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-If you want to spend $1,500 this quarter on Amazon with your Freedom card to earn 5.5 points per dollar or if you still have registered AMEX cards to get a $25 Amazon credit for spending $75 then now is the time to buy Amazon gift cards:
-You can buy an email Amazon gift card here and the code will be sent within 15 minutes.
-Alternatively you can buy a physical Amazon gift card here with free overnight shipping.
-Once you have the gift card code you can save it to your Amazon account via this link. There is no limit to how many gift cards you apply to your account and gift card funds never expire.
You can also buy other store gift cards from found here for stores like Aeropostale, American Eagle, Express, Forever 21, GameStop, Hollister, Kohl’s, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Sephora, Starbucks, and more. Amazon also sells Staples and Office Max gift cards.

-50% Off El Al Coach Award Flights; JFK To Tel Aviv Round-Trip For 35,000 Membership Rewards+$350. Book by 12/26.

-A&P And Pathmark coupons from buying gift cards expire 12/26.

Download An Amazon App Store Android App And Get A $5 App Store Credit. You may also get a $1 MP3 credit. Here’s today free app of the day. Expires 12/28.

-$125 Costco Cash Card For $110 With AMEX Expires 12/31.

-$5 credit every time you spend $25 at BP  (I’ve gotten really good at pumping $25 on the button each time without “cheating” by going inside :D) Expires 12/31.

-AMEX savings offers for BCBG, Best Buy, Exxon, Kohls, Lands End, Rue La La, Sharper Image, Sony, Toys R Us, Walmart Zappos, and more.  See this Twitter post and this AMEX offers post for more info. Expires 12/31.

-Spend your $200 airline credit on your Platinum Card® from American Express? Use this link to register. See this DDF thread for complete info. Spend $200 by 12/31 for a full refund.

-Chase Freedom is probably the best no annual fee consumer card that exists.  It’s an easy card to get approved for and for a limited time only it comes with a 20,000 point signup bonus instead of the normal 10,000 point bonus. Limited time offer ends soon.

What other offers are ending soon? Hit the comments!

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There must be a better term for this sort of experience, but I had two classic DansDeals experiences this week:

1. Standing at the checkout in Pathmark on Tuesday evening as the store was trying to close for Christmas, with my 10 remaining $20 coupons and my shopping cart split methodically into ten $20-$21 orders. (This was hands-down the best deal I can remember in a long time, especially with the Amex Blue Cash card. I only bought around 20 $500 gift cards, and was sorry I didn’t do more.)

2. Waited till my minivan gas tank was well below the empty line, and then headed to BP with an empty gas can. Managed to fill up 3 x $25, with the last couple of gallons going in the gas can.

Ahhhh, the satisfaction….


What do you mean by going inside? Gc workl?


Dan, i opened a total checking account with chase last week and want to redeem a coupon. will the $200 one still work? on ebay, they advertise that it expires 1/15 but chase is only offering $150 now. thanks for all!


How do you ‘register’ your Amex card in order to get the amazon discount? Thanks


@A: He means going inside and telling them that he only wants to fill up $25 worth of gas and the pump shld shut off after $25.
Gift cards do not work for this promo


@DAvid: Unless the offer is available in ur “Offers” on, registering for the offer is closed already.


Do you think that adding the personal offer $25 BestBuy offer to my card and then also adding #AMEXBestBuy to the same card will net me $50 statement credit?


yes the BP offer has been the king – $25 fill up & automatic $5 credit every time.

One time I made the mistake of going inside & the credit did not go through.


Scratch that. AMEX twitter just told me I already enrolled in the offer (b/c I added the offer to my card already).


Hey Dan do you happen to know what happens if you have 5 dollars left on your amazon gift card and you want to buy something for let’s at 15 dollars can I pay half with gift card and half with credit card or I have something for 5 dollars or less?


Hi, Dan. Is there a way to move my UR points from ink to freedom to get the 10% bonus? Would it even get me the bonus. Also, what would be the easiest/best checking account to get? Thanks.


ok – so I just registered my card and got an email from Amex that I am registered. So I guess i will wait until the next time. thanks for the help.


what is the twitter thing? What do I have to do there? Thanks


Dan I have not met my $1500 quota on amazon with my freedom card for this quarter. If i buy a physical amazon gift card can I use that amazon gift card on Amazon payments(max of 1000 per month)

also I registered one of my Amex cards for 25 off on Amazon does that expire 12/31/13


just booked a $73 RT fare baltimore to florida on spirit with my amex platinum. the good thing with spirit is they are more than happy to charge you all their fees up front at time of booking. so i got their $60 membership program + 2 “business class seat upgrades” ($140 for 2 people RT) fully using the 200 bucks. Flight is in january when i’ll have another 200 to spend on in-flight snacks 🙂

Jason Smith

One other offer ending 12/31 – The 10% discount when you use an American express OPEN card. This must have saved me over $1,000


Can someone clarify for me:

If I buy $1,500 worth of Amazon Gift cards on my freedom card (so I get 7,500 points) and then load them onto my Amazon account, how do I use Amazon Payments to effectively get that money out of Amazon and to my personal bank account? Thanks


I just transfered 36, 000 points from Amex to my El Al matmid account 103058590 to get a 50% discount bonus ticket. Unfortunately the representative thought I had till the end of the US workday to do this but after hanging up, transfering the points calling back a few minutes later, she told me that she had just found out the window was really till midnight in Israel ie. 5pm New York time. She told me I had now missed the window by 30 minutes. I want the points to be put back to my Amex account as I only transfered them to use for this offer. Please help!

The (extremely rude and nprofessional) El Al rep then gave me an email she told me to email to get the points back which ended up bouncing back to me as undeliverable! The address she gave me was

I just shocked at the poor level of customer service. This might be the worst I’ve even experienced. Please help, Dan! What can I do?


@Jeremy: yes can someone please calrify this before the year is up can you use an Amex gift card to use to send money to someone?