Siyum HaShas Livestream

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Just 7 years ago DDF member sruly101 asked where he can watch the siyum hashas online. Seeing there was not going to be any livestream of the event I offered to livestream it for him and a few other forum members.

I agreed to do the livestream, expecting a couple of views. But Dan shared it here, which led to many other sites sharing it as well, and by the end of the night the livestream had gotten 93,000+ views.

The story was covered by Vos Iz Neias and COLLive.

For me it was an incredible experience and I am happy to see this year there will be an official livestream of the siyum.

You can watch the Siyum here:


You can watch the Olami livestream here:

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will it be available to watch after it’s over?


“Thankfully, Eleff, who has an unlimited data plan and streamed over one gigabyte of data during the Siyum…”
#onegig #TimesHaveChanged


Dan are you ther?


will we see the crowd and the siyum or just these dudes chatting?


They’re davening mincha now, hopeful once it starts they will pipe down.


yes, we want to see the SIYUM.


Typical Jewish event. Totally unorganized, balagan.


That’s kind of off, no? Be proud of what so many were able to accomplish. You don’t need to knock..


@jerry I was there and thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was very organized! Were you there?

Shaul Morrison

It actually ran quite smoothly live.


Was actually really organized and beautifully done.




+1 Can’t even fathom as to what he’s talking about.


seriously, if only we could say tehillim along with that crowd instead of it being drowned out by. Is there a livestream of the stadium?!


What does this stream have to do with the siyum, other than that’s where it’s located?


Ashreinu Mah Tov Chelkeinu!
What an incredible Kiddush Hashem.


I’m starting Are you?
See you in 7 years!


dan can you please post an archive link to the last siyam?


JJ’s 2012 feed was live at
Doesn’t look like it saved a copy.


It may not be JJ’s feed, but here is a link to a 7+ hour video of the entire 2012 Siyum Hashas at MetLife stadium: