Save On Schach This Year From Home Depot: 6’x 16′ Reed Fencing From $26/Mat And CRC Schach Guidelines

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In 2017, the CRC published this guide with several fencing mat options that work for as kosher schach that can be bought at Home Depot at a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats. That list included the mats above, as long as you place the mats perpendicular to the support beams. Be sure to read their guide for instructions and further information.

Last year the CRC posted an update saying that they are no longer offering specific recommendations as the mats might not provide more shade than sun if a few of the reeds break. But they say you can still use the previously reccomended mats as long as you add a 2nd layer of fencing mats or add on some other schach on top to make sure that you’ll have more shade than sun in your sukkah. Even with 2 layers, it will still be a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats. You can also place mats so that they overlap halfway over each other.

As always, ask your LOR for guidance.

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What kind of schach do you use?

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I would highly recommend using double or triple. We used this last Sukkot and one layer barely provided any shade… YMMV


Is it fine that its bound with metal?

DZ the Telzer

If I remember correctly wasn’t there a letter from I think Rabbi Twersky not to use these.


The CRC tweeted 9/13 not to purchase fencing for schach anymore, but the ones you have can be used:

“In short, cRc no longer recommends fencing material (e.g. from Home Depot) for #schach as we have found a reasonable chance this may result in not kosher schach. We suggest traditional schach material, e.g. bamboo poles, tree branches, mats specifically certified for sukkah-use.”

“#schach fencing mats bought previously when approved may be used, but make sure shade exceeds sunlight – i.e. add more schach (e.g. more layers of these mats, bamboo poles, or tree branches) to ensure halachic requirement is met of “more shade than sunlight.””


Thank you so much, I just ordered one!

Chuchum Ainer

Bought a few last year. Very light and flimsy, so make sure to put some greenery or a 2×4 on top to prevent flyaways. Also keep in mind that 6′ width is shorter than traditional mats. Won’t last as long as the bamboo mats, but probably still worth it


Hi Dan,

Can you post any deals you find for Schach with a Hechsher?

Thank you

B. Cohen

The cRc has a new policy this year – posted on their Facebook page and Twitter Feed – Prior to last year, the cRc had recommended certain readily available fencing material (commonly sold in Home Depot) to be used for schach and provided detailed instructions on how to place them on the sukkah. However, based on feedback from consumers on the sturdiness of those materials and how they were being used, we have determined that there is a reasonable chance that some people will end up not having kosher schach (since the fencing material could become invalidated if a few of the reeds break), unless they place multiple layers of fencing on top of their sukkah.

Accordingly, we are no longer issuing specific recommendations of fencing material, and suggest that consumers use traditional schach material such as bamboo poles, tree branches or mats specifically certified for sukkah-use. Those who have purchased approved fencing mats in previous years may continue using them, but should be vigilant to make sure that the amount of shade exceeds the amount of sunlight by adding additional schach (e.g. added layers of these mats, bamboo poles, evergreen or other tree branches) to ensure the fulfillment of the halachic requirement of “more shade than sunlight.” Also, any fencing mats should be placed perpendicular to the schach support beams in order to avoid ma’amid issues, as we have explained in previous years.


What about instructional and parts listing to build a sukkah at a fraction of cost with same ease of assembly and storage as the typical Sukka that’s are sold


don’t know how crc gave a heter to use the fencing. forget about it being filmsy.
its not made lshem schach . its made for fencing thereby its a keli that’s mekabel tuma.
also mentioned before it has metal holding the reeds together. metal is mekabel tuma.


I folded it on half and threw some fresh bamboo on it with leaves. Worked out great last year


How is this kosher? There’s no way you can see stars. It’s very very tight


That’s definitely kosher and Rabbi Gershon Bess uses them. They have the best shade and you don’t need to see stars. The maximum thickness is when no water can leak anymore through the schach.


Why does perpendicular to support beams matter so much in this case?


So they are supported by your wood beams and not by the metal threads.