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With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick.  At 1pm EDT every weekday from May 19 until June 20th there will be another offering.

The best ones will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

If you use an AMEX you will automatically get 10% off the listed price.

Sample offers (Prices assume you’ll pay with AMEX for the discount):
-On May 23rd you’ll be able to buy Hilton points for .495 cents each. If you use them at the new Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem you need 80,000 points per night or 68,000 points per night on a 5 night stay thanks to 5th night free.
That’s like paying $396 per night or $336.60 per night on a 5 night stay. Checking a random date, June 23rd, shows the lowest paid rate of $620+tax=$731.60.

-On May 26th you’ll be able to buy IHG points for about .567 cents each. If you use them for 5K PointBreaks nights that would be $28.35 per night. Or if you use them for an overwater bungalow at the Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora that would be 50K points or $283.50. Checking a random date, January 18th, shows the lowest paid rate of $849 with tax.

-On May 30th you’ll be able tickets to any Sea World for just $44.10

-On June 4th you’ll be able to buy Hyatt points on the cheap if you aren’t an Orthodox Jew. With most packages you get to buy points for under a cent each, which is a real bargain for valuable Hyatt points.  Otherwise, enjoy your Shavuos holiday and don’t worry about missing out on this one as there are ridiculously few packages for sale anyway and this is always the hardest daily getaway to grab.

-On June 5th there will be a repeat of the IHG sale from May 26th. Same holiday conflict though for Orthodox Jews.

-On June 9th you can buy Marriott gift cards with a 19% effective discount (A $1,000 gift card will be $810 with AMEX).

-On June 12th you can buy Avis daily rental certificates for $29.70.  They aren’t valid in NYC metro and they come with undisclosed blackout dates.  They can be a great deal though, especially for rentals in Canada.  They expire 07/15/15.

On that same day you’ll also be able to buy Avis Chairman’s status for $1,003.50. The status will be good through 07/31/15.  Chairman’s status gets you upgrades from midsize to luxury cars, free car delivery and pickup, a chauffeur to drive you back to the terminal, market rates for gas, and guaranteed cars even if the location is sold out.

-On June 20th you can buy 6 nights at the Fairmont Orchid Big Island, or in a suite at the Fairmont Kaa Lani Maui (reviewed here) for $1,782 ($297 per night). Breakfast and tax is included.

Will you try for one of the packages this year? Or is it too much work and effort for too little reward?  Should I post any reminders for any of these on the day of the sale? Hit the comments!

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oy vey

“On June 4th you’ll be able to buy Hyatt points on the cheap if you aren’t an Orthodox Jew”

Can one infer that if one is not Orthodox, is it then OK to purchase Hyatt points on June 4?


we are not making religious arguments here. Take it to your personal blogs!


@oy vey:


@oyvey. Your yarmulka is on a little too tight!

Real deals

Please don’t post them! They aren’t the good stuff


Yes. Avis and Seaworld. And thanks Dan for all you do.

We have two Ink cards and the Sapphire thanks to you, hoping to use for Simcha travel. Do I understand correctly that one can get additional Ink cards by submitting a diff business?


Do you also earn points on these purchases ?


I did it last year for the avis and besides for the work etc I don’t think it was worth it because I never used it in general it’s important to only buy it if you buy the entire package and you have a plan of when to use them


FYI the NYC city pass is the same $109 on the regular website. Also seaworld is offering $50 tickets on their website. Didn’t look into all the other deals but are these really good deals or are they just advertising it as if it is?


@Real deals:
Lol. Because they’re not good or you don’t want the competition 😉


Of course.

Please find me Sea World San Diego tickets for $50 online.
The deals I highlighted are good IMHO.


Yes Dan, for the Hilton points. Both my daughter and myself. Thank you so much! I am already nervous!


@dan you are right! We are headed for Orlando so I jumped at the seaworld deal. Didn’t look at San Diego.


Yet another reason to live in Israel. You can be an orthodox Jew and still get IHG points for cheap 🙂


It says it takes 3 to 4 weeks for points to post for the hilton deal. Anyway to book before points post?


Thank you for not yet mentioning the best deal of the bunch.


“On June 4th you’ll be able to buy Hyatt points on the cheap if you aren’t an Orthodox Jew.”

Disagree. I am a devout religious Jew, yet I think I will be fine buying these… Living in Israel and keeping only one day of yom tov means that the holiday is over for me exactly 3 minutes before the sale starts. 😀

Keep Up!

Does Waldorf Astoria have black out dates, or are they always available for 80k points?


dan,what do you mean by using your amex card for a discount?

is this any amex card i own?

john thomlonson

Hilton says “The number of points required for a Standard Room Reward depends on the category level of the hotel and whether the stay will occur during Peak or Off-Peak time. Stays of more than one night might include both Peak and Off-Peak periods.”

Do you think that will eliminate the ability to use points and cash to pay? sometimes as you know they have lower point total and you add cash to pay to conserve points. thoughts?


where can we buy the Fairmont deal on june 20th?

Eliezer the Texan

as far as I know they’re no different laws for Orthodox Jews or any other Jews if one is not allowed to purchase it is the law for all Jews


@dan love the site thanx for all the help! i would love to buy the hertz points deal (the one with 13200 for 475) but it says that its for prestege cars. is that all i could get with it or its just a exaple? please answer need to know for tomoro. thank you!!


can’t even get on Hertz to get a gold plus membership – keeps saying timed out!


Did anyone actually get it?


Dan please do! I’m looking at the SeaWorld deal 🙂


Pls post seaworld tickets on may 30th


“as far as I know they’re no different laws for Orthodox Jews or any other Jews if one is not allowed to purchase it is the law for all Jews”


anyway get the chairmans club that wants to sell


$2K and it’s yours 🙂


2k not worth it u want to work a deal i would be open but 2k no


give me a price


shoot me a message on the forum sm2600