Deals Ending 06/30


-Besides for the free $1,000 in monthly spending on Amazon Payments and $5,000 of monthly Bluebird funding that you can do every calendar month, these deals are set to end today:

-Today is the last day to borrow American Express Membership Rewards Points. They can be paid back over the next 12 months through signup bonuses or spending. The program is being discontinued. Membership Rewards can be reached via SM or at 800-AXP-EARN.

-Last Day For Q2 Bonus Spending On Chase Freedom Complete spending by 06/30

-30% Off Living Social Deals Coupon expires 06/30

-NYC To Or From Israel Nonstop For Just $868.97 Round Trip With Tax Book by 06/30

-“Hacking” A Newark To Tel Aviv Nonstop Round-Trip Flight For $756.97 Round-Trip… Book by 06/30

-50K signup bonus for Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard Apply by 06/30

-Save $10 Off $75 At Whole Foods With AMEX Spend by 06/30

-Open A New Snapfish Account And Get A $5 8×11 Custom Cover Hardcover Photo Book

-Subscribe to emails for 20% off, plus get free shipping with no minimum order requirement…just on time for Tisha B’av

-Last Day For NJ Tax Free Shopping On

Anything else I forgot? Hit the comments!

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What’s the american express MR to borrow? How can I borrow how does it work?


Dan, can you expound on your comment that $5,000 of bluebird is expiring. Thanks!


amazon payments are ending?


Each month you can send $1000 and receive $1000 on AP and you can load up to $5000 on BB. This is per calendar month. Tomorrow is the last day of the calendar month.

David R

@Bruce: I think the point was that it’s the last day of the month to do it for June. In July you can send another $1000 on AP and load another $5000 to Bluebird.


gothcya thanks for clarification…

Shmuel Z

Last day to order on amazon and ship to New Jersey and avoid sales tax. As Dan mentioned, starting tomorrow July 1 they’re charging.


Could i buy amazon gift card at lowes paying with a lowes gift card?




yups 1 more important thing expiring..
Google Reader will close tonight.


did u try selfcheckout too?


how common is it for an airline to close your ff account b/c u sold your miles?


how do i borrow amex MR points thier office is closed and theyre pretty slow wit the SM!!! ?????????


I called amex, they said they could only give me points if I’m in middle of redeeming it for travel or gift cards & it says I don’t have enough points. But they can’t just put it in my account. Anyone else have better luck ?


I bought $250 from Staples -office supply store, on my Ink Business card, and it was activated. But when I went to pay at Nordstrom’s , the balance on all the cards was 0. Staples can not refund money from gift cards and Nordstrom says that its Staples fault, but they received the money. What is my next step?


when i called amex on june 4, they would not let me borrow miles, claiming that the program was discontinued as of june 1. now i found out, it’s really june 30, and I already bought my ticket!!! any ideas of how i can get them to compensate me for the ticket i bought?


@mobo: they told me u could do it online, but i can’t figure it out!


do u still have staples receipt? Are u able to check gift card trans. History to see if it was loaded and value stolen or was never loaded? If never loaded i would go back to staples store or dispute cc charge,
if value was stolen i guess u could only file police report unless ur cc covers 90 days etc. Theft


I still have the staple’ s receipt and the gift cards were not used. According to staples they were activated and nordstrom agees but does not know why the value of the cards shows o. Staples can not refund the money as it left their territory and nordstrom refuses to deal since I went through a third party. I will have to fight both staples and nordstrom and possibly have the times publish an article on this matter. Thanks for your interest and advice.


is starpoints in the same boat as mr on this one and what/how would i go abt doing it for starpoints


@ dan am i or was i able to borrow starwood points as well or is that completely different ?


Did amazon payments end the free sending up to $1000 as of 6/30?

Joe s

Well I got my reply letter from “CHASE World Elite Business Business” credit card. (Yes it was written just that way). Denied :(. The reason? “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”. I did a 2BM – Chrome & Explorer. What did I do wrong? It works for other people! Is it me? It’s me, right? Seriously, what now?


@Joe s: When you apply for more than one card at a time that’s the response they usually give everyone. you need to call reconsideration number and they should be able to approve at least one if not both.

Joe s

@Mark: Yea! Called recon per your suggestion. got OK for Ink Bold. Thanks Mark. Thanks Dan. UR awesome! Strnge tho, the guy told me they pulled Experian for the Plus app & TransUnion for Bold. I thought w/2BM I would only get one pull!?Anyway 🙂

David R

For those who had signed up, there was 5% cash back at The Home Depot, home furnishing and home and garden stores from 4/1/2013 to 6/30/2013 when using Citi® Dividend World MasterCard®. There was also 5x cash back on purchases made at home improvement stores through 6/30/13 with Discover card. I had no need for these offers while they lasted, but now that it’s too late, I need to buy something from Home Depot. What’s available this month (July) for extra miles / points / cash back for Home Depot purchases? (I don’t want to buy Home Depot gift cards at a store where I can earn extra points and spend the gift cards on this purchase, because I will want the purchase protection that most credit cards provide.)