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-If you want to spend $1,500 by 12/31 on Amazon with your Chase Freedom card to earn 5 or 5.5 points per dollar or if you still have already registered AMEX cards to get a $25 Amazon credit for spending $75 then now is the time to buy Amazon gift cards to lock in the savings:
1. You can buy an email Amazon gift card here and the code will be sent within 15 minutes.
2. You can buy a physical Amazon gift card here with free overnight shipping.
3. You can also buy other store gift cards from found here for stores like Aeropostale, American Eagle, Express, Forever 21, GameStop, Hollister, Kohl’s, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Sephora, Starbucks, and more. Amazon also sells Staples and Office Max gift cards.
Once you have an Amazon gift card code you can save it to your Amazon account via this link. There is no limit to how many gift cards you apply to your account and gift card funds never expire.

-Chase Freedom is probably the best no annual fee consumer card that exists. It’s an easy card to get approved for and for a limited time only it comes with a 20,000 point signup bonus instead of the normal 10,000 point bonus. (It says $200 but really it’s 20K points that can be transferred into much more valuable airline miles or hotel points if you or your spouse also has a Sapphire PreferredInk Plus, or Ink Bold card, or if you get one in the future) The bonus on this fee-free card hasn’t been this high in years and it will end very soon!

-If you already have a Chase Freedom card open up a Chase checking account by 12/31 to get a 10% bonus on all points earned from the card!

-Half Price Avianca LifeMiles Expires 12/30.

-$125 Costco Cash Card For $110 With AMEX Expires 12/31.

-$5 credit every time you spend $25 at BP  (I’ve gotten really good at pumping $25 on the button each time without “cheating” by going inside :D) Expires 12/31.

-AMEX savings offers for BCBG, Best Buy, Exxon, Kohls, Lands End, Rue La La, Sharper Image, Sony, Toys R Us, Walmart Zappos, and more.  See this Twitter post and this AMEX offers post for more info. Expires 12/31.

-Spend your $200 airline credit on your Platinum Card® from American Express? Use this link to register. See this DDF thread for complete info. Spend $200 by 12/31 for a full refund.


-50% Off W Hotel Mattress And Sheets Expires 01/07.

What other offers are ending soon? Hit the comments!

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How does buying a amazon gift card (1000, 1500)withe the freedom card help with the spending if I dont plan on spending that much on Amazon? can the Amazon gift card be used for amazon payments?


Dan – So I bought $3,000 worth of Amazon gift cards on two different Freedom cards and loaded them into my amazon account.

Is there any way to “spend” the $3,000 other than actually purchasing $3,000 worth of products on Amazon?

I believe there are others with the same question (based on the replies from the previous post).



Costco Expires 12/31. will it still work tomorrow? (V’ad B’chlal?)


$200 airline credit is just for travel expenses, right?


It’s only good for Amazon purchases. It never expires.
Won’t work for AP.


Or cash:

Chase Fan

Hi Dan, how do I see on my account how many points/dollars I have already accumulated this quarter?


i have yet to receive my $15 credit from Costco, charged $250 on 12/13

a european

Also last day for amazon payments if you did not use it yet.


Hi, Dan. Is there a way to move my UR points from ink to freedom to get the 10% bonus? Would it even get me the bonus. Also, what would be the easiest/best checking account to get? Thanks.


Dan. How long does it take for amex 2 credit me for a airline fee on my platnuim card? & do they credit me even if i cancel the card a few days after i make the charge? I dont wana pay the $450 doller fee so i need 2 cancel by jan 10


when is the freedom 20k offer expected to be pulled jan 1st?


where can i find the list of department stores that qualify?


Ive been using that BP offer quite a bit. Works like a charm. Get notification almost immediately and statement credit. Love it.


@jay Did you spend in store or online? The offer is online only. Hence the gift card idea.


if i bought amazon gift cards with the deal, do i need to save them to my account?

they send reminders to redeem, but i prefer to leave them in gift card form until i need them, maybe i will give or sell to someone else.


@Chase Fan:
Have to manually add it up.

Call AMEX.
My credits posted after about 2 weeks after spending on

Only points earned on Freedom count.

Takes a few days. I wouldn’t cancel before getting a refund.

Call, it’s already gone from their site.

You do not have to save them to your account.

Nuchie Fried

Dan do you have any idea when the freedom 20,000 bonus will end? waiting for a balance to be removed from my CR.


Can one person have two chase freedoms?

David R

Dan, if you would cheat by going inside at BP, would that get you the credit? The terms say “Offer not valid for online purchases or any other purchase not made at the pump.”

@Happy: JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, NORDSTROM, Sears, bloomingdale’s, CONWAY, LOEHMANN’S, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus were on the list. There may have been others as well. Which department stores sell Visa or Mastercard gift cards?

@jay: While it is “V’ad B’chlal”, you should be aware that the terms state: “If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent to you until after 12/31/13, it may not count towards determining whether your purchase qualifies for the offer.” The gift cards I ordered were not shipped for several days.


you skipped over my question when is the freedom 20k offer expected to be pulled jan 1st?
thank you


I registered my platinum card with united
I purchased 2 $100 gift cards
I got registration confirmation email after i bought them
I did not get my refund. Should i call and what do I say the $100 charge was for?


What about the Canon 400.00 rebate for the Pixma printer? is it still valid?


What kind of deal is a cc offer that doesn’t approve me because I already opened 2 others from them in the past couple months?


Called Recon?

Andy Weinstein

I tried to the link to register my AMEX cards on Amazon and the page I get to says the deal is over


Just to be certain: “until the 31 of Dec.” to rack up Freedom purchases, that includes the 31st?


@Andy Weinstein:
Indeed, it’s only a reminder for those who registered previously.



Thanks for the BP posting, i do alot of driving and saved around $170 (34×5). Last night i went to the local BP station and filled up my car, then returned with my wifes car – put in $25. when i tried putting in the next $25 the card would not go through any more as i used too many swipes at the same location within the hour. I called AMEX and the agent on the phone gave me 1000 starwoods points for the inconvenience 🙂 . Keep the deals coming Dan !!


Dan – I placed an order on amazon 2 days ago using an AMEX CC, it wont be shipping for a few days so my card wasn’t charged yet, will i get the $25 credit if its swiped in 2014 since the order was placed before?



I was told by amazon i can switch my payment on the order so I will switch it to a gift card.



If I already have a Chase Freedom, is it worth applying again? Will they approve a second one?



Probably not if you already have one open.


got it on the third HUCA. thanks!