Limited-Edition Metal Starbucks Card On Sale At Gilt At Noon


Limited-Edition Metal Starbucks Card On Sale At Gilt At Noon

-Hand-assembled of metal.
-The card costs $450, and comes pre-loaded with $400, valid at Starbucks.
-You also get My Starbucks Rewards™ Gold-level status, which means your birthday treat’s on the house, and you get a free drink or food item after 12 Stars and free in-store coffee and tea refills (some restrictions apply).
-Like the stainless-steel card that sold out in minutes on Gilt last year, this is an exclusive offering, and limited to just 1,000 pieces.

Sounds terrible, right?  Paying $450 for a $400 fancy gift card?
Except that these things were being flipped on eBay for $1,000.

And this year there are only 1,000 being sold compared to 5,000 last year.
Good luck grabbing it, keep refreshing that page!

If you don’t have a Gilt account you’ll want to open one now. This is my Gilt referral link if you’d like to use that to open an account.

HT: maayanky, via DDF

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what is the best credit card to use to buy this?


Does amex return protection apply to this?, in case i cant flip it.


Just signed up and supposedly they’re going to give me (and you) $30 for signing up!
Will post if I get it.


Same as for any other purchase?

No, for starters it’s over $300.
But you’ll be able to flip it no problem.



A few codes that are targeted but you can try anyways:
If the codes go through, you’ll be paying less than the $400 pre-loaded credit and getting all those added benefits or more profit if selling on eBay.


Unless you got emailed those codes they won’t work.
Don’t waste your time and miss out on snagging the card.


And lots sold on eBay for face value or less. So, have fun, I think I’ll pass.


Not true from what I saw and was kicking myself about last year.

Heck even regular gift cards sell above face value on ebay for reasons that nobody can seem to explain.

Baila M.

Why would someone pay $1000 for just $400 worth of coffee??

mr g

thanks for the heads up, what am I missing why are these worth $1000.00?

if I manage to get one, one buy it off me dan(lol)?


The regular gift cards above face value thing blows my mind. It (and Craigslist) used to be a place to snag a gc for 15-20% below face value. Now people are pay 10-15% MORE than face value for something they can buy in a regular store for free or for $3-5 fee. Crazy.


somehow people listed in on ebay already…must be really confident that they will get it


@mr g: @Baila M.:
Because there’s hock in having one.


Search “completed listings” – sure there are sales for profit but there are lots for $400. And then there are eBay fees. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

mr g

@Dan: HAHA now I get it, my shot of getting one is like winning the lottery. lol good luck everyone hope dans deals viewers get a lot!!


I would (and did) call them up first to see if they’re good on my account:


May not be worth as much, since not first edition…even with 1000 cards made

Hope it comes with AA/UA lounge access and global entry


Do u need a account to purchase this card??

mr g

@Ezriel: yes, you can make one it takes 2 seconds. use link above.


How come I don’t see I have $30 in credit since I used your link?


if you stay on preview page does it reload automatically at 12?


Same Q here. I just emailed Gilt, but def won’t get a response soon enough. May just have to try to get it applied after the fact or save it for next year’s Starbucks card. 😉


Tick -tock, tick-tock…


Says sold out, it’s not even 12….


SOLD OUT already??


Is there a way that people had some sort of first access to it? Perhaps if you were one of the first 1000 to put it in your Waitlist you got first crack at it…?




It never even came up for sale! Reserved 🙁




Their all reserved already – added to waitlist.


first second i got on said its sold out


Never went on sale.


well that was dumb


@hank: Lol 🙂


guys, take a chill. keep refreshing as the site may be flooded with requests…

it shows up as sold out on my end too.

lets see what happens


anyone who gets, please update!


I think there was a hack people used to get it. When I was reloading it before it went on sale every other time it would have the button “add to cart” show but didn’t work. Maybe 1000 people got it to work. That sucks.

mr g


ari F

Dan, did you get any? I tried, but went straight to “add to wait list”


Sorry guys, I wrote a script that grabbed all 1000 in the first millisecond after 12pm.


@hdawg – thats just javascript. if you disable javascript in your browser you will see add to cart. of course it wont do anything when you click it, because the button is also attached to a script.


@Jonathan: Is that a joke?

David R

@Jonathan: Good thing you have $450K to spare.


At least 2 guys on DDF are claiming they got it.



glad someone got. i refreshed the second it was avil and it was already gone…


that was impossible


I’m a ha<k3r. hacka's dont need real $$$. 😉 bitcoins baby. p0wnage!

haha sorry guys I was just being facetious/trolling. I doubt they actually went on sale.


I got 2, b’emet! Let me know if you’re interested.


@Steven: bs


Only 500 were for sale. I’m gold but I never got an offer to buy in advance.


Steven, shoe me the gold!