Step Right Up: Doordash Is The Latest To Report A Data Breach

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Companies just can’t seem to keep our data safe.

As long as the penalties are nothing more than a slap on the wrist, that won’t change either.

Doordash announced that users who joined on or before 4/5/18 have had their information stolen.

The stolen information includes names, email addresses, delivery addresses, order history, phone numbers, as well as hashed passwords. Full credit card numbers were not part of the breach. The driver’s licenses of 100,000 delivery workers were also breached.

Doordash doesn’t believe that the hackers can access the passwords, but they’re encouraging people to change their passwords.

I first wrote about DoorDash before 4/5/18, so check when you signed up, change your password, and as always, stay vigilant about checking your credit cards and credit report for fraud.

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Moshe Grunhut

If I used google to sign in, could that have been obtained in the breach?


No, your google account is safe, it’s completely separate. By using google to sign in google sends DoorDash a “token” specifically for DD to authenticate your account instead of a password.


Confused me there for a second. DD has a different meaning on this site than Door Dash!


Also make sure you have no other accounts with the same password. Hackers try the same login info on other sites.


@Dan also in breach news from John O ~LoyaltyLobby
“Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air, subsidiaries of Lion Group of Indonesia, have both experienced data security incident that have exposed information of 46 million passengers on the dark web.” 9.27.19


I had an unauthorized $60 charge from Doordash on 8/11. Do you think that this has any relationship to the breach?


For some consumers, the last four digits of consumer payment cards. However, full credit card information such as full payment card numbers or a CVV was not accessed. The information accessed is not sufficient to make fraudulent charges on your payment card.


Looks like I joined on 4/4/2018.
Not sure if that should make me happy or sad.

Now that I see when you first posted, there are probably lots of us who signed up just before the breach.