Daily Getaway For 05/30: Sea World And Busch Gardens


Update: Sea World is now sold out!


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With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick.  At 1pm EDT every weekday until June 20th there is a new offering.

The best ones will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

There are 2 offers today:

-Visit Any SeaWorld Park for $44.10 (Price reflects 10% discount for using AMEX).
-1 single-day admission for an adult or child to your choice of either SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego or San Antonio.

Visit Any Busch Gardens Park for $40.50 (Price reflects 10% discount for using AMEX).
-1 single-day admission for an adult or child to your choice of either Busch Gardens Florida or Virginia.

-You can purchase up to 6 tickets for each offer.
-Tickets will be mailed via US Mail within 7 to 10 business days.
-Tickets expire 05/15/15.
-No blackout dates.

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New to Daily Getaways. Are these tickets good for anyone or will they have a name printed on them?


Good for anyone.


i see you can purchase online for 50.00 (not good for any but only one)

i dont know

dan how do I buy?


Link to where you can buy a ticket to Sea World San Diego for $50 please?

@i dont know:
Read the post?

i dont know

oh I see this offer will be available at 1pm only? I cant buy now correct?

thanks dan


Not the same at all.
-That is only valid on weekdays.
-There is a $3 booking fee.
-You must put down the name of who is going to use the ticket at the time of purchase.

@i dont know:
That’s right, but you’d better on the right page and refreshing your screen at 12:59pm if you want it.

i dont know

and I use amex I get another 10% discount?
thanks dan


wow its already gone

Dovid Freund

got em, thanks!


Of course, you need to be waiting at 12:59pm.

Mind you, they’re not sold out yet. Keep refreshing as some people won’t complete the checkout process and their tickets will go back into inventory.

@Dovid Freund:


dead great deal got four


Have fun!

Not dead yet, just reserved in other people’s carts. Their carts expire every few minutes, so just keep refreshing.


thank you so much i just got 6 tickets to sea world


Thanks Dan! Got 5 tickets to seaworld!!


KEEP TRYING!! I have to refresh about 50 time. but i finally got 6 each.


got 6 + 1


Well done!


Boycott Sea World!!!


sold out


I got 6+2


Busch Gardens still a available easy


Thanx Dan, got 4. Not such a great deal though as these are twice as much as my flight to California. 🙂


I got 4
thanks Dan

i dont know

THANKS DAN!!!! got for both parks. 12 tic total. now I need good hotel deals in FL for winter time. Any?


Any house rentals in San Diago ?


Thanks to Zack for speaking up. If you haven’t seen the film “Blackfish”, please do.


Boycott Seaworld!!! Awful, awful place!