Lenovo & JBL 12 Watt Speaker System For $19.99 Shipped


Lenovo & JBL 12 Watt Speaker System Linky

Use the following $60 off code: HDEAL14246

-The Lenovo M1730 2.1 Speaker set is co-branded with JBL to deliver high-quality sound for your music, games or other multimedia.
-Portable and robust, the M1730 contains a JBL professional acoustic system and unique equalizer for a full range of distinctive sound.
-Listen to your music via the built-in SD card reader.

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just a heads up for those thinking about reselling… it’s onsale for $25 on tiger direct, so little chance of resell… still might be decent for 20 bucks…


24.99 on amazon


Just got one. Thanx!

M. Josef

Just bought a pair. I spoke with a rep from lenovo, and she said these have excellent sound, a lot better than the bluetooth one that is on this page. So if your looking for a good deal, with very solid sound, these seem like a great deal.
Thanks dan!


What type of musc could I play with it ie:ipod ?


@M. Josef: what else can a Lenovo salesman tell you??? don’t be so naive and credulous!!!


Does it have an ipod dock? I can’t tell from the description


have these for a while. no ipod dock 🙁

1. great, great sound (a few built-in hard EQ settings)
2. speakers detach and can be wired, or stick via magnet (wirelessly) to the main (sub)
3. connect any player via included 3.5mm stereo cable

1. buttons are hard to press, but you’ll get used to them. powering on/off was a pain I would just take out the plug.
2. good luck getting service on these 🙂 you’ll get bounced around between JBL and Lenovo. source: experience


Also does not work anymore at 3:27pm EST 17DEC13

M. Josef

@Anonymous: I was going to buy one of a few different Lenovo products. I just wanted to know which is the best one out the selection that I was looking into. All she explained to me was, that these by far had the best sound out of all the options. Relax buddy, I am far from naive 🙂


coupon not available anymore