23 Deals Expire Today, Take Advantage Of Them While You Still Can!


12/31 housekeeping in no particular order. Did you remember to:

1. Spend your airline fee credit (and targeted bonus 2014 American/USAir credit) on your AMEX Platinum card?

2. Finish your Chase Freedom card spending for Q4? 5-5.5 points per dollar on up to $1,500 of spending from Amazon and department stores. You can buy an Amazon.com email gift card or you can buy a physical Amazon.com gift card. Once you have the gift card code you can save it to your Amazon account via this link where it will never expire.

Or buy a gift card for other stores from Amazon like American Eagle, Express, Forever 21, Hollister, Nordstrom, Southwest, Starbucks, or Whole Foods.

3. Buy 20K Starpoints at 25% off? If you need to top off a mileage account with the 25% transfer bonus or if you need stays at some hotels it can be a deal.  For example if you need 25K more miles for an award ticket it may be worthwhile. Or if you want to stay at a hotel like the Four Points Midtown NYC tonight the paid rate is $1,151 with tax but you can use just 12,000 points for that same room!















4. Book any of the discounted United awards that need to be ticketed by today?

5. Signup for a BJs 60 day trial ending today?

6.Book a Flying Blue December Promo Award?

7. Claim 500 free Virgin America points?

8. Finish up Visa Savings Edge savings at Staples? Stock up on those gift cards!

9.Get $1 back for every $1 Serve swipe via Softcard?

10. Fund your Serve, Bluebird, or REDCard this month? Gotta love free miles!

11. Use your $30 in Canon e-Cash expiring today?

12.Book a Delta stopover award that will be discontinued after today? One last shot for a business class trip to both Bora Bora and Australia for 160K Skypesos…

13.Use your United Club or Presidential Plus card to get 1 last year of elite status at Avis? You need to enroll today.

14.Make a purchase on your USAirways card for a $25 statement credit?

15.Take advantage of targeted AMEX Offers? Lots of offers end today including Newegg, Uber, Toys R Us, Zappos, Staples, Saks, and more.

16. Use your Amazon $1 no-rush book credits? Credits for physical books end today!

17.Save $10 off $100 at Costco.com?

18. Get 10% off (plus a bonus 5% off with AMEX business cards) Hyatt gift cards?

19. Save $15 off $15 at Amazon for targeted customers?

20. Finish threshold spending like 15K points for $30K spend on AMEX PRG, 10K points for $25K spend on Chase United Explorer, or a companion pass for $30K spend on Chase British Airways?  Or finish $25K in spend to waive elite status spend requirements on Delta or United?  Or finish 110K in earning from Southwest for a companion pass (you can still transfer increments of 50K Chase points into 50K Hyatt points and 50K Hyatt points into 30K Southwest points that count for companion pass.)

21. Swipe to take advantage of Softcard promotions for Amazon gift cards and United miles?

22. Pickup a free slurpee?

23. Open a Chase checking account in order to get 10% bonus points on top of all of your 2014 Chase Freedom spending? The bonus points will post in February 2015 for 2014 spending and in February 2016 for 2015 spending.

What else is ending today? Hit the comments!

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Can you spend ritz Carlton travel reimbursements on aa gift cards or what is the safest gift card to buy.


And softcard $30 when you tap 15x up to five cards =75 taps and $150 in amazon gcs


Regarding the Amazon No-Rush book credit, that’s only for credit earned before Nov. 8. Everything after that expires March 31, 2015. http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=201537730


Although registered for the Canon offer, I never got anything 🙁


Why can’t I buy a ebay gift card from Amazon?


See the DDF thread.

Thanks, added!

That’s why I said the credit for physical books ends today.
That offer isn’t good for physical books.


Where can I see how much i spent already on my freedom from the $1500?


If you click on a transaction it tells you if you earned 5 points for it.
Gotta tally them up and see how much you spent.


Uber amex offer ended a long time go. Even though it “expires” today.


If you have it saved you can take advantage until today. Can even buy a uber gift card.


Dan: I did the airline credit thing with Delta 2 days ago with my Amex platinum. I cancelled the whole thing after 3 hours. I got a confirmation number but no cancelation email from Delta. Also no email from Amex thanking me for using my card (unlike the usual emails after using “synced” cards). My credit card still shows the $1000 charge as pending, but the two Upgrade Seat Fees show as charges but then refunded. What does all that mean? Did it work? Or was I too late in the year? Or perhaps I cancelled too early? Or is it really all good?


All normal.
Refunds take 1-2 weeks.


@Dan: thanks . My friends were telling me Dec 28 is too late to do it bc the charge needs to “post before Dec 31st”- whatever that means. Was just hoping they were wrong
Especially since as you say it takes 1-2 weeks, by then it’s 2015.

I’m hoping to double dip and then cancel by Dec 31st. Will that work out?


hi, bj’s link did not work for me…


Link to “airline thing” I assume upgrade to EC, please. Or in what section of DDF?


thanks dan, i got an elph 115 refurbished camera for only $16.39 shipped!!!!!!!!


This is a great post, thanks for pulling together.


Search PGGM


If I apply today for the platinum Amex and get accepted right away will I still be able to do the airline fee credit for 3014

Amazon ebook

How do you see your amazon ebook credit from no rush shipping


Last day to get the first year free on the BA card.



But you’d be able to do 2015 and 2016.

@Amazon ebook:
Try clicking on enter your code and see what comes up.


Extended until 3/31.


Last day to sign up for a chase checking account to get the 10% bonus.


Good point!


That extension is actually really helpful for me. Thanks Dan!!


Thanks Dan, please add “book you JetBlue tickets today for first bag free tomorrow we won’t see that on JetBlue.com!😞



Don’t think that’s true.


@Dan: how do I know 100%? I wanna book two tickets but waiting for a promotion from JetBlue, the only thing that pulled me to book today is the first bag free are you sure?!


100%? Do you think I’m a prophet?

Onus is on you, I saw nothing indicating a change was coming on 01/01.

search guy

good job


Thanks, this was my to-do list this AM – and you saved me $89 on the US Airways card annual fee!


@Dan what’s #10? Thank so much for always $aving us $$$$


If you bought the oral-b toothbrush from Walmart your rebate has to be postmarked by 12/31/14


Read the link.


How do i enroll in for Avis elite using my United Club? please advise. ty


Dan if I just got my British airways visa a month ago do I not have a year from when I got it for the threshold spending ??


Stocked up on about 12K in VGCs, hopefully no problem getting the 1% VisaSavings. Definitely prefer to do it all today then to wait and find out if and when it will continue.


@Chocolate: BA spending for a companion pass is ANNUAL year not member year. So your spending total resets 1/1/15.


@Dan what about maxing out the 6k grocery spend on Everyday and Blue Cash preferred?



Even if they decide to upgrade it to 2% for 2015… ? 🙂


@Dan: dan can i still call or sm amex regarding the extra targeted offers i did not recieve for arline incidentals?

Mike B

To check your Amazon promo credit, use this link (must be signed in): http://amzn.to/mp3-balance


Hi if I have. A platinum card can I use the airline fee credit for a American airline gift cars without booking a flight ?

Mike B


For the past few days I am noticing that comments I post no longer show for me. It used to be that pending comments would show for the sender. any idea whats going on?


Isn’t today the last day to finish the 2x/3x points at US supermarkets, on up to $6,000 per year in purchases for the Amex ED/EDP cards?


Staples+Visa Savings Edge won’t work anymore today because VGC purchases from Staples won’t post on the credit card until next year. I have some from LAST WEEK that still haven’t posted!!!


@Mike B:
Pending comments never show up until I publish them.


Will work in-store.


canon site is down, anyone else have that experience?


PGGM works against a pending charge on your account?


@yyk: Fat Chance of that happening 🙂




How do you get the $89 Us Airways annual fee waived?


@Dan: How do you buy an Uber Gift card?


Should be an option when you login to Uber.com from your computer.


Anyone know what time staples closes today in Brooklyn ??


Thanks Dan — almost forgot about the canon ecash. zoom pack 1000 holster case for my T3i was only 2.18 after the credit and 20% off.

Ritz Carlton Incidentals

If you have the Ritz Carlton credit card from Chase, today is the last day to charge incidentals to the card (via message or call) that will be reimbursed up to a total of $300 per calendar year. Next calendar year, you can start again, iy”H. Just be smart!

another 1 ?

last day to apply for chase British airways card were first year annual fee will be waived?

need help

I am trying to book the syd via BOB and delta is telling me cant book it needs to be direct on Delta please help me out with more details I tried giving all the info from the forum to the rep and she wasn’t able to book please help me out thanks!


Pnc $300 new account final day to open online


I haven’t been able to find $200 visa gift cards at the local stores for weeks now. Tried 4 different branches periodically with no luck. Holiday season?


@Dan: You don’t need to go to that much trouble. Log in to your Chase Account, click on the “Go to Ultimate Rewards” link by your Freedom card, and the new home page for Ultimate Rewards has all the info for 5% categories right there on the right side of the page under the “Your cash back rewards and recent activity” banner. It will tell you how much of the $1500 you’ve spent, or if you’ve completed it already it will say, “You earned your $75 max in 5% cash back rewards for this quarter!”

need help

@DAN please help me book my ticket from lax to Sydney via bora bora I need more detailed info on how to book I already checked the forum and it didn’t work when I spoke to a delta rep. Thanks


Heh, awesome!

@need help:
AJK just did it, see the forum link.

You would have to book something like LAX-PPT (stopover)-AKL-SYD (destination)-LAX for 160K in business.


@shimmy: thanks so much for sharing what you bought! just searched for this item and although it says out of stock I clicked on the product and it allows you to add it to the cart, for $2.18 (after %20 off and $30 off from promo) you really cant go wrong!
@Dan: this is probably the cheapest item you can buy on their website.

fan of dan

hi dan thanks for the round up but om number 13 the redirect is taking me to a diffrent post not the one posted please advise thanks pre happy new year


I was targeted for an additional $100 fee refund for spending on American, but was told by the representative that it’s only toward lounge fees, Is that true? If not, What else can it be used for? I appreciate a quick respond as I’m running out of time!
Please help!


The link for no #13 is not going to correct place


@Dan: I obviously checked there before i posed the question… I’m not seeing it anywhere on the site. Do you know where on the site it is?


Can i buy amazon.com gift card and load it on my amazon payment account to pay off my bills???

Hakarat hatov

Thanks for all the fabulous tips and ideas you posted all of 2014. We appreciate it. It was also a pleasure to have met you at one of your forums. Continued hatzlacha in all you do!


@Dan: I obviously checked there before i posed the question… I’m not seeing it anywhere on the site. Do you know where on the site it is?


Just made my Canon order.


@Dan: Thanks. Got a Gift card. I hope I’ll get the credit. Anything I can do if i don’t get it?


I had $1200 in platinum cards credit left. Bought gift cards. 12 of the $100 type. See some pending charges on Amex and some don’t show anything. Is that normal? Either way- thanks Dan


Your link for #13 is incorrect.

Us air

Made it before train takes off
Is it over now?


I spent the 200$ towards airline fee on Dec. 31. I see now that the transaction and the refund are posted as made by Jan 1, and the reimbursement is posted by Jan 3. Does it mean that i lost it for 2015? anything to do about it?