Super Bowl Fun…


Congrats to all you Giants fans out there.  Being a Cleveland fan and a foodie I usually have to settle for rooting for the food on Super Bowl Sunday, so I figured I’d share what we (read: my incredibly talented and devoted wife) whipped up for our party.

What did you have at yours? Hit the comments!

Meatball subs with fried onions

Nepalese Momo (chicken dumplings).  Shout out to Yechiel Miller for making these scrumptious creations!

Franks in a blanket

Deli Wraps

Guacamole (My only hands-on contribution)


Chocolate covered peanut butter/rice krispy footballs (possibly the most addictive dessert ever)

Any beer fan has got to try the Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale…

The spread with the above along with kettle corn, chips, salsas from Whole Foods (Black Bean & Corn, Tequila Lime, and Tomatillo), salad, and a cinnamon cake.

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looks great!
Could I come next year? 🙂


Looks delicious! How do I get an invite?!


At least tell us who you rooted for ?


Sure, just bring some pepper steaks from Le Marais with you and you’re more than welcome 😀

It was a close call between Nepalese Momo and the Meatball subs with fried onions. Both were really on their A game.


Glad to see your menu wasn’t made up of solely Costco Inc., Whole Foods in the house!
$mart $hopper!

P.S. Where are the Tums to accompany the f-r-i-e-d onions 😉


You have a great wife!!!


Thanx for sharing. Looks delicious!


Looks delicious! Our menu consisted of: Sushi, 15 ft. of deli sub, Ribs, Wings, Poppers, pickles, cole slaw, and potato salad. Couldn’t care less about the game; good excuse to party!


who gave the shiur?


looks amazing…..u should post some recipes


@ Dan, post recipes of those awesome creations!


looks great! had an awsome party too!


Why exactly was I not invited???


wow that food looks good! 🙂
and that is a hec of a lot of Avocados there!


looks great! Maybe start posting your shabbos meals!!

Bill H

Wow! What a spread.Can I come next year?




Anyone know the kasherus status of Sam Adams Alpine Spring? I just picked up a variety “brewers choice” 24 pack in Costco and cant find AS and a few others on any of the kasherus lists. Thanks