HOT! Get $500 Worth Of John Quincy Adams $1 Coins From The US Mint For $500 Shipped!

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Update 2-08/15: HURRY! There are currently coins available via this link for 6 presidents!

There is officially a limit of 2 boxes ($500) of each president.

HT: Hendel.

Update-06/25: Well, I got the coins I ordered, all 7,000 of ’em. They were dropped off at my front door without any signature, where they sat for a week before I got home! (Ya, I don’t think that $7,000 worth of coins would still be sitting there if my front porch was in NYC…)

They came in 14 packages, each containing 2 boxes, which in turn each held 10 rolls of 25 coins.

Not wasting any time, I brought all ~130 pounds of coins to my local bank. You should’ve seen the teller’s eyes when I told her that the deposit slip saying $7,000 in cash was all coins! Anyway, she calls over the branch manager who asks how I got so many coins.

Honesty is always the best policy, so I showed him my packing slip/invoice from the US mint for the 7,000 coins and told him I did it for the miles. The guy started cracking up hysterically! He couldn’t believe that the US mint could be so crazy as to sell money at face value, but was totally impressed that I actually bought $7,000 in coins to deposit in my account.

After opening 2 of the 28 boxes and seeing the coins in the rolls straight from the mint, he told the teller to just credit my account for the $7,000 without opening up each box.

Originally posted on 06/02:

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Update: Remember that with the Starwood Consumer AMEX you get a bonus 15,000 Starpoints for spending $15,000 within 6 months, in addition to the 10,000 Starpoint bonus after the 1st purchase with the card. This is a great way to reach that limit. In addition people have been able to get the 15,000 Starpoint bonus on the Starwood Business AMEX automatically as well, or by calling up AMEX after spending $15,000 on the card.

John Quincy Adams $1 Coins From

Why would you want to buy 500 $1 coins for $500?

1. Free Starpoints!!!

2. If you have a good savings account you can get the free interest for up to 2 months depending on your credit card’s cycle time.

Just choose the standard shipping for $4.95 and at the final checkout page it will correct itself to being free, as it says it will be on the product page.

Limit $500 per order. There doesn’t appear to be a limit per person or per household!

HT: Eli123 via

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thanks dan i just placed my order for 500 coins and no shipping


Bah. I got all excited when I added 99 to my cart but it would not let me buy more than 2….


lol…but I have been able to make multiple order without any problems so far…


Thinking about doing the same. Don’t know how easy it will be at the bank though…Think I should go for it?


I’m in for 5K, we’ll see how it goes!


@Dan/Ctownbochur: same cc/address info?


Yes, after all it only says limit 2 per order.


are you people crazy? am I crazy?

i love the way you think dan 🙂
free starpoints!

PS: my governor does stink… :/


Well, I’m for 7.5K now, will report back what happens!


Hey Dan,
Don’t forget about cash back credit cards. Paypal’s debit card puts 1% back into your account if you sign up for it (or is Paypal a dirty word around these parts.


Starpoints do a lot more for me than a measly 1% cash back.


Get a additional 10% off when you enter couponcode DANSDEALS10 the discount will be applied on the checkout page!!!


Does this offer expire any time soon?
or i can wait untill after my next statement in a week and purchase as much as i want with 1 1/2 months to pay up?

@eli: so free money…..

gotta know




Where do you enter the coupon code?


i just purchased $10,0000 on my GM credit card which gives me back 5% $500 for 5 minutes of work who need college


dan. do you know how much that weighs????
134 LBS!!! i hope you have someone to help you shlep it to the bank(maybe just ship it direct)
I would call the authorities if i was a teller. for everyone else remember dont deposit more than 10k of cassh at a time
good luck


Interesting way to take a cash advance.


I got the 15k points after spending $15k, without calling, it just showed up in my account. AMEX Business


I opened up an amex starwood in january but my first purchase was in march does a/o know till when I got to get the free 15k?


@ELIE: What CC are you getting 5% back on for this type of purchase?

coins are backordered now


People PLEASE!!!!! be careful about spending out of your normal spending habits. The credit card companys will close you down in a second. be it, amex, chase or citi. If you normaly spend a few hundred dollars a month a nd suddenly spend 10k they will close you. Belive me.


Where do you put in the coupon code?


the coupon code is a joke


is this one of those deals where you can make $$$$ on those coins?? or nothing to do?


on ebay they are selling for 2-3 dollars more than $25 so not really worth it cause it will cost you a motherload to ship it no pun.

Not Sure

Does anyone know for sure that the banks will accept this or is it a collectors Item?


Would anyone who has a 5% back CC please tell me which one it is? I would like one myself.


i ordered $2000 (4 orders). brought it to apple bank (albany ave, crown heights), and they told me that their policy is that you can only deposit 10 rolls. all the others are 20 cents a roll. there was no way i was shlepping all of them home again, so i just paid the $14.00.

i am planning to go today and close my account by them.

horrible policies. terrible customer service. if you are looking to open an account, dont go to apple bank!!!


anyone know about bank of america?

Pay the Tax Man

Might be fun to pay the Real Estate Tax Bill with rolls of coins!


I just called Bank of America- both the 800 number and my local branch. I asked if I come with a few thousands of these coins will they accept them. They said yes, no fees, etc. I think I will order as many as I can.

I wonder how they will feel when $25,000 of these coins are suddenly deposited!!!


Dan, do you think Starwoods is best for this? What about the Amex Business Gold card? I have a higher limit and I also get rewards points which I can send to airlines and such.


Dan, I ordered $10,000 in coins about a week ago. In today’s email I saw that the US Mint canceled all but two orders of mine!!! You’re lucky to have slipped through. Darn.


i ordered 6k two weeks ago they called me to ask y i am buying so many. i said cuz i want them and they said no problem. the just called me now to tell me they can only send me 500


Thank G-D i Got my orders…
for all of you that did not get there orders…sorry the deal is Dead!!!
Product is not available…


is seems that there is a fee for shipping


u can also shop at nordstrom on the credit card and then make a return for cash with their accept all returns policy


There isn’t at the final checkout page.


Dan, I got financial-review-ed, and preemptively cancelled all my AmEx cards. Is there a non-AmEx card you’d think useful to use for this?


they keep on canceling all my dam orders dan, i tell you this has gotta be my unluckiest deal unfortunately! ill just stick to nordstom and churning


Call up atarwood before you do it and let them know you’ll be making the purchase and they’ll put a override on your account that will stop them from putting any flags on you or making inquiries



starwood is not canceling my orders, the us mint is canceling them due to the limit policy 🙁




Now they have a built in fee. A box of $250 in dollars is $275.95. Not sure if the extra $25.95 is worth it. Dan?