1 Year Of UPS My Choice Premium Membership (With Unlimited SurePost Upgrades) For $10


1 Year Of UPS My Choice Premium Membership For $10

-Login or press continue to register for a UPS My Choice account via the link above.
-Then click on “Membership Information>Manage Membership / Addresses” on the left side and choose “Upgrade to Premium”
-Apply the following promo code to drop the price of the membership to $10 for one year: C0I4GIOZ1

Premium benefits include:
-Unlimited free UPS SurePost® upgrades to UPS Ground. SurePost are those packages that take forever to arrive because they are shipped via UPS and are then handed off to the post office. With this benefit they’ll arrive with UPS Ground every time.
-Two free 2-hour confirmed delivery window requests annually. An $8 fee is charged for additional requests.
-Have packages delivered to another address or on another day.
-Sign for a package online when you won’t be home to sign in person.
-Send your packages to The UPS Store® or a UPS Access Point™ location for convenient pickup.
-Use the Set a Vacation feature to hold your packages at a UPS Access Point location up to seven days while you’re traveling. Or choose to have packages delivered to your home after vacations of up to 14 days.

-To automatically have all of your SurePost packages upgraded to ground automatically just click here and then click on “Delivery options>Upgrade UPS SurePost” on the left side.

-Membership will auto-renew at $40/year. To turn off the auto-renew option just click here and then click on “Membership Information>Update My Name or Address” on the left side. Click edit, scroll to the bottom, uncheck “I want UPS to automatically renew my membership,” and save changes.

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Can this be used to extend a current membership?


UPS method?


I already have the 1 free year of UPS smart pick up..can I get this also?


Do i need to have an existing account with UPS to use this? Im actually now looking into which shipping method would be the must cost effective for me, basically want to use it for envelopes etc… any advise?


Worth every penny.
Just in time to put my delivery’s on hold for Y”T.

Thank you!!!


Awesome deal! Thx.


This is pretty cool. I have had the basic service for a while and just upgraded, because SurePost is painfully slow and because it stinks when you miss a package that requires signature. Well worth $10 (though I might think twice at full price). I also didn’t realize you can add all family members, which makes it even more wortwhile.


There was no visible acknowledgement that the promo code had worked, but I verified with my debit card issuer that it had…only $10 was charged.

The 14-day vacation hold will be especially valuable to my family. Thanks Day!


When is this code expiring?

Dan G

Can confirm code just worked as of today 4/21.