Hefty CinchSak Drawstring Trash Bags On Sale From Staples


Update: The white bags are out of stock but the black bags are still in stock.  Just continue past the out of stock message and change it from white to black.


Hefty CinchSak Drawstring Trash Bags

Choose from 100 white 13 gallon bags or 60 black 30 gallon bags.

Both are normally $15.99 and are now $9.99

Add 3 boxes and use the following code for $5 off: 90218

Shipping from Staples is free on $19.99+ orders or is free on all orders if you have a free Staples Rewards membership.

Use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollarDon’t forget to register your Ink Visa for Cash AND Points at Staples!

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Dan is the Man

AMEX Offer – $25 off $100 at Staples.

Boston Guy

Bought 3 boxes. Thanks Dan.


Is there a way to get this 25 off 100 for AMEX if I didn’t get the offer?


Any other codes floating around for this deal would be appreciated.
Used this code last week on another posting you had.
Not sure its worth making another account for $5 extra discount.


Thanks Dan !!
Anyway to get the wife to take out the garbage now that I bought the bags 🙂


Thanks for posting


How do they compare in quality to glad bags


I had 2 $10 credits in my Staples account that I didn’t know about. My total was $5.40 for 3 boxes!!


It says out of stock


Back in stock!


just add to cart..ignore message


Just checked out with white bags…


White ARE in stock…


U got the white ones..just now


purchased white bags, no problems


the black is out of stock as well


Got a call from staples telling me they are cancelling my order because it is out of stock.
tried to get them to give me the same price on Glad or another similar item but they would not do it


stop all this trash talk



I was really bothered by Staples on this deal.
I complained 2x to the company about it.
I ordered the other day and then next day get email “out of stock but we have glad instead…” (only 50% more money!)

Tried to re-order

I was still getting email to remind me that I didn’t complete the order on something I looked at.

I was getting petty about it and told the phone rep “Hey – you will ship me ANYTHING with no shipping cost like the 69 cent staple remover… so when I start placing daily orders for 69 cents… I hope you enjoy losing a ton of money on the shipping….” She said you can if you want to.

Of course I was not really going to waste their time or my time doing that.

Anyway… I was just able to order it AGAIN! I think maybe its back in stock.

$9.99 for the 100 count. I was not able to find a coupon but you can try that as well.

Abe Weiss

The white is back in stock


Am I missing something. I ordered this deal but just came home from Costco where I was able to buy 200 13 gallon drawstring bags for $13.99. Which is 30-40% cheaper than this deal.



It turns out it was NOT in stock… again.

System let me place order then little while later – email saying “sorry it was out of stock”

This time I sent another email to c/s at staples and they sent me $15 gift cert with no min purchase.

Sue has right idea.. costco sells nice 13 gal bags I think Kirkland brand.


Back in stock!