1 Year Of UPS My Choice Premium Membership (With Unlimited SurePost Upgrades) For $10


1 Year Of UPS My Choice Premium Membership For $10

-Login or register for a UPS My Choice account via the link above.
-Then click on “Membership Information>Manage Membership / Addresses” on the left side and choose “Upgrade to Premium”
-Apply the following promo code to drop the price of the membership to $10 for one year: BY5AY1MM7

Premium benefits include:
-Unlimited free UPS SurePost® upgrades to UPS Ground. SurePost are those packages that take forever to arrive because they are shipped via UPS and are then handed off to the post office. With this benefit they’ll arrive with UPS Ground every time.
-Two free 2-hour confirmed delivery window requests annually. An $8 fee is charged for additional requests.
-Have packages delivered to another address or on another day.
-Sign for a package online when you won’t be home to sign in person.
-Send your packages to The UPS Store® or a UPS Access Point™ location for convenient pickup.
-Use the Set a Vacation feature to hold your packages at a UPS Access Point location up to seven days while you’re traveling. Or choose to have packages delivered to your home after vacations of up to 14 days.

-To automatically have all of your SurePost packages upgraded to ground automatically just click here and then click on “Delivery options>Upgrade UPS SurePost” on the left side.

-Membership will auto-renew at $40/year. To turn off the auto-renew option just click here and then click on “Membership Information>Update My Name or Address” on the left side. Click edit, scroll to the bottom, uncheck “I want UPS to automatically renew my membership,” and save changes.

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Deal Guy

“Two free 2-hour confirmed delivery window requests annually. An $8 fee is charged for additional requests.”

Annually as 2 times in the next 12 months or calendar year?

Like twice in December 2016 and twice in January of 2017 if I wanted to choose that route.

Ups pick up

Does this include having access to UPS picking up packages from your home?


I already have mychoice. is there a way to add a year to my subscription with this?


I don’t understand, this offer good for whom? If I send nothing by UPS should I have it?

chana k

“Have packages delivered to another address or on another day.”
Even delivered to another state?


If you only need to reschedule delivery of packages or reroute packages to a UPS Access Point, and you live near a UPS Access Point, then you might not need this membership. You can just send your packages to be held for up to 7 days at a UPS Access Point; it’s free and there is no limit on the amount of times that can be done, although I think it only works for the packages actually delivered by UPS and not USPS delivered SurePost packages. However, if you’re unable to pick up your packages, don’t live near a UPS Access Point, or would prefer to have delivery rescheduled, then for only $10, this membership is a great deal!


Does this work on packages that are shipped to my house under my name on the account or for everyone in my family?
If I have a 2 family house with no apt numbers, will both family’s get the benefits?

As always, thanks @dan!!!


Does it mean that I will be able to order delivery to UPS Access Point in New Hampshire state, and then change it to New York?


Technically, you can order all your electronics to Delaware and avoid paying tax, and with this ups membership you can reroute all packages to NY for free. Avoiding paying tax on your electronics!


Thanks, Dan. In for $10.


@Sol: very creative!

Is there any reason why one would want sure post instead of ups ground?
(all I could think of would be when you want it to be delivered with the Reg mail delivery) .


@Myi: I actually prefer surepost sometimes bc the mailman has the key to get into my building. With UPS, if they buz and I answer a second late, they leave and try to re-deliver later. Also I have had UPS drivers lose my packages before.


I believe the following code brings it down to $4



Works for me.
For $4, im in!


@Ilan I see your $4, and raise you $3!

Try BTH5ZYHD3 for a $3 membership! 🙂

Bob Kaufman

@Ilan: thanks Ilan your code worked


@Ilan: that’s not for a year


Warning: $4 code is only for 4 months!


Warning: $3 code is only for 3 months!


Where do you see that its only 3 or 4 months ?


so would you guys say 3, 4, or 10 months is the way to go?


It’s 3, 4, or 12.

Bob Kaufman

@junkyardunz: he’s right it is only for 3 or 4 months


@Dan: thanks dan for the clarification. any idea if this code every expires?


@M: There are people who don’t live a UPS Access Point? I have 3 within a mile of my house. Going to one now to pick up stuff that I was afraid might be stolen.


so is there a way to do this if your membership is still active?