HOT! 50% Off Everything At The W Hotel Store, Including The W Hotel Exclusive Mattress


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50% off with code (Exp: 12/03): BLKW3

-Charge the W Mattress to your Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and get double Starpoints, as with all Starwood expenditures!

This is the first time that there is a sitewide 50% discount!  There was a 50% off sale in October but it only included the mattress.

-The mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.
-Tax is only charged for deliveries to New York.

-The W Hotel plush top mattresses have better reviews than the W pillow top mattresses. Want an even softer mattress? Go for the plush bed but get the W featherbed with the protector. Fair warning: It will be really hard to sleep on other mattresses after buying that combo!

Plush top mattresses prices:
Twin: Normally $849, now $424.50
Full: Normally $959, now $479.50
Queen: Normally $1,059, now $529.50
Cal King: Normally $1,379, now $689.50
King: Normally $1,379, now $689.50

Plush top mattress+box spring prices:
Twin: Normally $1,059, now $529.50
Full: Normally $1,269, now $634.50
Queen: Normally $1,379, now $689.50
Cal King: Normally $1,769, now $884.50.
King: Normally $1,769, now $884.50.

Extreme Signature mattresses prices:
Queen: Normally $2,199, now $1,099.50
Cal King: Normally $2,699, now $1,349.50
King: Normally $2,699, now $1,349.50

Extreme Signature mattress+box spring prices:
Queen: Normally $2,699, now $1,349.50
Cal King: Normally $3,299, now $1,649.50.
King: Normally $3,299, now $1,649.50.

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These mattresses have very bad reviews. In the past, it was posted as the Highest reviews for a hotel mattress on this site. I see that was revised and I feel that people should know what they are buying in advance. I work for Simmons and I see many complaints about this particular mattress. They wont exchange it for a comfort issue and if it is deemed defective, you cannot change it for another model.
It may only be the New York area manufacturing plant that has an issue, but there are many complaints after just one month of use.
Be aware before you think this is a great deal. The mattress is extremely soft and may cause you discomfort and or back pain.


No issues with any of ours.

Anyone else who has one want to chime in?


Hi Dan…

Thanks…was waiting for this–

But you said Plush has better reviews than pillow top…But….I only see plush top there and extreme signature….is extreme signature the pillow top? Am I missing something? If not– what is the extreme signature vs the others? I just want my comfy delicious W bed…which is which?

Also, whats difference btw cal king and king?



Anyone have thoughts or reviews on the bathrobes?


What’s the scoop on the extreme signature beds? Anybody have one?


I haven’t seen any complaints on the extreme signature mattresses. Both the pillow top and plush have issues. You may experience for the first short while, that the mattress is firm, but it does soften up shortly after.
King size 76″ wide x 80″ length
Cal King 72″ wide x 84″


I’ve had the plush for over 5 years and couldn’t possibly be happier. Have gotten many emails from people who love their beds as well.
I don’t make any commission on these, just happy to share a good night’s sleep.

And frankly I love not dealing with mattress stores, those places are as bad as used car salespeople with their pricing…


Guys, I bought 2 full size plush top mattresses with box springs back in October but it’s too big for my room, in looking to sell them, Its brand new still factory sealed,I live in Brooklyn NY, if u r willing to purchase it from me instead of the store, ull save additional $$$, email me thanks


@Dan I don’t want to make an impulse decision on this. Have these sold out in the past, or do I realistically have till the 12/03 expiration?


It won’t sell out.


Speaking from experience, DO NOT get pillow top. They definitely are too soft and then you’re stuck. I believe Dan has said this in the past but just to reiterate, get the plush, if anything, and if somehow that’s not soft enough, get an extra featherbed which is removable and therefore you’re not stuck with the ‘pillow top’.


dan- as mentioned this many many times b4- i to had the mattresses bought them almost 5 yrs ago and they were amazing. about 2 years ago they changed the mattresses and their awful. i felt them and was shocked of the difference. i wouldnt buy them now if u paid me. they are made soft- as wstore has told me they changed them as of last year (this was a yr ago) (my sister bought them cus i convinced her they were so good- and i felt them how bad they were- turns out wstore did take them back)so im not trying to be rude- but when you tell pple to get it you dont know the quality now- YES they WERE AMAZING, THEIR NOT ANYMORE! cant vouch for the extreme signature beds- id be curious to try them..


I’ve bought twins for my guest rooms recently and don’t see a change though I can’t speak for the bigger ones from the past couple years.

Anyone else buy recently and want to share their thoughts?

I would love to try out the Extreme bed as well!


Can you suggest. If I can’t afford the mattress now is it worth buying the feathertop or mattress cover now. And can you suggest which one is best



It was a queen size i think that was bought- so manybe the twin is diff. but wstore themselves said they changed the beds..


Interesting though, it wont give you the 50% off on the bed frames, i wonder if calling in would help.


Anyone have experience with their hand towels? How absorbant are they? Do they fray in the wash? how long have you had them for?


do we still need to purchase bed frames with these if we got plush top set with box spring?


My price today for a plush top full was $1200 and change – down to $634.50 with 50% off.

(I also have the plush top mattress and love it. But when I bought it they didn’t even mention having a set, only the mattress – no box spring. So I thought it was a set but only got the mattress. I contacted them later, hoping to get a box spring but they refused. C’est lavie, still great after a year.)


Bought 2 each of Queen plush sets w/ frames, featherbeds and protectors, and King size Down Alternative Duvet (covers). The duvet is the only thing I slighlty cheaped out on because a neighbor has it, and while they don’t know how the real down feels, they say their down alternative is heavenly. Grand Total was $2,116.95

Thanks! @Dan