20 Boxes Of 160 Count 2-Ply Kleenex Tissues For $19.95 Shipped From Staples

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20 Boxes Of 160 Count 2-Ply Kleenex Tissues For $19.95 Shipped From Staples

A pack of 4 boxes is on sale for $3.99 each after a $2 instant discount, but there is a $25 minimum purchase before discounts so you must purchase 5 of the 4 packs to checkout with the discount.

Signup and login to a free Staples Rewards account and you’ll get free shipping on all of your Staples.com orders with no minimum order size required, making 20 boxes cost $19.95 shipped.

You can receive the discount on up to 10 of the 4 packs, for a total of up to 40 boxes for $39.90 shipped.

Use your Ink Plus or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar.

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This has been around for weeks now instore with no mimimum purchase


you can also just buy a gift card, if that’s something you do anyway (it counts towards the $25 min)


Great! Thanks!


It’s not working! I added 7 packs into my cart for $27.93, logged into my Staples account and it’s still saying $9.95 shipping charges at checkout. There’s a message in res on the top of the screeen that says “add 22.06 to your order to qualify for free shipping.”


It’s the same price in the store, at least it was went I went a few times a couple months ago, but there you only need to buy one pack at a time.


plus $1.77 tax (ny) bringing the total to $21.72 shipped


thanks got 40.


Remembering your roots? Wasnt this how you started, Dan? Deals on tissues/toilet paper.


Thank you JJ.


Why would I want to shlep to a store when they’ll send it to my house?

You didn’t follow the instructions in the post.
You need to enroll ir Staples rewards.


is this a good price? $1 per box? is this cheaper than costco?
never really paid attention


@yidel: yes this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen


I’ve been getting them at this price in the store when I stop in to buy the Visa gift cards and turn in the empty inks for rewards. Comes out about the same as the best sale price for the 230 count 10 packs but there 5 ink points per dollar and Staples rewards.


Are they the same quality/thickness as the costco 230 count?


No free shipping for me either, even though I signed up for rewards.


ouch the $2.79 in tax is killing me, thanks Daniel


I got it, and the free shipping, Thanx dan!

David R

@yidel: Costco sells 10 packs with 230 tissues per box for $28.99 shipped.
Staples – 160.4 tissues per dollar
Costco – 79.3 tissues per dollar
So Costco costs about double. If you pick it up at the warehouse, I think costs less than that and if you wait for it to appear in the coupon book, it’s even less. Last summer , it was $17.69 minus $3.50, which works out to $162.1 tissues per dollar. Take into account that sales tax at Costco, where applicable, is on the pre-coupon amount. Also take into account that if you have an ink card, you can get 5X points at Staples. In summary, the answers to your questions are: yes, approximately, and generally yes.


Great Price and free shipping to my house. Can not beat it. Thanks




Out of stock


Back in stock


I got it today. I ordered 56 boxes. Initially, they only gave me $20 off, but I called up and got them to give me $28 dollars off. I don’t see any limit and neither did the customer service representative.


out of stock!