Deals Ending 12/31/12


-Don’t forget to register your Platinum Card® from American Express using this link for $200 in airline fee credits. You can use those fee credits in 2012 and 2013, so if you haven’t used them in 2012 then you can buy 2 $100 airline gift cards in 2 separate transactions and they will be refunded. See this DDF thread for more info and discussion and register or login to read the valuable Wiki info in that same thread. If you don’t have the card yet you can still apply now (call reconsideration right away at 866-314-0237 if you are not approved) and you should be able to receive your card by Monday, though no guarantees there. Be sure to ask for it to be overnighted, though with the Platinum card that’s typically the default shipping method. Besides for the $400 of airline fee credits you’ll get in the next 2 weeks you’ll also get the $100 global entry expedited customs (5 year membership) refunded, platinum card airline club access (American, Delta, and USAirways) for you and your entire family for 4 years, priority pass worldwide unlimited lounge membership, Starwood gold elite status, car rental perks at Avis, Hertz, and National, lost item (up to $10,000/item) refund protection, checked baggage protection, 3 additional Platinum users (with 4 years of free platinum card lounge access, priority pass membership, and global entry refund) for just $58 each, no foreign exchange fees, and many more free benefits.

-The rumor mill has it that the spending requirements for the Ink Bold, Ink Plus, Ink Cash, and Ink Classic cards that were just reduced last month will be heading up once again. You can read more about these awesome credit cards in this post on Chase offers ending soon, in this post that explains why spending on a business card is better than spending on a consumer card, in this post that explains the awesome rewards program, in this post about a couple new ways of easily meeting the spending threshold besides for Amazon Payments, and in this post that complies a list of every gift card you can purchase at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples that will earn you quintuple points!

-If you are going for a Southwest companion pass for 2012 don’t forget to finish that spending. Or if you have been holding off on using your new credit card in 2013 you can get cracking on Tuesday.

-Free 60 Day Pass To BJ’s Wholesale Club (activate by 12/31/12)

-Spend $20 At Coffee Bean Locations In AZ and CA And Get $5 Back (spend by 12/31/12)

-20% Off One Item At H&M Stores

-Refer A Friend To Costco And You’ll Each Get A $10 Gift Card (Refer by 12/31/12)

Get $30 Off $60 At Shoebuy With!

-Flying To Israel With The Current El Al Promotions (Promo #2 must be booked by 12/31/12, promo $1 runs through 01/10/13)

-Save $10 Off $20 On Fedex Express Shipments through 12/31/12

-Spend $200 At Best Buy With AMEX And Get $20 Back (Spend by 12/31/12)

-If you have previously registered (it’s too late if you didn’t register already) for $150 off $599 at Dell on Twitter then you need to spend that by 12/31/12.

-If you have previously registered (it’s too late if you didn’t register already) for $25 off $100 at Costco on Twitter then you need to spend that by 12/31/12.

What else am I missing that’s ending in 2012?

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Dan, what has more value? Amex plat or united club


I already have the card, thanks Dan. Now I’m waiting for wifes MB Plat
How do I get the gold status by SPG? I have to call?

What are the perks at car rentals?


If asking a riddle, “what else…missing…ending in 2012” is it the world? 😉

Yosel S.

Dan can i register the amex platinum card 1 per acct or cards like the shop small thanksgiving?


can u give me the difference between these two benefits “platinum card airline club access (American, Delta, and USAirways) for you and your entire family for 4 years, priority pass worldwide unlimited lounge membership,”

and will i get it after i cancel?

same about global entry?


The $200 airline fee credit is only for “incidentals.” Airline gift cards fall under that??


Is there anyway to buy gift cards or cash cards at an office supplier w/o extra fees?


Can you provide info on the $58 fee for additional users for the Platinum card? I’m seeing a $175 fee for additional users.


You can add up to 3, so it’s $58 per card


Rimon in Lakewood is closing its doors for good Monday is the last day so all people who bought restaurant coupons have till Monday!


Why do you say that airline club access is for 4 years? Wouldn’t one lose access if they did not renew each year by paying the annual fee? Thanks


I’m trying to apply for amex you pay 450 annual fee? They say that they don’t waive fee for first year.


They both have very different but great benefits.



There are no fees on gift cards.

The card continues to give access until it expires in 4 years.

If you cancel in 60 days you get a refund, if you downgrade or cancel afterward they give a prorated refund.


You say “you can buy 2 $100 airline gift cards”. HOw do you do that? Amex Platinum person told me you definitely can not. The old thread you sent Meir above (
confirms that. I have a large credit left and no plans to fly in the next 4 days. How can I monetize it?


Read the thread and the thread wiki (you need to login to DDF to red the Wiki)


Dan is it ok to shift credit lines from personal to get approoved on business card? Also got 1 business card 2 months ago chase can I go for more now? Thanks so much


Do you login when doing 3 bm or fill out the app using your social security number?


Thanks for reminding us of deadlines! I just switched my Amex platinum airline credit to Delta and booked a comfort seat to Israel. I hope to book the return seat in 2013, and AmEx will pay for both! Plus one extra suitcase!

Thanks for all the info!

D. Epstein



I just bought two AA $100 cards in two completely separate transactions and was credited back the money for both very quickly. It worked perfectly for me.


it says clearly in terms and conditions that gift cards are not incidental fees. How can you purchase gift cards