Stackable Savings For Sodastream Jet Starter Kit At Amazon


Buy one of these SodaStreams from Amazon and get a $25 promo credit.

The promo credit expires 12/31/14 and is valid on items shipped and sold directly from Amazon.
You will receive confirmation of your promo credit via email within two days after your order ships.

The Sodastream Jet Starter Kit is on sale for $79 shipped.

So pay $79 and you can get $25 back with AMEX AND get a $25 promo credit.

Plus you can get a $15 rebate so that your first CO2 exchange will be free as well!

SodaStream makes it easy to make seltzer and soda at home on the cheap and fizzed exactly to your liking.

There are no electronics, batteries, or lights in the Sodastream Jet.

HT: E R K, via DDF

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Is this the model that can be used on shabbos?


Important: These models have led lights, so even though many poskim hold you can make soda on shabbos, with these models you can’t. Imo, better off buying the non-led models even if they are a little more.


which one can be used on shabbos from the ones listed?


Where do you see that?
The SodaStream Jet says “Requires no electricity, no batteries and no clean up.”

Where does it say anything about LEDs?


This is the Jet model. No electricity needed and can be used on shabbos. Great product and greet price


Looked into it and there are models on that page. The SodaStream Source has the LED lights. The SodaStream Fountain and SodaStream Genesis don’t.


Where is There any mention on amazon about a 25 promo


Click on the first link in the post.


Great for making egg creams!!


Has anyone managed to make fizzy juice drinks with this? Was wondering if that works.


Which model to you recommend? The Genesis, or the Fountain Jet? (and what is the difference between the two – other than the fact that the Genesis is more expensive.)


@Dan: Dan and Bruce are correct. In the description it says “Requires no electricity, no batteries and no clean up” but it also says “An LED display indicates three levels of fizziness for precise carbonation with every use, while a new snap-lock bottle mechanism makes the Source even easier to use”. Wonder what this means.


@PBaruch: Using a Sodastream with and liquid other than water will void the warranty. Just FYI.


I’d go for the cheapest.

I don’t see that description on the Jet model or anything indicating that there is an LED.
Link please?


Yup, and this post was about the Jet.


@dan The first link in the post has other models, hence the LED clarification. The difference between the jet and genesis is that the genesis has a 10 yr warranty and the jet 3 yr, though the jet can also hold an extra large carbonater, so that is probably the best value. I bought a genesis a few days ago in BJs for $80 and my family is loving it. You can experiment with any syrup, but you need to always carbonate with pain water only. There is a SodaStream energy flavor that compares to red bull that is really good. Same for dr pepper flavors.(SodaStream cola flavors taste like mayim chayim, so I wonder if someone with restaurant connections can get coca cola fountain syrup).Here is a link to sl SodaStream’s comparison link:


For the non faint of heart. Extreme ymmv: Print out the page from amazon showing $25 credit and bring to staples to price match 79- 25=54. Also get some of the paper that is free after rebate. Use 15 off 100 coupon found on under coupons. Also bring the 20% off break room coupon from this weeks circular. Sync your amex card for 25 back on $75 purchase at staples. Also make sure its synced with plink.there is a $20 staples gift card rebate now with purchase of soda stream. If you have a good staples and you can do all that you will make a few dollars off buying the soda stream from staples. If that’s too complicated for you then buy from Dan’s link.


Do they want a copy of the barcode or do they want you to cut it out?

Rebate info: Send completed original rebate form,
copy of SodaStream Soda Maker Sales Receipt, bar code from Home Soda Maker package and original register receipt for the 60L CO2


Sounds like cut out.


Anyone know what it includes any flavores ? How many I can’t find any were in the description ” includes”!!


love it!


Weren’t these free last year?




I’ve been thinking about purchasing one of these for a while. I am curious how the taste stacks up versus regular brand sodas, i.e Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, etc. I really am not a seltzer drinker, so the machine would only be useful for me for flavored soda. I was wondering if there might be some way to get a sample. Otherwise if anyone has an opinion on the taste I’d appreciate the info. Thanks!


in case anyone is concerned about using plastic bottles the models listed for the promo are plastic. if you want glass the crystal would be the one to choose.


Can I use this same amazon account for the 25 back from amazon with diffent cards




(1) Halachic question: why is it acceptable to use stored mechanical energy in cartridges on shabbes but not stored electrochemical energy in batteries?

(2) my sister has one of these and I was disappointed to find that I could not use it for seltzer fights a la the three Stooges. Is there a model that would accommodate this need?


When a Sodastream deal was posted last year someone recommended buying a “CO2 adaptor” for $60 to enable filling up with regular CO2 (paintball gas).. Anyone ever do it? Is it safe? Supposedly yoju make your money back pretty quickly…


Looks like Amazon has changed the offer for the $25 promo credit to “while supplies last” instead of “through 12/3″…


@Dan: I received my Sodastream, but because it was Amazon frustration free packaging I did not receive the UPC/Barcode to qualify for the rebate.

Anyone else have this issue?


@Clueless, Yes I also went with Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging and now CANNOT get the 25 rebate from Sodastream. So bogus that they don’t include the UPC in Frustration-Free packaged items.