Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin Is Free To Go Home!

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I’ll veer off the usual deals coverage just to share some news that brought a smile to my face.



The saga of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is a long and sad one and I won’t go into the politics of it. But after 8 years in prison, his sentence was commuted by President Trump and he is free to go home.

I’d call it a pretty amazing miracle for the last day of Chanukah! Mazel tov to him and his family!

HT: zale, via DDF

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amazing amazing amazing omg bh!


Wow. BH

Yisroel Eizikovitz

זאת חנוכה נס


Wow! That’s amazing new! Kudos to President Trump!!!


Baruch Hashem !

Out of town Jew

Mazel Tov!! A new on Zos Chanuka!!!!


Hodu LaHashem!!!!

Nes Chanuka!!!


kudos to kushner!



Just saying

Great news
Thanks for positing


מזל טוב
Bh finally!


First think Trump ever did right


plz dont….

Yaakov Kuritzky

not so nice. Especially now


You have no idea what you’re talking!


One of the reasons we love trump!!!!


What is the other reason – his support of KKK members?



chana k

You have proof of that? Or just rumors without any actions of something Trump did?


C’mon you should know lefties don’t need proof to throw flames



Yaakov Kuritzky

keep it positive


The guy was in jail because he had hundreds of illegal immigrants working for his business. So you support a guy that illegally hires undocumented workers AND you love Trump? Make up your mind because you can’t have it both ways.


1st they all provided ssn and dob, so that claim was not true.
2nd he was convicted for bank loss, which they made happen by forcing them out of business.

Yaakov Kuritzky

you are terribly misinformed of facts



Carol Bigel

Don’t forget the animal cruelty that was videotaped at the Rubashkin facility! A shanda and a Chillul HaShem! I don’t care if he’s out, he was/is a crook. Just saying.


Hillary and Bill are criminals and belong in jail…as does the “judge” in the Rubashkin case. Save your indignation for those that deserve it.
Even if SMR committed some minor improprieties, nothing he did deserved having his life destroyed and being thrown in jail for 27 years.
You’re obviously a Dansdeals follower – do you mean to tell me that you never misstated your income for the CC companies?
Are you aware that by statute you can go to jail for that, for 5-10 years per offense?
Does that make you a criminal?

You’re the shanda

Dr. Binyomin Nemon

Carol Bigel, as an EXPERT and experienced Shochet, and a physician (I am board certified in family medicine), I can tell you that you are (“Just saying”) blowing smoke and have no idea what are talking about. I saw the videos and DO know and understand what I was seeing (you DON’T), there was no animal cruelty there. It was and is fake news, and PETA lies. The PETA Nazis are NOT for humane treatment of animals, they are for NO treatment of animals. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Your Judaism is very shallow if this is the way you express yourself about another Jew and you obviously were never in a slaughter house
Keep in eating alfalfa sprouts and quinoa


How can you be so negative?! Take your anger out on the people who deserve it!


excuse me but get your facts right all those charges about employing illegals were thrown out he was jailed for other reasons
So before you mouth off about another Jew think twice before u spit out your venomous lies


Not true he wasn’t in jail because of illegal immigrations!!! He was in jail for bank frouds onlu


Mazal Tov Sholom Rubashkin!!


Mazel tov! May we see him soon in our hometown! Been davening for YEARS for this. If anyone wonders why Trump was elected, now we know 🙂

Carol Bigel

Ugh, feh! A sociopath in the WH




Gam zi latove


Say what you will about this president but he’s taking care of us.

He is a shonda.

Like how he mentioned us on Holocaust Remembrance Day….


People said that about achachvarosh too


WOW!! BH!!


Maze tov !
Special call out to Pinny Lifschutz of the Yated. The power of one man unrelenting.

Yaakov Kuritzky

YES Pinny Lifschutz of the Yated Neeman deserves infinite recognition for his efforts


That’s because Pinny gives a dam. Thank you Pinny and thank you Yated N’eman for being on the forefront of Shalom Mordechai’s well-being.


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!
So Happy for him, yet this is not a full pardon which he still NEEDS to get.


Wow! Chasdei hashem!!


Great news! G-d bless President Trump


Best news ever! Now let’s hope for refua sheliema for azan family




Baruch Hashem!!! A true Chanukah miracle!!! Thank you for sharing this.

Dan R

Great post! Thanks for sharing Dan






ישתבח שמו לעד

Malka Lieber

Baruch Hashem!!!! I am so happy for the family


Wow! B”H.

Leah Granick

I am so so happy. We never know the ways of hashem

cr se.....

yeshuos hashem keheref ayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boruch Hashem! A Chanukah Gift to the entire Jewish Community. A gross miscarriage of justice comes to an end.


WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

Thank you Mr. Trump.

A neis Chanukah indeed.

Klal yisroel should gather together all over America to celebrate this Chanukah present from hashem.

Yaakov Kuritzky

indoors. v’hameivin yavin


Hodu lashem Chanukah miracle

The Rosenblum family

I’m trying so hard not to cry, but it’s not possible!! I’m so happy for him and his family!!! Mamish a Zos Chanukah miracle


bh!!!!!!!! wow!! Nes Chanuka!!!

Guy Goldgart

Why a man which is trying to find some great deals on the internet should see this article? I am so not worried about offenders and don’t want to read here about them. And also I even cannot understand why did you decide to write this here.
Really, I get notifications on my phone from this site and a lot of great deals, but too much. So getting more, about this subject, really makes me upset.

Be happy



Good lord – Dan can put whatever he wants on his site. And you can choose to stop getting notifications from his site. Deal with it.


pun intended?


If Dan chose to share this good news clearly it meant something close to his heart and the hearts of thousands of his Jewish followers. No one forces you to keep your notifications on or be signed up. He shares his personal life like the birth of new children. We should always share good news and never complain about it. There’s too much sadness in the world.


Because 98% of DD followers are orthodox Jews (i.e. brothers and sisters) and this post makes us happier than every other deal together.
If this post doesn’t interest you, then either shut your mouth or find another site to follow.


This is the GREATEST Deal for any Human being!


HE WAS FRAMED, and as you can see below, we all know that and we all know this is wonderful news, and better than any smoking hot free delta flights!


Let him get this deal;
and as the say
וויש דיך אפ די נאז און גיי ווייטער

chana k

I don’t need another airbed, but I don’t complain every time Dan sends me a good deal on one. What doesn’t interest you, skip over!


Why would someone who enjoys this great FREE site would complain about an “extra” article is beyond me. You say that you get great deals from here, so say THANK YOU and move on. You took the time to write a comment complaining about the article, so you’re clearly not that busy. Jeez!
Stop being so selfish.
“You don’t care about offenders”??? Well, maybe you should


WOW WOW Best news ever!


Boruch Mattir Assurim

Dr. Binyomin Nemon

I shook and kissed his hand this morning after he “bentched goimel” in 770, and I bentched “Boruch Mechaye Hameism” b’shem ub’malchus.


Thanks for posting this amazing news!


This is great news and we must praise god when we hear such good news B”H.

Thanks for posting this great news. may we all be freed now from our own prison here in golus.


wow I have been praying for his release for over 3 years!

yosef b schneid



What A Deal!! Thank You Hashem!!!!


i have tears in my eyes after hearing this amazing new!


If you look at the way he reacted to his sentence and the tremendous spiritual strength he showed throughout, then yes, he is a tzadik and a role mode. If you know the details of this case, it is not a human right issue but a gross miscarriage of justice.


Its very nice that someone got commuted from prison as a human rights issue, but lets not make this guy a tzadik. We have many more people who deserve to be role models than him.




don’t wright lushen huru or motzei shem rah here on this site.
you should be ashamed of yourself.
one comment here and thousands of people see it!


@Ira maybe we should start calling you God as you know who is a Tzadik and who is not.

Da man

Oh Ira doesn’t know the guy ISN’T a tzadik, but the person commenting above him does know that this guy IS a tzadik? Talk about double speak..


Because in Judaism one is obligated to have dan l’kaf zechus. You should assume someone is a tzaddik and righteous and give them the benefit of the doubt and not to assume the worst about them (I’m sure that when you do something wrong, you find every excuse in the book for it as we all do). Whenever lashon harah comes up in the torah, in the case of the meraglim or with Miriam, its because there was a failure of Dan l’kaf zechus.


You sure sound like someone with role models.


This is a deal we are all automatically enjoying lets show the bore olam by doing something extra


Thank you for posting! Best news I’ve heard! True Chanukah miracle!

ELI Katz

Thank u dan

Think people....

I thought the majority of the folks here were “my people”, but it’s clear you really aren’t…

joe blo

what do u mean by that

Yoshi Mack

Perhaps we should celebrate another 8 days for the eight years of imprisonment. I would love to greet him


Maze Tov to all who care about injustice


ברוך מתיר אסורים


Baruch Hashem! Amazing news!!

Moshe G

BH mazal tov


Thank you again President Trump

Yekusiel G.

Baruch Hashem. Baruch Matir Assurim.
Thank you President Trump.


mazel tov or בחושך! we are so excited to hear the wonderfull news!
it really gives hope to everyone who needs jeshuos
may this jeshuo bring many more jeshos, and may we be zoiche to the big jeshuo to the geula shleimo!


maybe there will be better deals on meat now? a rubashkin special? by 7 packages of meat get a lifetime free..? mazel tov!!!!


I never understood why people made Rubashkin into a martyr. He was convinced on 86 counts of fraud, and he was never tried for labor abuses.
You might think his sentence was harsh but there are many Americans convicted of felonies with overly harsh sentences.
Bottom line he is a criminal.


In reply to your imagined point; he was never charged with labor abuse crimes and yet that was the impetus for the unprecedented shutdown of his slaughterhouse. Shutting down a slaughterhouse with no cause and no advance notice will drive anybody into bankruptcy. That fact paired with loads of prosecutorial hijinks makes this case unusual and different.


your for sure the type of guy that snitched to the principal l when you saw someone doing something even slightly wrong, such a stickler, you for sure have the worst personality on earth and you probably live in baltimore. even if he should have cooperated and showed remorse and he committed felonies doesnt mean he got treated fairly, totally unfair and biased even if the judge wasnt coming from a place of anti semitism but rather being fed up with jews especially ones with beards who think there above the law. not to mention overly harsh sentences to other felons were given because they were bad in the first place and the judge saw that which contributed them in giving over their strong sentencing ,as opposed to read who didnt allow herself to see the good on rubashkin . rubashkin was a first time offender, family man, and someone that did alot of good.forgive the ramble im just so happy rubashkin is freed. mashiach now


Something wrong? Not so certain, good for him and his family, but truly we should be praying for the victims of his crimes as much as celebrating his release.


and who were the victims exactly? the illegals that he hired and paid a good wage? YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING. if he was your father/brother you would be singing a very different tune. enough with the hate. be happy for a fellow jew instead of looking for reasons to be upset at the world.


Do you pray for the victims of Lehman Brothers’s investors who lost hundreds if billions due to 105?? Or Wells Fargo’s custimer’s or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s?
Your misplaced feelings come from eating too much ginger bread.

dans\'s chassid

give one victim and then talk , the bank’s or the victim of unjustic not him


What’s wrong with baltimore


Baruch Mattir Assurim!


בימים ההם בזמן הזה!!


I daven with his some of his sons on Shabbos and can only imagine how it will be when their father can be with them again particularly their son with autism who has recently made friends with someone who has sons with Down’s. THIS will be such nachas.

the happy readrs

we were davening for it


Dans forum is about hot deals. Hot deals are about making us happy. This story is the hottest deal since the beginning of this forum. Hence, why Dan posted.
Simple logic bro.


I have to let it loose: someone should find the a$$hole Shmarya Rosenberg from FailedMessiah and rub this in his stupid face. That jerk droned on and on and on about how the book should be thrown at Rubashkin….it was almost like an obsession with him. He then backpedaled when he heard the 27 year sentence and hemmed and hawed like a little b!t¢# crying about how this is not what he intended….. blah blah blah. Suck it Rosenberg!!


+1 loser never got married no life accomplished nothing on this world i hope you read this rosenberg and youre writhing in agony

The Dude

Ooooh now this is that “love every Jew ” brotherly love everyone in the comments is advertising .. praise be to Rubashkin but burn that ahole Rosenberg at the stake? You losers really don’t think GD sees your hypocrisy and takes notes? Haha what a joke.


Who is rosenberg


Hashems hand clearly. Trump loves the jews but the crime committed is pretty much exactly what Trump is against so we see Hashems hand in play here. Thank you Mr. Trump and Thank you Hashem




Watch it live now on
The place is on wheels.


thanks for ur post, i forget he was chabad, i’ll throw my concern for him out the window


best news ever. & for all the jaw haters your place is not here, you should always pay highest price possible.


This gets my vote for funniest comment!!!

David s

Mazel tov

m r

Mazel Tov! Baruch Matir Asirim!


No one said that Trump likes Jews. Trump has motives in mind , whatever he does . Selfish motives . But that’s irrelevant, because this is great news. And this is Dans blog and he can share it.
Ok, so Rubashkin wasn’t super clean but his wrongdoing was far from bad enough for the sentence he received.
I’m just happy for Rubashkin and his family . And I hope Trump does further acts of justice to ALL.

Yaakov Kuritzky


Avrohom Biderman

That’s the best deal of all!!

Avrohom Biderman

That’s the best deal of all!! Chasdei HaShem!


This is a big Deal!


mazel tov


didon netzach




Trump מחסידי אומות העולם


Mazel Tov! What an inspiration for our youth!


I am Soooo elated. Baruch Hashem




Burech Hashem. Chasdei Hashem. We need to light another candle for this ness! Best wishes to Rubashkin Family. Light at the end of darkness…


What a Deal!


Boruch Matir Assurim!

Dirty Judge

The Jewish Lobby is strong! (I read Dans whitehouse link, full disclosure, im Muslim, im here for the Deals ONLY) I wikipedia’d this guy,i knew nothing about him, apparently he is a revered kosher meat manufacturer to Israel. Hence his importance in the Jewish community. He had a white collar crime and didnt harm anyone (I hope he treated his illegal immigrant workers and the animals humanely and justly). His crimes in NO WAY deem a 27yr sentence, according to articles the judge was prejudiced and overzealous during the trial in bringing down a “big fish” in Iowa. The punishment didn’t fit the crime in my opinion. 8yrs is more than enough especially for a first time offender and father of 10 kids. I remember i celebrated like you all on this thread when Chelsea Manning’s sentence was commuted. So congrats to you all on justice being served (btw, thank Kushner not the Orangutan). What im struggling to comprehend is why he was so revered in the Jewish Community?? Dan? (fyi Dan, Jewish-specific matters are obviously not something on my priority list of caring about, but this is a justice story and a fairness/human story so i will accept this post. I learned something)


Also Dan, remember, your website that i’ve been a fan of since 2013/14, is called “” not or “” only posts deals ( i dont like that site).. So those DD fans who say they shouldnt be notified on their phone with a post like this have a point. Maybe create a separate lane for Jewish-related matters, just a suggestion. Keep Wheelin and Dealin!

chana k

To speak to one of your questions. Because of the injustice in this case, Jews in many communities were praying for him and writing letters on his behalf. So everyone feels a special kinship with him. I don’t consider him ‘revered’, but loved.


Greatest news ever seen on this site


No one forced Rubashkin to commit fraud


theres the brotherly love!




mazal tov!! Great news


Mazal Tov !! Great news


@Dan, I know you’re not a Trump fan but can you give the guy down credit?? You’re always quick to criticize him, let’s give him a little love. Between this and the embassy on Jerusalem, he’s doing some pretty good things for the Jews


Calling this a miracle is an insult to Hashem and the real miracle he actually performs

Avigdor Einhorn

WOW! Great news! Tx President Trump. May G-d bless you!


Thans for letting us know BH!!!


Thank You Dan for the best news. If your blog would’ve opened only to be able to bring this message, it’s well worth it. The next message should be that משיח is here. Now!




Trump 2020


I am less than thrilled — given the way Rubashkin was hounded and “set up” by a vicious “Prosecution” — which was later shown to have done some very VERY terrible things — the :right thing” would have been a full Pardon — a Commutation basically says that Rubashkin was guilty — but the punishment will be made “lighter”.
Yes — it WONDERFUL that Rubashkin is going home — but I think that we can tone down the Kudos to Trump w whole lot.
He did “the minimum” — Just like with Jerusalem 00 yes he declared it the Capitol but (1) went “out of his way” to NOT define any borders and (2) he signed yet ANOTHER “waiver” to not move the Embassy and (3) the State Department is STILL not showing Jerusalem , Israel on Passports… So, there was some nice “symbolics” — and it shows Trump CERTAINLY better that Obama (as far as Israel is concerned) — but, again, it is not all that “meaningful” — even though the Arabs under Abbas and Hamas are trying to “play it up”… When I see something REAL, maybe my opinion will change — Right now, all I can say is that he is “better than Obama” (as far as Israel is concerned) — and that is REALLY not saying all that much….


as long as he is better than crooked clinton (duh), thats all thats necessary

Joe lawstein

ברוח השם


Nes Chanukah. There’s dancing in the streets of Boro Park. Come join.


where in bp is there dancing sarala? would love to join


Best deal post ever!


I voted for trump so I am a partner in the Nes Chanukah


The man had Emunah Shleima.
This is a Beautiful day for all Jews worldwide.
It is an added bonus that it happened on the 8th night of Chanukah.
We should be after just for the sake that our brother saw his Yeshua in his life and is able to reunite with his family of 10 children.
May we all be Zocheh to see the Yeshua we need in our lives. AMEN


By Mendel Kaplan – Toronto

To the sadly misguided fellow Jew who just PM’d me to share his “profound disgust” at my sharing Facebook posts expressing “delight” in Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin’s wondrous release in the final (and most powerful) miraculous moments of Chanukah:

I am choosing to post a response publicly in the event that there are others thinking and feeling like you at this moment:

Nobody I know believes that “bank fraud is a Mitzvah,” and frankly your making blanket statements about “Hareidi Jews commonly justifying white collar crime by cloaking it in a Talit of frum-piety” is anti-Semitic (yes, a Jew who passes judgement on a wide swath of other Jews who might act or dress differently then them is also guilty of the same abhorrent form of racism).

To be sure, Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is not a saint and has definitely made some serious mistakes along the way. He is not alone. We have made all mistakes in life. And yes, it’s also true that some people mistakes might be bigger than others.

Yet your gleeful willingness to brand him a nefarious convict, stands in sharp and shameful contrast to your self-identifying as “accepting and non-judgemental.”

To be so harshly critical of his errors, yet so accepting of others’ behaviour smacks of incredible (and may I add egregious) hypocrisy.

I wholeheartedly agree that none should be “above the law.” Defrauding financial institutions, cheating on income tax or illegally obtaining government funding is a crime. It is fair to say that those who break the law, deserve to be dealt with accordingly.

HOWEVER, for Heavens sake, educate yourself my friend; a 27 year sentence for bank fraud cannot be justified. That was nothing less than a Dryfuseque display of horribly outrageous anti-Semitism in 21st century America.

The Frum community did not “broadcast tacit approval of criminality” it expressed a beautiful wave of solidarity with a Yid who was unjustly and harshly mistreated for the simple reason that he was (visibly) Jewish.

Quite frankly, to me it was painful (and in fact shocking) that the rest of Am Yisrael didn’t care and instead chose to conveniently look away for the past 8 long years…

The tsunami of of joy you are now seeing sweep across the web and Socail Media is a remarkable outpouring of Torah-true solidarity and the sincere brotherhood and kinship that should always be felt amongst ALL Yidden.

You are now witnessing the truest meaning of Ahavat Yisrael, as thousands delight and rejoice in the redemption of a fellow Yid who was unfairly treated just because he was Jewish.

Be inspired by it. Or at least wish you could feel it.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried upon hearing the news. Not because Shalom Mordechai is my friend. I don’t really know him personally. But because, along with tens-of-thousands of others, I am privileged feel a familial bond with a fellow Yid.

All I can say is that I wish you could feel it too…

If he was your terrestrial brother, you’d innately overlook his shortcomings and be happy for him tonight… that is essential meaning of the Mitzvah of Ahavat Yisrael. Self-love blinds us to our own faults, love of our fellow should blind us to their faults as well!!

I pray that Hashem opens your heart that (sadly) seems to throb with such intense dislike, and instead fills it with love… and may the beautiful Achdut Yisrael now sweeping the globe serve as the final catalyst for the arrival of our long awaited redemption through the righteous Moshiach, speedily and in our days, amen!


I am so happy to hear!


I am so happy to hear about R’Shalom

But finding it hard to celebrate as my heart is still in pain over the fire in Brooklyn that took the lives of three children and a young mother

Please pray for – Shilat bas Louzza Aliza (16) Daniel ben Louzza Aliza (15) Avraham ben Louzza Aliza (13) and the father, Yosef ben Ahuva Masouda.



Yehuda A Mond

PLEASE go to the WH page and thank President Trump directly!!


done. Thank you for the link.


Shkoyach Reb Yehuda

Yaakov Kuritzky

We MUST thank Hashem G-D for having President Donald Trump free Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin.
All understand that he was mistreated and jailed unfairly.
We MUST show hakaras hatov thanks, appreciation and support to the Honorable President Donald Trump for taking the stand to show [liberty and] JUSTICE for ALL!


Maybe this was a price mistake?




Ugh. For anyone who wonders why we don’t have moshiach, why we don’t have the beis hamikdash, why Jews suffer time as again… just look at most of the comments on this Dan’s deals blog. We get the Golus we deserve. We earned it with every disgusting hateful word to each other.

y id

Thanks for sharing this most amazing news!
Hodu lashem ki tov!

joe blo

thanks trump

Milka Rosenberg

We should all be zocha to be free from gules




Best deal EVER

Gloria Epstein

So wonderful!!


There are 10s of thousands of people serving insane sentences for drug violations that harmed nobody but themselves. I didn’t see the Frum community saying it was a Nes when Obama pardoned hundreds of people for this. But maybe that’s just because most of the people in prison for drugs are black and brown.


That is both false and misleading. The people sitting were DEALERS, which means they did harm other people with their actions.


Is is well known that there are people who were overcharged with intent to distribute so that they would plea down to possession (and not risk a trial), who were given long sentences. Don’t take my word for it – Google is your friend. To get you started:

Not trying to nitpick on a specific case but a trend in general that you would be blinding yourself not to recognize.


so in order to be happy that our fellow jew was released, we need to be happy for every random person who is ‘black and brown’? let me explain to you (and anyone else who is reading this) exactly what your issue is. you nebech have no feeling of kinship with your fellow jews, and when you read all of these comments, you understandably get jealous. so instead of doing the smarter (although admittedly harder) thing, which is working on yourself, you decide to label everyone else as a bunch of racists. unfortunately you didnt think too much into it before you spewed your idiocy and ignorance. the fact that i dont care about random people getting pardoned is because i have nothing to do with them. i dont care if they get married, or make a million dollars, or anything else. thats not racist. i dont care if they are white, black, brown, or yellow. i dont care if they are muslim, christian, or athiest.

a jew however, is different. every jew is my brother. i care about my brothers. therefore, i consider it a Nes when mr trump uses his first commutation on my fellow brother.

in summation, the fact that i am happy that rubashkin was released isnt- as you would like to convince yourself- a fault in me, but rather something that you are missing. and if you were smart, you would stop trying to convince yourself or others otherwise.

joe blo

thats disgusting,you know there is nothing raciest about this


Whatever you want to say about Rubashkin, he served more than what should have been his time. The reason that many members of Congress, prosecutors, district attorneys, etc advocated for him was the fact that his sentence was more than excessive. He was sentenced 28 years for bank fraud whereas the head of Enron who defrauded investors in the amount of 11 billion dollars received an 8 year sentence!


Now that this case got so much attention, we should start a petition to remove (or impeach) Judge Linda Reade, for her gross travesty of justice.


Dan, didn’t it occur to you to disable the posting of comments?? i’m thrilled that you posted it.. i was in the middle of writing an email to someone in israel, and she wrote me back this morning to thank me profusely for waking up to such wonderful news. BUT didn’t you realize it would unleash a torrent of comments??

yosef b schneid



27 years was too long but what he did was a HUGE chillul Hashem! Let’s not forget that too. He committed a crime and exploited people, just because he was given a harsh sentence does not absolve him of what he did- violating hilchot of mekach u’memkar and dina d’malchuta dina, as well as creating a gigantic chillul Hashem.

joe blo

thanks tzaddik


And YOU are just now doing a much BIGGER Chillul Hashem!! SHOITA!!


The hypocrisy is mind boggling! This man is a crook who committed a horrific chillul Hashem. He didn’t just commit bank fraud. He severely abused his undocumented workers & violated the very principles of the Torah. He behavior doesn’t get excused because he wears tzitis & has a beard. Shame on all the people who live by the double standard that it is ok to cheat goyem & our government. Look in the mirror & find your souls.


One quick question: Why then do you think the president decided to do what he did?


Simple, to appease Chabad. Obama pardoned Marc Rich. Just a different version of the same old game of taking care of your supporters / contributors. Rubashkin was not a political prisoner. He was a crook who abused and took advantage of helpless Hispanic & Mexican undocumented workers. (Rubaskin’s company created fake docs). There is no “blessing from Hashem” on his pardon. There should be no celebration of such a person getting early release from prison. Too many of the frum community lack a moral compass and have screwed up values. Lets all celebrate that a crook and abuser is released from jail!??? Many, many B’H on that.
Totally disgusting.


lets pick apart your garbage piece by piece.

“Simple, to appease Chabad. Obama pardoned Marc Rich. Just a different version of the same old game of taking care of your supporters / contributors.”
your lack of research would be funny if it wasnt so sad. marc rich was pardoned by clinton, not obama. he was pardoned because he donated to the clintons. what proof do you have that rubashkin/ chabad donated to trump?

“He was a crook who abused and took advantage of helpless Hispanic & Mexican undocumented workers. (Rubaskin’s company created fake docs).”
how is hiring illegals abuse or taking advantage of them? and what does creating false docs have anything to do with your point?

“There is no “blessing from Hashem” on his pardon. There should be no celebration of such a person getting early release from prison. Too many of the frum community lack a moral compass and have screwed up values. Lets all celebrate that a crook and abuser is released from jail!??? Many, many B’H on that.
Totally disgusting.”
there is plenty of blessing from Hashem that a father of 10 gets to be with his family. there should be plenty of celebration. you lack a moral compass and have screwed up values.

stop searching for reasons to be a self hating jew. if you would do a bit of research (literally, a tiny bit, this info is SO easy to find), you would realize that the judge was corrupt and out to get him.


I stand corrected on the Marc Rich comment. In my hasty response I incorrectly recalled which corrupt Democratic President committed that travesty.
I was asked my opinion of why Trump did the pardon. I stand by my opinion that it was to appease Chabad. There are numerous articles that chronicled the voting support he got from Chabad & other ties between Kushner, Trump & Chabad. Here is one for enlightenment.

However, I stand by everything else I said.
Rubashkin’s company absolutely abused it’s workers. This a documented fact. Stop ignoring the truth.
I have no issues with his family being happy is he home. They 100% should be happy.
I take huge issue other people celebrating this man & acting like this is a gift from
G-d and good for the Jewish people. He committed crimes and a huge Chilul Hashem. The bank fraud was only part of his crimes. It was such a slam dunk that they didn’t bother prosecuting him for his exploitation of his workers. But wait, they were goyem & to people like you they don’t matter. There are far too many morally corrupt hypocritical frum jews. They believe you can ignore the commandment of “Thou Shalt not steal” if you steal from goyem or the USA gov’t. Our Rabbis have not only turned a blind eye to this but have all too often engaged in this exact behavior.

In regard to your comment of me being a self hating jew….I wont dignify that with an answer.


so your proof that trump freed him to appease his donors… is an article that says that trump and kushner donated money to chabad… wow. your research is getting better and better.

the saddest part about your comments (along with other people here) is that apparently trump cares more for our brother then you do.


Abe, reading comprehension please! This is not about Ahavat Achim (love thy brother)…this is about Emet (truth & honesty). We cannot act in ways that directly contrary to the values of the Torah & then excuse them by doing rituals from the Torah.

I never stated that Chabad or Rubashkin paid off trump. Trump certainly doesn’t need the money. I stated my opinion (which I was asked for) that Trump did this as a favor to Chabad. This was a political favor to a group that he is close with & has given him tremendous support.
So lets try to clarify points we agree on.
1- Rubashkin was guilty & convicted of crimes he committed.
2- The sentence he got was excessive. It was delivered by a corrupt Judge.

The points that we differ on.
1- There is no reason to celebrate the release of a criminal. This was not a innocent man wrongly convicted of a crime or who accidentally committed a crime. Everything he did was calculated.

2-Too many frum Jews are ok with stealing from Goyem & the U.S. Government. They are also ok with abusing and taking advantage of non Jewish workers. Wearing tzitzis, saying brochot & learning daf yomi does not excuse this behavior.


I don’t have a problem with people who believe that 8 years served is a punishment more in line & fair with the type of crime he committed.

I do take issue with all the “It’s a Chanukah Ness”, B’H, “the Tzadik is free”, even calling him a role model(sic) nonsense.
The biggest issue I have is with the people that excuse his actions and pretend like all he did was pass a red light.
Just a thought…a great way to avoid a 27 year prison term is to NOT commit fraud & not to abuse your workers (I know he wasn’t convicted for this but easily could have been). The harsh sentence he got was unfair but perhaps it was karma for the way he abused his workers (& the animals). He never would have been in this situation if not for his greedy & perverse actions. He didn’t wind up in jail by accident. He belonged there for the crimes he committed.


You know the easiest way to avoid a 27 year prison sentence…don’t commit fraud. He is not an innocent victim. He is a criminal that got caught. Just a thought but maybe the excessive sentence he got was karma for the way he abused his workers & the animals???

dans\'s chassid

sorry please to you’re resurch, thank’s

joe blo

avi,learn the facts before you post.n/o is excusing him bec. of his clothing,you know he didnt abused his workers which by the way showed dob and ssn


Joe stop burying your head in the sand & get your facts straight. He 100% abused his workers. It is well documented & the gov’t was building a huge case against him. (do a goggle search)
They decided to prosecute him for the bank fraud since it was such a easy slam dunk.
Just pray that you and your children never have to work under the conditions he subjected his workers to.

To all haters and those disgusted with the outcome
dans\'s chassid

everybody please take a few minute to thank trump via writing calling or online it is the yiddish midah and never know what w coult still benefit from this


Is it also a yiddish midah to celebrate someone who is a crook and perpetuated serious chillul HaShem?

joe blo

dan thanks your awsome


Chasdei Hashem!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Parsha Miketz:a Vayishlach Parop vayikro es Yosef vayartitzuho min habor.

Coincidence? I think not.

deals dealer

Baruch Hashem!!
I never saw in my life so many people being REALLY happy for someone else they don’t even know…


Honestly I don’t know what happened. All I can say is this is not important to me and it does not impact that lives of 99% of people therefore I don’t care. Trump cutting the taxes of the wealthy matters and for that I hate him or whomever is coercing him to help himself.


you’re a lot less than 1% so i don’t think anyone really cares about you or if you are upset that you won’t be able to live off the rich anymore