It’s 12/31, Did You Remember To…


-Spend your $200 airline credit on your Platinum Card® from American Express? If you haven’t used them in 2012 yet then you can buy 2 $100 airline gift cards in 2 separate transactions and they will be refunded. You can do that today for $200 and tomorrow for $200. Use this link to register. See this DDF thread for more info and discussion and register or login to read the valuable Wiki info in that same thread.

-Spend $599 after tax at Dell to get $150 back if you registered on Twitter last month? This works at Dell Home or at Dell Small Business.

-But a $100 Costco gift card to get $25 back if you registered on Twitter last month?

-Finish your Chase Freedom card spending for Q4.  Earn 5+ points per dollar on airlines, hotels, Best Buy and Kohl’s on up to $1,500 of spending.  You can even buy gift cards online for Best Buy and go into a store to use them to buy gift cards to other places like Amazon.  Or buy airline or hotel gift cards online as well. And don’t forget to register for Q1 as well…hello 5+ points on Vanilla Reloads and Debit cards!!!

-Are you short of 110K for a Southwest companion pass for 2012? Consider transferring Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and then to Southwest.

-Last day for cash and points El Al awards.

-The rumor mill has it that the spending requirements for the Ink Bold, Ink Plus, Ink Cash, and Ink Classic cards that were just reduced last month will be heading up once again. You can read more about these awesome credit cards in this post on Chase offers ending soon, in this post that explains why spending on a business card is better than spending on a consumer card, in this post that explains the awesome rewards program, in this post about a couple new ways of easily meeting the spending threshold besides for Amazon Payments, and in this post that complies a list of every gift card you can purchase at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples that will earn you quintuple points! 2 Ink cards (Bold and Plus), 1 credit pull, and up to 150,000 points with $10K in spending.  I even threw in a 3rd business card (United Business) into my 3BM last month on top of 2 Ink cards and earned another 50K+$50.

-See more deals ending today here

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thanks so much!

what about PGGM?


hi, im flying from ny to tlv on klm, and i was wondering if i were to get a american express platinum card, would i get any benefits like free club access in amsterdam or to take a second piece of luggage for free?
also whats the annual fee? if i sign up for it today, can i pull out the 200 today, and then also tomorow, and then after one year just cancel the card

Yitzie K

With the Chase Freedom where can i get the vanilla reloads so that i can earn the 5+ points?

Israel calling cards

SO I am going to Israel for 9 days. I saw on this trip you took you had I looked at It seems the latter has better plans. Ever looked into it??


That’s what the DDF link is for.

There is a priority club lounge in AMS.
You will not get the card on time for $200 this year, but you will for 2012 and 2013 for one $450 annual fee.

@Yitzie K:
CVS, Walgreens, etc.

@Israel calling cards:
OneSim is a good generic sim card with free incoming most places in the world.
For one specific country, especially Israel you can do better.
There are far cheaper options than Take N Save. Go to DDF for lots of discussion.


need to reach 30k spending on amex gold to recieve bounos points, any idea how to reacvh if i have 1 day left(2day)?


is there any other way to get the ams lounge access for free? i have delta miles, do they accept that for access or is there anyway to transfer them to klm miles so i could use those for the club? also anyway to get around the second piece of luggage for free?


If you register for Delta on your AMEX Plat it will cover bag fees.

You can’t use miles for club access, though they’ll probably be happy to sell you a pass.


it will also cover for international flight for a second bag? when i called delta this morning they told me no
also would a delta ae card work or a delta platimum one work


The Platinum card covers $200 in airline fees per calendar year, doesn’t matter what fees they are.

Delta branded cards only give the first bag free.


GM Dan,

If I opened a Freedom card in Nov., can I now do a 3BM on an Ink Bold, Plus, and BA cards? or is it too soon?



need to reach another $2200 spending on amex gold to recieve bounos points, any idea how to reach if i have 1 day left(2day)?


Continued from #11…

Or should I rather do Bold, Plus, & United Business & not mix bus. & personal?

Thank You


Can we also buy GCs for Kohl’s online and use them to get other GCs (like Amazon) in the store (like we can for BestBuy)?

new york

I got 1 business card 2 months ago from chase can I go for more now? If not approoved will they let take credit from existing personal card cards? Thanks so much.


Dan, I signed up with Spirit months ago for the $200 airline credit on my Platinum but I can’t find a way to purchase gift cards on the Spirit website but did find a third party site ( that sells it. Would I be able to get AMEX to honor those gift cards even though they’re from a third party?

just want to be sure

How exactly do I buy AA GC in a way that I get the money back? (the post in forums is about 180 pages) Thanx!

just want to be sure

and also, can it be a GC that’s for a cause(Susan G Komen, etc…)

mrs g

hi DAN
how do i get the airline gift certificate for the platinum amex

mrs k

is the platinum a good deal ?

just want to be sure

excuse my ignorance, but it says clearly in the rules that GC don’t apply? just wondering if that was an updated list of rules etc…

( )

companion pass

i have 2 southwest cards and started spending on each of them
i am waiting to finish spending the $2000 on each until Jan
do i need to transfer the ultimate rewards points today or can that wait until Jan as well.


There is no hard time limit.

Same way you do any other signup spending.

That may be a good idea.

Not sure.

@new york:

Won’t work.
Call up AMEX to change the airline.

@just want to be sure:
The forum has a Wiki on page 1 of the thread.
You need to login to read the Wiki.

@mrs g:
Read the forum thread.

@mrs k:
Yes. The airline GCs pay for the annual fee leaving you with tons of other benefits.

@just want to be sure:
Rules? Where we’re going we don’t need rules…

@companion pass:
That can wait if you’re aiming for 2013 qualification.

mr g

please give a link where i can buy the $200 gift card with delta thanks

just want to be sure



I just ordered a platinum card shabbos – I have not received it I was able to register for the promo but I can’t charge anything without the card – #, expiration date, security. Anyway to make that happen.

I wanted to buy jetblue giftcards.


For the Amex credit, I just checked with Amex and they said that gift cards are not eligible. It’s also stated in the terms and conditions that gift cards are excluded, so be aware of this.


@mr g:
Read the DDF Thread Wiki.

Hope that it comes today.

The rep must be right then and the thousands of DDF members who did it are obviously just lying.

companion pass

im hoping to get qaulification thru 2014 to by finishing to spend in Jan. I understood thats how it works.


where do i buy the $100 airline gift card

have a question

if I upgraded my gold business card to platinum but didn’t receive the new card yet. Can i order gift cards today (for 2012) with the regular business account number?

Thank you for your help


Chase reconsideration said they don’t open 3 cards at once. (I tried to get Ink Bold, Ink Plus and Business United.) But I think you guys have done 3 at once right?

What should I say or do?


Dan, how do I know how much of the $200 credit was already spent this year?


Buy a gift card to American exprss

Igor Ivanovich



k thanx for chizuk in opening 2 primary amex, now that i met those spending thresh holds and have about 70k/85k i would like to open some chase card/s (visa/ mastercard) with flying and hotel perks… ideas?? Also when u speak about 3 bm does that mean 2 seconds later in a different tab or firefox/safari?


also i have an old chase rewards card (it might be a collage card) (my first cc) should i transfer it somehow ? how?


how can i get around the terms and conditions that say no gift cards . will they still credit me?

Chana Saiman

@yossi: G

Get gift certificates to grocery store, gas station , department store etc.


@Hello: is the bold and plus businees cards ???.cause if it isnt then you will be mixing….no ?


@Dan: I remember reading on the forum that Jet Blue Gift Cards don’t work! Did that change?


@dovid i think all of your questions are answered in this thread of dansdeals forum. check it out there’s a lot of cool stuff there to read up about.


How and where do I buy the $100 airline gift card??? Please help 🙂


If you live in Jersey do not choose AA as your airline when enrolling. They will not sell GC’s to New Jersey residents. Once you enroll you can not change your airline selection. I lost out! Don’t make the same mistake.


@have a question:
Yes if you register after upgrading.

So get 1 approved and call back.

Both are business.

Call the number on your card to change the airline.

love this blog

My annual fee on the AMEX platinum just showed up and my due date is January 12 should I call now to cancel?


Happy New Year Dan and Co.

I have a question regarding my Chase Ritz Carlton Visa card….

I did use $110 dollars of my annual $200 airline credit on board flights for misc food / bev and headphones. A recent call to customer svc leads me to believe that Today I get an additional $200 annual “in flight” credit. Sound right to you ?

Lastly, do you think I can use the credit for airline gift cards too ?



can i apply for both ink plus & bold at same time? what 3rd do u suggest?

also whats the minimum line for ink plus?



I upgraded a AMEX gold after 9 months to Platinum through an offer that came to my email a few months back for 25,000 points & they charged me 3 months until my annual fee came due for the full 12 months.

When the fee came due I downgraded to Green.

Now an offer again showed up in my email for 25,000 points to upgrade to Platinum & I have alot of Delta flights coming up so I want to do it for the $200 airline credit.

The T&C;s say ‘1) 25,000 Membership Rewards points applies to your first purchase on the Business Platinum Card by 07/31/13 and is available for first-time upgrades to Business Platinum Card only. You are eligible to earn points for only one Card account. Additional Card members are not eligible. Points will be credited to your Membership Rewards® account 6 to 8 weeks after your first purchase.

Do you think I will get the points going through the link which was in fact sent to me?

Or they will say only first time upgrades as the T&C’s say?

joshua H

hi dan- it should be noted that Gift Card purchases are NOT eligible for this credit. I found out the hard way.
here is a quote from the benefits policy of platinum- “Airline tickets, upgrades, mileage points purchases, mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, duty free purchases, and award tickets are not deemed to be incidental fees.”

please advise folks of this.


@joshua H:
Funny because I and hundreds of others have gotten reimbursed for that for years already.


I have been approved for the platinum PERSONAL even though I have platinum business – I hope I get the bonus…

If I have both personal & business platinum do I get a distinct $200 reimbursement credit on each for a total of $400 & can I choose a different airline for each?

Or is it a specific offer to platinum level generally & not each platinum card?

joshua H


dan- i called amex yesterday to ask why i have not gotten the credit for the gift card purchase. i was quoted that exact information and also emailed a link which has the membership benefits. That is a direct quote from the benefit summary. So if has been working for you- wonderful. But the rules are actually quite clear in regards to this.


@joshua H:
Did you remember to purchase $100 or less per transaction?

I don’t give a darn about rules, I care about what works.
If you want to know what works then you need to read.