DDF Stream Of Siyum HaShas…

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The event is now over but our video feed sure went viral.  Thanks to JJ (the amateur videographer using his Galaxy Nexus phone) who enabled a whopping 95,000+ total viewers (according to ustream’s count) to take part from their homes!


DDF member jj1000’s stream of the Siyum HaShas has been trending pretty highly on the DansDeals Forums and has over 800 current viewers, so here is a link for your viewing pleasure.

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42 Comments On "DDF Stream Of Siyum HaShas…"

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Yasher Koach! 1300 people on through you already!


make that 2000+..a big yasher koach!


Dan we need deals not video streams!!


it keeps freezing up and going black. How do i fix that?


I m in MetLife it’s amazing!!!




Thanks so much!!!!


Gotta love how VIN news rips this off without giving any credit at all. So typical of them.


@Sam: I think that COL ripped it off w/o giving credit either.




I was watching it on Vinnews until the guy just said, brought to you by dans deals.com. I was shocked…lol


VIN actually had it before Dan’s Deals posted it.
I was on when it had less than 100 viewers, and Dan posted it when it was over 1000.


thank you dan for allowing us people who could not make it to the siyum to see it from our homes.


That’s not possible as jj1000 posted the link to the dansdeals forums in the first place.



Do you mean in the forum itself. I didn’t see it in the forum, I meant the main site.
I actually got it as a text.


Yasher Koach!


@BLITZ: everything on the main site is on the forums before…


Love the commentaries, thanks!


thank you so much for streaming this. tizku lmitzvos!

Barb k

What a great service. Thanks, Dan. Ticket lemitzvot


Thanks JJ We really appreciate it


Thank You a million times over.
Really, what a Zikuy HaRabim.

dan fan

jj u r the man !!! we really really appreciate it!!! and thanks dan too!!


In the future please make sure that your stream is clear and audible, I could not understand what was going on, next time please hire a cameraman and audio technician. I was expecting better from a site like this.

A cellphone is a poor excuse for a video camera.


Thanks for the proactive approach of bringing along chargers and extra batteries so that 7000 (5000 viewers sustained for over 2 hours, has got to be different people) of us could be inspired by the siyum.
God bless you among all those who work for the tzibur.


@Ebbs: Still didnt publish it, i wrote end tag joking at the end of my post, i am not serious, i really appreciated this feed.

Next time the organizers should get their act together and make a public stream online


@Ebbs: Stop complaining, it was a improvisation due to lack of options.


Thank you Dan for sponsoring the live stream! I enjoyed watching it this evening. Felt like I was there. Tizku Le’Mitzvot!


Thank you so much for enabling those at home to watch and be inspired. What a zchus!


Thanks JJ -Your hired for next year even in Jerusalem!!


I can not express enough how amazing it is that what started as a favor/chessed for just 2 people, turned into a chessed for 90,000 people! Such an amazing lesson in ahavas yisroel. I am on such a high, the emotions in that stadium can never be replicated. I strongly recommend not missing it next time the achdus was tremendous. Thank you to all the sponsors and coordinators!

*yes my arm hurts very much! Lol. I’m glad people were able to join through me. It’s very humbling.

dan fan

so if that’s correct then 90,000 @ the stadium + 90,000 @ the live feed wow!! 180,000 ppl total @ the siyum!!!!

I wonder if cbs knows that??

Deal lover

@jj1000: Thanks JJ, I was wondering about your hand last night, was thinking of offering some advil…

You did great! and I can only envy your zchus, you’re right that we should have attended in person, but for some of us that wasn’t an option.

Thanks a mil!


Thank you again


JJ that was so kind of you, so many people that could not leave home for all those hours had the opportunity to be inspired, all because of your concern for others, what a zechus!


Thanks so much for the live feed. Some of us women at BVG who couldn’t attend in person really appreciated the next best thing to being there.

avi H

Yasher koach! tizku lamitzvos! Dan Done Gevaldik!

6 percent

thanks wonderful


It was the largest Mincha minyan ever!! it was amazing.


Thank you SOOOOOO much for doing this for everyone. It was a tremendous mitzva and allowed so many more people to be part of the wonderful event. Your selflessness is very much appreciated. Yasher Koach!


Is there somewhere I can watch a recording of the sium hashas?


Thank you so much! i enjoyed every minute of it and was so glad to be able to be a part of this amazing event. I was not able to attend in person and felt bad missing out, thanks for this great opportunity.