Save On Schach This Year From Home Depot

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Update: You can also buy a 4 pack of the Backyard X-Scapes mats for $97.94, or $24.48 each with free shipping.

Tired of paying obscene prices for Schach mats?

The CRC has published a 2017 PDF guide with several options that can be bought at Home Depot at a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats. Be sure to read their guide for instructions and further information.

The options they recommend are:

The only option available with free shipping on $45+ orders is the Backyard X-Scapes, which also has the highest customer ratings. Your local store may also have these available for pickup.

Amazon also sells the Backyard X-Scapes option, though they currently charge $31.35 with free shipping.

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Most are unavailable


Is this something to discuss w/ your LOR or it’s pretty widely accepted?


Rather to discuss, although i think the Chicago CRC permits it some don’t


something to discuss w/ your LOR


Did you read the PDF as Dan clearly says “Be sure to read their guide for instructions and further information”

It clearly says that there are other Poskim that are of the opinion that לכתחילה it would be an issue because of מעמיד and דבר המקבל טומאה however 2 CRC Rabbis say it’s okay as long as you follow their exact instructions

Ricardo Kasinsky

how can these be kosher?, they r banded with wire


There’s also a 4 pack of the Backyard Xscapes for $97.94 (maybe split it w/ a friend unless you need to double up).


how can it be kosher, it is way cheaper than the current alternatives


Do you need to double them up?



Mike L

I thought the crc article says you don’t have to double


Nope. It says you may have to double. In my experience, you have to double.


How are you still Yotze if you dont get ripped off???


I second that motion


Now if only Home Depot could start selling palm branches and citrons to lower market prices…

It\'s Elul

I thought schach has to be expensive in order to be kosher. It must be at least $100 in order to be kosher


Why am I not seeing the 24.48 with free shipping option? I see 26.49 only

Ary C.

My LOR in South Florida advised not to rely on this leniency.


Thanks, I just picked up two from the local home depot


My Rabbi does not permit it. So please check it out with yours, before putchasing.


It is ראוי לטומאת מדרס because ppl use it for sitting – this invalidates it (and all of them for that matter) for use as kosher scach – sorry dan.


My Rabbi does not permit it. he owns a kosher scach company


No conflict-of-interest here


This is extremely misleading, firstly no one is following their instructions completely, secondly the wiring also supports the reads – because of wind- which isn’t even mentioned and even if you follow their instructions like facing the right direction and taking out the broken reads – it’s like saving 20% max


Thanks so much for the info and for saving us money! We just bought the Hampton Bay model. If anyone in Brooklyn needs there were 4 more left at the Cropsey Avenue Home Depot when we left.

Kosher Schach

I called the X-Scapes manufacturer since my local home Depot was out of stock. I asked how quick they ship if I order on their website and they responded if I need it for the holiday I should pay for expedited shipping and they will make sure it comes by Wednesday morning. It wasn’t worth it for the cost of shipping but the manufacturer definitely knew they are being used for Schach.


I just received 4 packages of the X-scapes schach and I don’t like them. Willing to take $50 for all 4 – pick up only from Hillcrest, Queens NY


r these still kosher if buy them now?