Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit, Was $129.95, Now $64.97 Shipped


Update: Still alive. At least 14 commenters and DDF users are reporting getting 2 of the sodastream fizz starter kit machines even though they only paid for one, knocking the price paid per machine down to just $32.49.  A few have contacted the company and they were told it is a free gift and that they should enjoy it!
Did you get a free gift with your order? Hit the comments!


Originally posted on 07/09:

$64.97 models:
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Pink Sold Out!
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Green Sold Out!
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Black Sold Out!
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Red Sold Out!
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Blue Sold Out!
Sodastream Fizz Seltzer Starter Kit-Pearl
Sold Out!

-You can also get this Fizz model value pack in black or red with 2 carbonating bottles and other included flavors for $74.97 shipped (plus tax if applicable).

On the first checkout page (the page where you enter your address) use the following promo code for 50% off: FNF2013
On the second checkout page (the page where you enter your credit card info) use the following promo code for free shipping: FREEFIZZ

The 50% off coupon is good for all items found on this outlet store page.

The Fizz chip in this model shows you via electronic display how much fizz you’ve put into your bottle and how much CO2 is remaining in your canister!
Just remember to remove the fizz chip if you want to use it on shabbos!  You will still be able to make seltzer without the fizz chip, just the electronic display won’t function until you put it back on again.

All flavors are OU kosher.  The plain selzter is also kosher for passover.

After applying those coupons your total will be $64.97 shipped (plus tax if applicable):





I have a sodastream and it is awesome. No more shlepping cases of seltzer home from the store, I can make it in a few seconds from the comfort of my home for a small fraction of the cost of seltzer from a store.
Best of all I can control exactly how fizzy I want my seltzer, you can make it as weak or as strong as you’d like!

The included Co2 canister makes 60 1L bottles of seltzer (or way more than that if you don’t put in as much fizz.) You can exchange the canisters at tons of stores nationwide. Bed Bath and Beyond charges $12 for a refill with one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons or $10 with a $5 off $15 coupon.

HT: SBS, via DDF

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Is there any discount if I just wanted to get 5 sodamix flavors?
What’s the cheapest way to do that?


If they’re in the outlet link in this post you can get 50% off.
Personally I’m not a fan of the soda flavors.


Can this one be used on shabbos?


@Steve: I would also love to know the answer. I would return my cheaper model I just bought if I could use this better model on shabbos


@Steve: yes, you can disable the battery


Does this plug into the wall or is it battery operated?


How does this model differ from the cheaper model that sells on Amazon for $79.95?


How is this cheaper than buying seltzer at Costco for $.50/liter?


dan i am taking your advice and cancelling the premier rewards gold card…do the MR points dissapear meaning i have to transfer them prior to cancelling? if so, whats the best bet for 18,000 points…would love to have that 35% promo back from BA…


also, Amazon sells a nifty adapter for $60 that jailbreaks the sodastream so that it could allow the use of paintball gas cans – almost $20 cheaper per fill-up.


The chip is battery operated. It can be removed.

It tells you the fizz level in the bottle you’re carbonating and how much CO2 is remaining in your canister.

1. That would depend on how much seltzer you drink.
2. You can control the fizz level to your exact preference with this.
3. You don’t have to shlep heavy cases of seltzer as you can make it from your counter.
4. You can add your own seltzer or soda flavors.

Off-topic discussion belongs on DDF, thanks:

$20 cheaper per fillup?
But I only pay $10 for a new canister 😀


There are other shabbos concerns when using a soda stream even without batteries or electricity. Ask a competent rabbi. (Hopefully, he holds like the poskim who say it’s ok.) Being an Israeli product, many shu”t have been written about soda stream from gedolai poskei e”y including minchas yitzchak, dayan fisher, & r’ shlomo zalman.


People mistakenly believe it’s Ossur based on the Maharsham, the Maharsham himself reversed his position on the matter, and permitted it.

Here is a (partial) list of those who permit it completely on Shabbos:

שו”ת רב פעלים ×—”א או”×— סי’ ×™×—, שו”ת שערי צדק או”×— סי’ לו, שו”ת מהרש”ם ×—”×’ השמטות דף ב’ ×¢”ב, שו”ת ארץ צבי (פרומר) סי’ צו, שו”ת יביע אומר ×—”×™ דף קח טור ב


For further reading see the new edition of Shmiras Shabbos K’hilchasa (Hebrew) Volume 1 Chapter 11 paragraph 36, and in the footnote 147 where he explains that the people who prohibited it were only in the olden days when it was done with a powder, but today when its’s just bubbles being pushed into the water – everyone would agree that it is permitted. He brings all this in the name of the three leading Poskim in Israel: R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (Minchas Shlomo), R’ Eliezer Waldenberg (Tzitz Eliezer), and ybdlc”t R’ Ovadia Yosef (Yabia Omer).


This is not the place to debate it, both for issur or heter, however, SBS is referring to the issue of making the seltzer. There is a separate issue involving בנין בכלים when screwing on the bottle and gas canister. There is a possible problem according to the חזון איש & שו”×¢ הרב depending on the scenario. In particular, adding a new gas canister on shabbos could be an issue according to the בעל התניא. Please consult a Rabbi.



The Alter Rebbe writes in Hilchos Shabbos Siman 314 Seif 9:

מותר ליתן קנה חלול או שאר ברזא בחבית להוציא בהם היין אע”פ שלא היו מעולם בחבית זו ואינו יודע כלל אם יבואו למדת הנקב של חבית זו…

Which essentially means that you are allowed to screw a faucet (ברזא) on a barrel of wine on Shabbos even if it wasn’t connected before Shabbos and it’s not considered בנין בכלים. The same applies here, that by screwing the canister into the machine you are not doing בנין בכלים rather just connecting the “faucet” (machine) to the “barrel” (canister).

Regarding the opinion of the חזון איש, look in the Shmiras Shabbos K’hilchasa that I referenced, where he explains why even acc to the Chazon Ish it is permitted.


Using the same carbonating bottle over and over seems disgusting to me. It doesn’t clean well – especially if you’ve added flavoring. And I won’t start on about people who give it face time….. ugh.


They sell bottles that can be washed in the dishwasher. That’s what I use and they get cleaned weekly.


להגדיל תורה, @SBS, I’m referring to או”×— שי”×’ סכ”א (of the Alter Rebbe), where he states a shiur of every day. If taken literally, there would be an issue with attaching a new gas canister to the machine. Please, especially if you’re Lubavitch, ask a Rabbi.


The main point here is that Dan needs to be careful about promoting its use on Shabbos. The deal should be posted and everyone should ask their rabbi. I have no idea whether Dan is aware of the issues and holds or was told that its ok or if he is unaware of some of the potential issues. Either way please remember this is a deal blog. Halachic issues should not be decided here.



Which models have the chip? the starter kit or the value pack?


I just ordered it. Thanks.I didn’t look into different models; I just trust that this will be a good value. I remember my aunt in Israel used an old version of this more than 40 years ago and I always wondered why a similar product wasn’t available in USA.
BTW, Dan, you forgot to add tax to the price.


Both have the chip. The starter just comes with less things

Fizz chiper

I have the fizz chip and i dont think it is all that smart.

I think its time based, it isnt smart enough to detect 60 or 120

the pressure settings are time based, not real time pressure, seems to me and, when pumping it seems as though its a super guestimate..

Not sure what the point is, grabbed one last DD offer, thanks Dan, it was the 1/2 off then and the non chip was sold out next best thing, awesome selzer shleping saver,
life can be made soo much easier especially if you live on the 4rd floor. Ahh bubbles, and oh yeah that effervecent, grepps.


Would anyone know the return policy for this product in case I can get used to it?


@Dan: Do these dishwasher-safe bottles not come with the starter kit? I saw some bottles recently that are NOT dishwasher-safe.


No, you need to buy dishwasher safe bottles separately.


Dan, where do you get new canisters for $10?


Read the post.


Just saying, i tasted it with NYC water and it was awful… i tasted it in switzerland and it was great. it all depends on the water you have.


It seems that it’s no lunger in stock


ah, it seemed like you said in the comments you got a new canister, not an exchange for $10. got it. now i have to find places in israel that do exchanges. (all the searches for sodastream and israel talk about that boycott. we are doing a BUYcott!)


Ch housewares on kingston ave on crown heights had this deal for the same our similar price a couple weeks ago, I got one there… They may have more you can go check… If you just want to wall down the street and pick it up

Dans the man

Lol I got two and my wife sent the other one back thinking they forsure made a mistake!

uncle d

just ordered one in black. total $69.52 with tax



Just ordered one in green. $70.82 incl. tax.

Here’s hoping for 2 machines.


Henry frisch

We got two,


2 here as well


How do I know how many I will receive before it actually ships to me?


I placed my order on the 9th, and there is no tracking# yet, I called them they said it takes 7-10 business days, did u guys order it b4 me that u received it???


@cheaper: Thanks. Is there an adpter that can hook a standard 1 L soda bottle to the device?


We also got two when ordering one! Awsome deal!!


How about the value pack? also receiving two??


@rachel: It seems they take their sweet time to ship. I also placed an order for it last week, and to date, no shipping confirmation of any kind. Very unprofessional service from SodaStream. Time will tell.


Just ordered it hope they send me 2 and hope it arrives fast!!

PAL fan

Is there anyone here that only got 1?

Henry frisch

We ordered it the first day, July 9th I think, and it arrived in two completely separated boxes on Friday the twelfth.

The Millers

You answered a lot of questions we had…We ordered 3 sodastreams and got 2. We should have received 6 containers and got 3. Hopefully, they will make good on it!!


I ordered one of these units when I first discovered “Dan’s Deals”, a few days ago.

At half the price, this seemed like an unbeatable deal.
Today, I received TWO SodaStreams, in seperate boxes.

This is an unbeleivable deal – and has definitely made me a loyal reader of Dan’s Deals.

I have just placed another order, and would be super-thrilled if this order is also doubled – as these units will make great gifts.

How cool – to be able to give a gift worth $120, for a cost of only $30. THANKS, DAN !!!


Does anyone who has purchased in the last few days know whether they were receiving two at checkout or only when shipped? Have those who just ordered still gotten two?


Ordered the value pack, got it July 12-got 1.


Interesting, should’ve gone with the starter kit it seems!


Ya, but i’m still very happy with it! Thanks for the heads up!


Ordered July 9. Just received it today–but only one. Could it be I’ll get one more separately?
Also all those who got two, are they sure they weren’t charged twice?


Did you order the $64 or $74 version?


I ordered the $74 set yesterday. If I get only one, back it goes. That simple. 🙂


Black and Red look to be OOS
Green and Pink still available.

In for a green, hope i get 2!


deal is dead


Anyone who got 2 want to sell one? They seem to be out of stock and I would love to get one

Daniel Mammon

My order was sold out so they upgraded me to a Soda Source.


I ordered today the black one at 11:47am, it cost me $70 because they charged me $5 tax, am i still supposed to be receiving 2 of them?


mamash geneiva


Huh? Do explain.


does anyone know the answer to my guestion at comment 62


Everyone who ordered the fizz starter kit last week got 2. How would anyone know for certain what will happen with today’s orders?


thanks, how many days should it be before it arrives


I havent received mobile notifications from you in months, but it was was set receive them. I removed and readded my phone, but now when I click to receive mobile notifications from you it says “Before you can receive mobile notifications for @DansDeals’s Tweets, you need to set up your phone.”… but it’s already set up! Anyone have this?


There is no “add to cart” button even on the pink option. is this deal dead?


Update: I was able to fix it via texts, texted first ON and then FOLLOW DANSDEALS.


Why is this page black on mobile site?


anyone want to sell one, please pm me


Can anyone report getting two of the fizz value pack? Not the starter kit


@rochel, how much r u paying for one?

Rachel S

What is the return policy?


tried to order and put 1st code in ‘FNF2013′(said option of black or red) for 129:
Then got this error:

The coupon code you’ve entered does not apply to any of the products in your basket.
had in cart:
1 – 60 liter Carbonators, 1 Carbonating Bottle, Sodamix Variety 12 pack and also: Black Fizz




how do you get it down to 60 I tried and it came out to 80?


the code only works for items that say “clearance” in the title


I went into a store to get 2 refills. the rep had no idea what she was doing, I told her that they are supposed to charge me, but she had no idea how, and processed me as exchanging for a grand total of $0.00. Again, I showed her on the box that there was an exchange price, but she knew better…much better!


Only got one


they seem to be all sold out. if any1 figures out how to get it at this price can u let me know pls? otherwise any1 who got 2 want to sell 1?


Got 1


Starter package or Value package?


@Dan: do you know if they got 2 in same delivery or separate? i received only 1 today, extremely quick shipping.




Starter or Value?

Anyone selling?

Does anyone who received two want to sell one? Plz contact me at Thank you.

g f

Just got my delivery. was very quick but ony got 1


Good news/bad news. Ordered starter on 7/15. Delivered 7/17. Bad news: only 1


Same as previous poster


Is it possible the double was a glitch? Or perhaps a marketing tool too get a hundred more orders?


The company said that there was a glitch in the system–communication between ordering and warehouse–for a few hours last week. I was told that were no free ‘gifts’ sent, but it only happened to ‘a few’ customers so it wasn’t worth their trouble to recall them. This was their answer when I wanted to know if the same offer would apply to the $149 retail machine instead of the sold out $129 machine. I had found an old coupon stating they would send a free gift, but I was told that the gift was a bottle of syrup or something of that type.

Simcha Mann

I only got one


They sent 2 specifically to DansDeals members so the word would get out and everyone would order and it worked. Remember sodastream is a Jewish owned company they can be slick like that. ($68 is still a great deal for 1 machine)




According to the website: If you are not satisfied with your soda maker for any reason, you may return it, postmarked within 30 days of date of purchase (please keep your dated receipts) for a full refund of the total cost of the merchandise you ordered, plus any applicable sales tax. (SodaStream does not refund any shipping charges.) Soda makers purchased as holiday gifts between November 1 and December 31 may be returned through January 31. If you wish to make a return, please contact SodaStream Customer Service by calling us toll-free at 1-800-763-2258.


I only got one. It came today.


Quick shipping, but only got one value pack.


For all you that missed out. You can buy it for LESS at WALMART.
Only $59 plus free shipping!!!

I think Sodastream pulled a quick one on us. by giving an extra “bonus” one to a few people that ordered right away to get more people to order. Just my opinion…

Also my Fizz Chip broke when trying to take it out for shab. called them up and they are sending me another fizz chip free.

rachel z

Hi Dan,

I ordered it on 7/9 from them,it was the 1st time you posted it… and still have not received anything so I called them and this is their email response to me.
is it worth it? or should I cancel my order?


This is a follow-up regarding the order you placed with us. Unfortunately, the Blue Fizz machine has went out of stock. SodaStream would like to replace it with the Blue Source machine. This replacement would be an upgrade as the Source machine is our newest model. If you approve of this upgrade please contact our customer support team at 1.800.763.2258, or simply reply to this email with your decision. We are available 24/7 to assist you.


@Rachel z
I think so, the source machine is the newest model and actually sells at a higher price.
if you prefer you can check Y305 posting to get it a few $$ cheaper with the old FIZZ model in Black.

Eli S

I ordered the starter kit on impulse, but decided to cancel the order. SodaStream was nice enough to cancel since it was same day and my CC hasn’t been charged yet. I was quite surprised when I received an email with the tracking #, but figured it’s an automatically generated label. The next day when shipment showed movement and CC was charged, I again contacted SodaStream, they said they will recall shipment.
I ended up receiving the package and contacted SodaStream again to resolve. They advised that they will refund the payment and I can keep BOTH machines!
Thanks Dan for the great deal!


Just one delivered in SF on July 23. Ordered July 15. Was hoping for 2.


just received my order for the value pack (starter was oos) it’s missing the 2nd bottle that was supposed to be included. any suggestions, what to do? what to expect their response to be?


Similar to SFO… ordered on 7/15, one delivered today (7/24).


Got only one, so I sent it back. Up theirs.


Tried to return and they are telling me that its a closeout item and no return.. They are kind enough to help you find that wording on a hidden page!

Faq states that you can return within 30 days but they claim the faq is on a different website.. are they living in the 90’s?