


Teslas can be leased!!!


Do you find much use of the AutoPilot even though you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel?


Dan – Can you talk on your cellphone or text? I believe legally they can still pull you over and autopilot is not an ‘excuse’, but I am wondering practically on this.


You have to pay for some exterior paint colors. Any advantage to choosing the more costly colors?


any reason i cannot find the 7 seater option on their site?


Are you or JJ going to buy a Model Y? 5 or 7 seaters?


Can one make the 5 seater into a 7 deater?


Any clue if NJ is going to bring back the 5k credit?


there is talk on the net that with a blue government now in place that a new federal tax credit may come back or something of this nature. But who really knows…


Dan, I keep hearing about the great autopilot from many different places(not the fsd). I was just wondering how this is any different than most new cars nowadays… For instance, my volvo has adaptive cruise control and keeps me in lane. I’m just wondering what additional features the tesla has that most cars don’t. Thanks


Any way to filter the browser on the Tesla?(my understanding is that whether or not you get LTE you can always connect via WiFi)

Lakewood guy

I know someone called Tesla and they disabled the data


Seems like I’m a bit late to this post! Do you have more details the process of how they disabled the data? We’re they still able to get software updates and gps data and just the browser was disabled?


Looks like no rebate of any kind for Ohio 🙁


Any rebate in nj


The white seats clean up easily and did not stain. Plenty YouTube videos demonstrating this


“I would certainly not recommend spending $10,000 on “full self driving” as it is today.”

How come? Don’t you think it will go up in price?


Model Y looks to be rear-wheeled drive, any concerns with snow and ice? Living in upstate NY.