Now Live: Facebook Will Waive Fees And Match Donations To Non-Profits On #GivingTuesday

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Update: Fee-free donations are now live. Donations made starting at 8am EST will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation until $2 million have been matched!

Originally posted on 11/21:

Facebook Will Waive Fees And Match Donations To Non-Profits On #GivingTuesday

Facebook is waiving their normal donation processing fees for #GivingTuesday on 11/28 from 12am EST until 11:59PM HST (4:59am EST on 11/29).

Additionally, Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation will match up to $2 million of donations to US based charities made on Facebook starting at 8am EST on 11/28.

Donations will be matched up to $50,000 per nonprofit or $1,000 per fundraiser or donate button, until the $2 million in matching funds run out. Matches will be paid out within 75 days.

Individuals can create a fundraiser for their favorite non-profit here.

If you run a 501(c)(3) you can create a nonprofit or charity Facebook page and follow the directions here to signup for Facebook payments.

What organization will you fundraise for on #GivingTuesday?

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Go for it!

It is quite challenging though…
Firstly, if you aren’t registered, it could be take up to seven business days for your organization to be approved.
Also, last year many organizations didn’t get the matching funds, and those that did only got a partial amount because the ‘funds ran out’.

If anyone has specific step by step instructions on how to set it up, please post here because I spent between 8-10 hours researching and trying to figure it out and I’m still confused.
For example my page doesn’t have CTA- Call-to-Action options which is how one would apply a donate button once approved… I’m trying to apply it to my non-profit’s Facebook page.



Following the directions is fairly simple. It just took me a moment to realize that the steps are hidden away toward the bottom, and you’d need to click the little drop-down to find them.


I don`t see a drop down menu?
Where is it?

Debbie Burg

Hello. I’m trying to set this up for the non-profit that I work for. I set up the FB page according to the instructions and I still cannot get the Donate button or figure out where to apply for verification. It really is very confusing.


Had the same issue. You need to make sure you have a cover photo and logo. Once you have that you should have option for phone verification.


Didn`t work for me 🙁


According to the directions, it can take up-to 3 weeks to get a page fully set up and approved.


Where do you see that it can take up to three weeks?
The phone verification was instant, and the finance verification says up to one week…

Did I miss something?


In the link provided it states “It typically takes 2-3 weeks to review your application.”


Not sure I follow. I created a fundraiser with a $50K goal for a non-profit org. The limits is $1K per fundraiser and $50K per nonprofit. So will they match only $1K? Do I need to ask 50 people to open a fundraiser for this non-profit in-order for FB to match the price?


yes that is correct


I plan to donate to 3 charities tomorrow:
1. Kitten Rescue – Los Angeles
2. A BroaderWay Foundation
3. Chicago Filmmakers

Does anyone know how long does it usually take until the 2 million matching funds run out? Or should I set my alarm to 5 AM PST?


Kitten rescue, seriously?


You don’t care about Katz?


Seriously? We needed Mark and Bill to “partner” to create this PR campaign called a “match”? With only the first two million being matched and there being no way to tell when it’s been reached (likely within minutes after 8:00), I call this nothing more than a PR gimmick at best and a scam at worst. That being said, the waived fee part is nice.
Typical of corporations pretending their care about charity when it serves their PR needs…