Yes, Sapphire Reserve Has Primary Car Rental CDW Coverage In Israel; DROPR Applies In Writing Just As It Does Over The Phone…

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In November I wrote about HUCA (Hang up, Call again) and DROPR (Don’t rely on phone reps, pronounced Drop-Er) after a rep told a DD reader bad information about the timing of the Sapphire Reserve travel credit.

Phone reps are typically the worst offenders. I’ve gotten more than enough comically bad information from phone reps of banks, airlines, hotels, and other companies to fill a book.

Sometimes companies will honor what their phone reps say. I had a Chase Continental Presidential Plus credit card with a grandfathered $100 annual fee. When they launched the Chase United Club card a rep agreed to switch the card over and honor the $100 annual fee. I wrote down the rep’s name and the time of the conversation. When the year was up I was billed $395 but when I referenced the rep’s name and the time of the conversation Chase was able to listen to the recording and honor the $100 annual fee along with a $60 annual 1K bill credit. That was my go-to card for general spending until Chase came out with the Freedom Unlimited card.

But many times companies won’t honor erroneous information, so it helps to double check information received on places like the DansDeals Forums where people with experience can verify what you were told.

Even written information can be bad.

When the Sapphire Reserve came out 2 Chase SM reps told me that additional users get their own Global Entry fee credit, which turned out to be bad information:






























That turned out to be false. Additional users don’t get Global Entry reimbursement.

Recently another case of bad information received in writing came up on the DansDeals Forums.

I received a letter from Chase stating that the Sapphire Reserve card gives primary rental car CDW insurance in every country in the world and shared that in my posts on the card.

When I rented from Hertz in Israel that asked for proof of coverage and they accepted that letter.

DDF member “saul” called Chase about renting in Israel and received this written response stating that the card didn’t provide coverage in Israel:



























He shared on DDF,

“I am traveling at the end of the week, and following Dan’s rules, I asked for written confirmation that my new Chase Sapphire Reserve card covers the CDW in Israel. So the document that they sent me specifically excludes Israel. I called the benifits department and they said that the documents for chase sapphire reserve specifically exclude Israel.
I switched back to the chase sapphire preferred-it should arrive in 2 days.”


He did indeed follow the rule of getting it in writing. But even in writing DROPR and HUCA still apply.

I told him to call again and the rep told him that the previous rep was mistaken.
He got the correct letter on the 2nd call stating that the card does actually provide primary coverage worldwide, including Israel:






















Have your own DROPR or HUCA story? Hit the comments!

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Why would you convert a presidential plus?


Lifetime elite status.


So if i need proof in israel that i am covered, i should use the second letter posted?


Get your own letter with the last 4 digits of your card on it.


Better yet, how do i obtain a letter in m name stating that i have coverage?




The letter I got doesn’t exclude Ireland, Jamaica and Israel but doesn’t explicitly include it it either. It does say “worldwide” though. Should this be good enough for my upcoming trip to Israel?

This letter is to verify that xxx and any drivers authorized on the car rental agreement, when using Chase Bank USA, National Association card number ending in xxxx, are eligible for worldwide coverage under the Auto Rental Collision Damage
Waiver benefit. Coverage is not available where it is prohibited by law or by individual merchants, or is in violation of the territory terms of the rental agreement.


Should be fine.
If you want try calling back and see if you can get a letter that mentions Israel.


Hi Dan,

I am traveling to Israel and renting a car. I contacted chase sapphire and they told me that Israel is covered but they have no letter to send me that shows specific Country? I am leaving this Saturday night and have no time to wait for something else? What should I do?


Do I need a letter of confirmation if I am renting a Chevy Suburban domestically? I think that the Suburban is included, correct?


If it says worldwide it should be fine.

I’d ask before renting.


I used the reserve card I Israel and ever had a claim which they paid


Does primary CDW mean it covers all the insurances in Israel. Each time I rent from Avis they make me pay some other insurance fee they say the government requires. Is that correct? Thanks


No credit card covers liability insurance.


was wondering how many cards you had as a bachelor before you started filing for taxes i got into this point game and i am concerned that all this manufacturing spending and opening of credit cards will alert the irs if you can kindly let me know your opinion i have 10 cc already


Something I just learned unfortunately: although CSR covers the CDW benefit, it doesn’t cover 3rd party liability insurance, something all Israeli rental companies tack on, and which can double your rental cost.


an do you think there would be a remote possibility that i can get approved for this card if i huca alot even though im 10/24?also, if yes can i add the sapphire reserve on a diffrent browser to apply for 2 cards to go down as one inquiry or would that make it more riskier have a good shabbos


Regarding how long you have after you are charged the annual fee for chase ur cards to get it refunded by cancelling i got four different answers from four hucas and i ended up keeping it for another six months (that was one of the answers ) and got most of the money back


This has nothing to do with the IRS.

No card covers liability.



Would you be covered if you booked with Pts + Cash using the chase card for like $1 or do you think full amount of the booking would need to be charged on chase card in order to be covered?


UR point bookings are covered on Chase cards.


I used my sapphire reserve card at Hertz. They insisted on a letter from Chase verifying coverage in Israel even though they are fully aware of the coverage ( they said if I had rented from them in the past they would not require the letter). They charged me the local rate and said if I bring the letter or email copy they would reverse it. I got the letter next day in Israel and was going to show it on the return trip I was in a rush and they charged me. I called in and emailed them the letter but they wouldn’t give it back so I called Chase Sapphire and disputed the $80+ overcharge which they did. So far I have not heard back from Hertz Israel so hopefully they let it go.


@dans sure this has been asked but are you still eligible for yeh sign-up bonus if you have the Preffered?


How is it, that in 2017, phone reps are still so unreliable? Can’t they just get their facts straight?


As I say, always get a letter beforehand.


Underpaid and under-trained reps.


It’s like that with basically every big company out there btw…..they have to hire large numbers of reps and they don’t train them properly so they just make up whatever sounds right to them…..


thanx dan for all that u do. i read ur post on what to do with ur CSP card after i got my CSR and i was told that the only card i could downgrade my sapphire preferred (which i had for four yrs) to, was a regular sapphire. (i wanted the freedom or freedom unlimited.) i HUCA’D three different reps and then a supervisor, and they all told me the same thing.


Try downgrading to the regular Sapphire and then downgrade that to Freedom.


@Dan: i asked all 4 of them and they weren’t sure whether or not that would work, but im trying it anyway. i downgraded to the reg. sapphire, waiting for the processing to complete to try and switch it further. thanx.


Should work, keep us posted and be sure to HUCA.


@Dan: dan, am i understanding correctly that the United club card gives lifetime elite status?




@Dan: You are more than likely right, but there may be incidences when such a thing does occur. For example, when it comes to buying insurance from The Health Insurance Marketplace (otherwise known as Obamacare), if they have questions about your income listed (which would affect your potential tax credit), they will at times look at the credit reporting agencies for validation. I imagine this would mean your income listed listed and NOT amount of cards on account. The income and the like is also shared directly with the IRS.
(As a side point, doesn’t seem right that they would validate through the credit reporting agencies when income listed for credit card applications can be legitimately different than the amount listed as income.)


@Duvid: Although there are definitely times (I don’t know if it’s all the time) that the company can be held legally responsible for what their reps tell their consumers.


I thought I remember that the welcome literature stated clearly that all cardholders can earn a global entry credit. Where am I mistaken?


Im traveling to Israel this coming weekend, I got the letter from Chase using my Reserve card which states Israel is included in the “Auto rental collision damage waiver benefit”
Should I not rely on this?


If I purchase an airline ticket for a friend, would he get the travel benefits if he loses his luggage or the flight is very delayed?


Just spoke to a rep then huca’d again both said that since December 1st their letter has changed and only have one saying worldwide coverage but not specifically stating Israel, true?

t s

How was this resolved?


Do I need a letter to verify that I am covered if I am just renting domestically (Silvercar)?

Alan Sohn

Above and beyond all of the other benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the CDW coverage has been a real gift, particularly in Israel, which has been a specific exclusion by American Express. I called Chase customer service and was sent a .pdf letter supporting rental collision damage waiver coverage in Israel that arrived in my inbox before I hung up on the phone. The car rental folks at Ben Gurion didn’t even attempt to challenge the letter or the coverage. On a 12-day trip, this was a substantial savings, thanks to Chase Sapphire Reserve (and Dan’s Deals).


I have just returned from Israel and luckily I had two rental car reservations (Alamo and Budget). I can tell you first person, that the rental car industry in Israel is not regulated and no matter what letter you get from Chase SR, the agents at Ben Gurion could care less about any company letters. The agent at Alamo stated that for my one week rental (rental car fee under $150 per week) I would have to pay $450 in insurance. Thank G-d I had a second reservation at Budget and they only charged me $15 per day for insurance. I was told by a nice guy at the Budget Rental Car adjacent to the King David hotel that this industry is not regulated as it is in USA and rental car companies are franchised in Israel and so complaining to US Corporate departments of Alamo, Budget etc are a waste of time. The bottom line is that Israeli rental car companies are concerned about their own liability if you were to hit someone or commit property damage with their car, as the renter would be judgment proof in Israel and the company would be held liable. For the savvy consumer, make reservations with several companies and negotiate the insurance at the rental desk in Ben Gurion as it is an arbitrary and capricious number.


Judgedak –

I had also some similar experiences when I rented from expedia, etc.

These days I always rent from Noach rent a car, I have always payed exactly what they quoted me! They are awesome, no issues, highly recommended.


Can i have a login when i have an additional card?

orrin d

Not all auto insurances are covered….only CDW. There are others that are required…..I think.
I agree with “tell it to the” Judgedak: I’ve had only good
experiences with Noach Rent A Car.


dan sorry for side tracking but similar issue i called chase ink business to say that i’m making airline tickets in the worth of $3500-$4000 & want them to notify fraud dept & let them know that i’m the one doing charges so they said ok & can go ahead & do the charges & will go thru & not be declined & in the end they declined the charges & locked me out of my account & online & in the end i lost my tickets & had to pay $1200 more for the tickets i have all the calls recorded is there a/t to do to get my money back the difference in price


@Dan Do I need a letter to verify that I am covered if I am just renting domestically (Silvercar)?


Does the Insurance cover liability as well or do I still need to take liability and it covers only theft and protection?

Ivan Bergman

FYI I was just told by visa infinite and i did then see it in the benefits that the Venture X does not cover car rental in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jamaica and Israel. Is it still true that my Chase Preferred covers in Israel? I plan to rent from Hertz this june there.